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Dream About Eye Color meanings

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Example: What does eye colours mean in dream?

What does blue, brown and black eye colours mean in dreams?

Black is the color of deceit and things hidden in a dream. Eyes symbolize seeing some aspect or issue.

Who has these eyes? Are they yours or someone else's?

Blue is a more healing color and the color of the throat chakra. Brown is an earthy color and the most common color of eyes - it could also symbolize seeing the "crap" or underside of life. I have green eyes, so its interesting that none of your eye colors in your dream were green.

Example: What do eyes in dreams mean?

Ok so I had this dream years ago. I was talking to a close friend of mine (who had died in a car reck). Um anyway we were talking about so things( won't tell what bc u know it's personal) but one thing that stuck out about him were his eyes. They were diffrent. They were a diffrent color (when he was alive they were brown but in the dream they were this crazy blue color. But his eyes were so peaceful and calm but yet fearce

So my question is do eyes have some meaning in dreams

Example: Meaning of my dream (eye)?

I saw a dream about my eye, im looking at the mirror. I see that my right eyebal is red and than de redness is gone. Than mmy eyecolor turn in to blue (my eyes are brown) i see that its a color eyecontacts so i take it off but my eyes are still blue.. what does it mean ?

Example: What does it mean if you dream your lovers eye color changed?

have you ever have this dream and then what happened?

Example: What does eye color change mean in a dream?

I had a dream that I looked in the mirror and my eyes had changed from brown to the most gorgeous blue I had ever seen.

Example: What does it mean when you dream you had purple and pink eyes?

So last night I had a dream where I had the ability to change my eyes into a gorgeous purple and pink color what does this mean?:)

Example: Meaning of dream about lady with different color eyes?

I have a recurring dream that always ends with a lady with one blue and one white eye starring at me. What could that mean?

Example: Dream meaning black coloured eyes and growling?

Hello there I had a good dream last night however, in the middle oif this dream there was this guy that had Black coloured eyes and kept growling and hissing at me. But I wasn't afriad of him only curious about why he had black eyes. It seemed he couldn't get that close to me in the dream. Any suggestions?

Example: Eye colour dream?

i have green eyes, last night in my dream they were vivid vlue and drew a lot of attention...what could this mean?

Example: What might a dream about my eyes changing color mean?

In my dream I was flushing my eyes with water, for unknown reasons, and when I looked up in the mirror my eyes were losing color. It was like splashing water on a watercolor picture, the water caused the color to come off. I have brown eyes and when all the color left I had pale green eyes with no pupils. For some reason this really freaked me out when I woke up and I have no idea what this could represent, I don't remember any more of the dream. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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