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Dream About Exhaustion From Speaking meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about me digging a hole and recollecting the dirt?

I was like a worker in a construction digging a hole and collecting it in a wheelbarrow, this dirt was reddish and i dug and was with a group of people(women) who were watching me dig, because i was the leader and the dirt was going to be worth so much money, i was to fill the wheelbarrow and give it to these other people for millions...what is this about? there were other things in my dream but i couldnt tell u about them.

I wish you could give me more info so i can help you out, but here is a start
It means you will gain profits equal to the measure of earth you piled-up if the dirt is dry. so the earth you are digging does mean profits of some sort. However, if the ground is wet in the dream, it means deceiving someone else in a business venture, whereby, you will gains nothing from it but headache and exhaustion equal to the amount of earth he piles-up. The digger's plot also may backfire. If a sick person or if someone in his household who is sick sees himself digging the earth in a dream, it could mean digging a grave. a person digging the ground in a dream also could represent a jailer, or veiling abominable actions.Digging the earth in a dream also means a journey, and its collected dirt means profits from one's journey. Generally speaking, digging the earth in a dream could be good or bad, because it unveils what is hidden.

Example: Please help me interpret this dream? The dictionaries aren't really helping...?

Last night I dreamt of being a in ancient greece. My significant other and i were leaving the village to find our own to rule, I was carrying a baby. We came upon red dunes, with a clear pool of water. He convinced me we should build there, because of the water. We climbed up and there was gentle streams running through the red sand into the pool. I looked over and there were 2 huge black snakes, with red dashes down their backs, swimming in the water. They swam into a cove. We stepped into the water and one of the snakes came toward us threateningly. He grabbed it and handed it to me, and told me not to let it go. I held the snake by his head for a long time. I can remember getting tired, and almost squeezing it too hard. 3 greek soldiers came into the pool, they spoke to him, and at this point i couldn't hold the snake anymore, from exhaustion. I threw it at the other side of the cove. He picked it up with a stick (or sword, not sure), and swung it around and then flung it into a birdcage in the corner of the room. Next to the cage, was a crib, where he had place the baby. The snake reared up, and the baby reached for it. They touched fingertip to nose. He then pointed his stick at the snake, and it retreated into the cage.

Example: What does it mean when you get shot in a dream?

I already feel a little silly about asking this, so please no sarcastic and rude remarks.

Last night, I had probably the most horrible dream/nightmare ever!

My dreams starts out with me, my sister and my dad going out to dinner. That in itself is really weird because I am not that close to them. (Parents divorced 20 years ago and I stayed with my mom.. last time I saw them was 7 years ago.) Anyways, in my dream we were being brought to our table by some young guy. For some reason the person walked us right past all these clean ones and finally settled and gave this dirty one with a whole bunch of dirty plates and food all over. When I asked him why this table, he just said "because." Of course, I was mad so I spoke with (more like yelled at) a manager and told him that him and the person who showed us to our seat should be fired. Blah blah blah... He had someone come over and clean it. He also would not sit us at an already clean table. Fast forward (I honestly don't remember eating in my dream).. we are about to leave the restaurant. While we are about to walk out the door, the person who showed us to our seat and another kid walked in, both wearing their street clothes. I looked over and caught the eye of the other kid while the host guy was whispering something in his ear. The other kid ****** his head to the side and smiled. I looked down in his hand and he was hold a gun. I turned to run when I heard the gun go off and I can feel myself getting shot in the back of the head. I fell to the ground. For some reason, I did not die right away. I reached back and could feel a gaping hole in my head and I could feel the oozing blood and brain come seeping out. I didn't feel any pain. I was starting to lose consciousnesses but I could hear myself begging my dad and my sister not to die... I just kept saying "please dont let me die.. im not ready yet. Please..."

What could this dream possibly mean? Could it have to do with the fact that I am sick? I just found out it's bronchitis after a trip to the ER... but how was I supposed to know that at the time? I really do believe that dreams have meanings... so can anyone help me find out what this one meant?

Example: Can anyone give me the symbolic meaning of each and every line of robert frost's poem-AFTER APPLE PICKING?

Example: What does bleeding teeth falling out mean?

I had a dream last night it was really memorable. I was sitting on a couch and I started feeling around in my mouth and I noticed a tooth was loose, funny enough it was the same tooth I had a cavity filling on. Anyways so then i run to the bathroom mirror and I kinda wiggle it a bit and the top part of the tooth just comes out along with a keychain attached to it lol i stood there in the mirror in shock and then all of a sudden it started bleeding like really bad blood just flowing out my mouth down to the floor. Is there any kind of meaning or interpretation to this dream?

Example: Reoccurring dream of my ears profusely bleeding?

I'm usually a little skeptical over dream interpretation and all that, but because I've been having this dream pretty much every night for 2 or so weeks now I've started wondering...
(this is slightly gory, so just a warning)
Basically in this dream, what happens is - I'm asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night to a wet pillow - I look at the pillow and it's completely drenched in blood and bloodclots. My hair is also a 'bloody' mess and so is my neck & my hands. I figure that my ears are absolutely just pouring out blood, it doesn't stop. I cup my hands to my ears and the blood seeps through, so I remove my hands and it starts rushing out again. I panic for a second, but instead of doing anything about it I decide to fall back asleep...
It's pretty much exactly the same dream and it's been going on awhile.
I get a rough idea of what it's about but can anyone explain it? What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a very strange dream last night and it involved lots of things the book of revalations talks about in the bible. it involved a conqueror whom everyone believed to be the messiah and everyone was worshipping him. even my parents and most of my friends. i knew he wasn't the messiah though because he was telling everyone else to renounce God. everyone believed what he said and christians were being persecuted and killed. this dream made hardly any sense to me. i was in a mess hall all of a sudden, and all my friends from school were there and everyone was all happy and stuff. but something wasn't right to me. the parents that were there were very different. and somehow i knew something bad was going to happen. my friend mason came up to me and said thats not my mom. and thats not your dad. and i said what are you talking about and he said "their souls are gone. its not them inside their bodies." and this was making no sense to me whatso ever. and then this thing came in and it had ten heads. and nobody paid any attention to it. i was hysterical in my dream. its like i was the only one who was human. everyone was worshipping this, this beast. and there was nobody who didn't. all of a sudden i was in the parking lot and i was running. it was gravel and it looked like thats all there was around me was just miles and miles of gravel. i was running from something. i don't know what it was from but i knew i had to get away quick. it was blazing hot outside. i was on the verge of complete exhaustion. i saw two men running behind me. i was so scared i kept running and then i fell onto the sizzling hot gravel. they grabbed me jerked me up by my neck and said "RENOUNCE HIM". i couldn't speak i was in so much fear and i was choking because they had me by my neck up off the ground. they threw me down onto the gravel and the side of my face was drenched in blood. it was like i could actually feel the pain. warm tears ran down stinging the bloody side of my face. the man who grabbed me kneeled down and laughed. he was laughing. he said to me "your God has left you to Die." i didn't say anything back. he bashed my head into the gravel and said RENOUNCE HIM or you will die. i was shaking, i could smell the gravel being shoved in my face. after i layed there for awhile, my face still burried in the gravel with his hand still on my neck holding the side of my face down, i said in a stuttery voice, "do you really think your in control? Because your not... God is... And he would never leave me to die I am on of his creations. another tear ran down my cheek. He said if you love your God so much WILL YOU DIE FOR HIM. i hesitated for a bit, tears running down my face, i gathered up the courage to say...yes...i will. and the man was infuriated. he picked me up by the back of my neck and threw me down again. i saw flames arise from all around like the world was going to explode that very minute. he pulled out a gun and shot me in the throat. i died. but i woke up at my favorite church camp, falls creek. (if you have never been there, its like heaven on earth.) but anyways back to my dream.
the weather was PERFECT. except there were no buildings or people or anything no roads or cars it was like mankind never existed. i was in no pain. it was the evening and the sun was beginning to set. it was like something from a movie. i was sitting on a dock watching the sun set. there were what it looked to be ancient greek ruins around me. everything looked like a painting. all shades of brown. my hair was long curly and a dark brown color. the sky was a lighter shade of brown. i was wearing a white dress and i had brown angel wings. a wind picked up and i looked off into the sky where the sun was and there was a bright light shining down on me. rays of light came down and picked me up and wrapped me in light. i went into the bright light and thats when i woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

In all my dreams i die. but my most freakiest one is when it feels like im awake, and i look over to my bedroom door, and this drapedf igure dressed in all black (i cannot see he face) walks past the door. then he walks back and comes into my room staring at me, he looks a bit like a 'grim reeper' reaperf thing. he comes over and is about to kill me, and i have to quickly move a part of my body to wake up. it is really freaky, and i cant get back to sleep after. ive dratwn pdrawns of 'it' and they are creepy. then when i moved house they stopped, but they happened every night, and i am still a bit frightened if i get them again. what does this dream mean?

Example: Spiritually speaking, what does this dream mean?

I was Walter White in a department store, and I was being pursued by a guy with a gun who couldn't use his legs, and was crawling after me. I hid between the shelves and managed to avoid him long enough for him to die of exhaustion.

What does it mean? Do I have a subconscious fear of handicapped people with guns? Is my brain telling me to cook meth? Have I been watching too much Breaking Bad?

Example: What kinds of things cause vivid dreams?

I mean really vivid dreams. I wake up on a Friday really, really thinking it's Sunday and go back to bed. Or I wake up still in the frame of mind as when I was in my dream crying over a boy from my past who's getting married.

I'm not on any medication really. I have been taking a little dexatrim (don't judge, I have a beach vacation coming up!) But I take these so far from bed time, I can't imagine they would have any effect.

Nothing else has really changed.

I dreamed last night that I was in a french canadian candy store and the cashier was a little old lady who only spoke french, but I didn't (I do). I wanted a 1/2 pound of rasinettes (they use the metric system). It was very difficult, pointing and gesturing.


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