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Dream About Excrements Of A Bird meanings

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Example: Am i imagining it or are they actually comuniting with me?

i might sound stupid but i think there is a message the birds trying to give me everytime i have had a tiring day or the best day(LL)

last time i had maths exam and as i was walking home i heard and saw birds at first i didnt think of much but next day when i was walking back from another exam i heard and saw birds again and to myself i was like ' isaw them yesterday' and it felt as if me and birds are having a conversation like i was thinking things to myself and the birds stopped when i was thinking and they started again when i stopped;/

what message could it be? and has anyone had this before?

btw i do tarot cards aswell and they do suggest that nature will show you signs and stuff could it be that?

No, they might well be communicating with you. Lots of things in the world are signs and communications from the Universe. If something like that grabs your attention in the way it did the second time round, then you can be sure that it is a sign from the Universe.

What you need to think about is how the song made you feel. If you liked it and thought it mellifluous, then it is probably a good sign. Years ago, I was looking for a house in the renting sector for the first time, and I was very nervous and distressed. One day when I was feeling particularly fearful, a blackbird perched itself next to me, and started singing. I took this to be a good sign, and it kept on happening over the following couple of weeks, at moments when I was worrying. In the end, when I found myself a place to live, it was in a very nice domestic set-up with people who have become close friends.

There are lots of things (especially in nature) which can act as signs. Doves for instance are a sign of peace, dolphins symbolise intelligence. Look into them and see what you think they mean.

Just about everything in the world can act as a sign or omen, especially if you think it distinctive and it grabs your attention. Often, signs are a reflection of the energies, thoughts and feelings you are having at the time. A few months ago, I was distressed and worried about a certain development. At work, a toilet overflowed and the excrement came back to the surface, so I took this to be a bad omen. However, it also disappeared pretty quickly so I reckoned on the effects being short-lived. That was exactly my experience.

An example people use is that of pregnant women. Women normally don't pay all that much heed to pregnant women, but when they fall pregnant themselves, they startseeing pregnant women everywhere. If you are feeling impoverished or short of money, you may see beggars everywhere. When you get money again, they will probably disappear.

Other things which can act as messages include: newspaper headlines, advertising slogans, plots of fims, songs you hear, songs which stick in your head, the characters and people in your world (that is a big one) and most interestingly of all, your dreams.

These have a language all of their own, and the symbols and events of your dreams are all perfectly relevant to you. If you have a recurring dream, or one with recurring themes, then it is a message from your deeper mind being sent to you repeatedly.

Years ago, I kept having dreams where I was in some kind of danger, but at the exact point of me being killed (ie bitten by a she-devil, being sucked into a whirlpool) I would physically wake up. This was my deeper mind's way of telling me that there was nothing in my life at the time which would threaten me.

I often dream in snippets of song lyrics, each one with a message for me. 3 years ago at Christmas, I had been invited out on a boys night out, and I was greatly worried. I was fearing a night of feeling like a shrinking violet, and was expecting it to be humiliating, and a real self-esteem 'test.' However, a few nights before I dreamt of the song 'Saturday Night' by Whigfield, and the lyric which appeared in the dream was 'it's party time' repeated over and over again. This was my mind's way of telling me that Saturday night would be 'party time' and not a humilating self-esteem test. What followed was an extraordinary night of high-energy dancing and joyousness. I finished the night pulling a really nice girl, and was buzzing with good feelings for days afterwards.

You can read into your dreams too. As you drift off to sleep, affirm the phrase TONIGHT I DREAM, AND I REMEMBER MY DREAM over and over again (about 100 times). Sleep with a pad and pen beside your bed, and be ready to jot down what you remember. This sends a message to your deeper mind that you are ready to listen and to receive its wisdom.

Don't pay any attention to the nay-sayer responses. The fact that you have even thought of this is probably a message from your deeper mind that you are now ready to learn something new in your life. There are signs and messages all around you, and reading into them is fascinating.

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