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Dream About Ex Boyfriend meanings

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Example: What does my dream about ex boyfriend mean?

I had a dream that my ex and his current gf were broken up. He was going out with this girl named Sophie who im afraid like each other cuz she commented on his pic on fb. So my ex was flirting and holding me on class and then we both leaned in it was just like when were going out i could feel it but then he farted and i said i dont think we should be doing this right now (his name). After he put his shirt on me and told me he had to go get his gf (natalie) his currenf gf which doesnt make sense. Then Sophie and another girl said they were trying to get at him but knew u already got him. And while we were making out his ex Anna was next to us and he was saying h wonder if shed ever want sex. So what do you think my dream means? Thanks:)

To dream that your ex-boyfriend flirting and farting around you , suggests that you are seeking for reassuring and nurturing aspects of a relationship. This is not to imply that you want you ex-boyfriend back.
The dream could represent some immature relationship which may describe the relationship you had with your ex.

you shouldnt be so indecisive about what you want in your personal life, relationships and be clear whether you wish to move forward or go backwards to the old mistakes...

ask yourself which direction do you wish to proceed to? be clear and go for it! go for whats best for you, not your ex or hes gf or anyone else!



Example: What does it mean to dream of an ex -boyfriend?

so i had the strangest dream the dream was that we where at my ex-boyfriends aunties restaurant and that he was there and served my food for me and when i stood up to leave he was shorter than i was when in reality he not im 5ft and he was about 5''7ft wtf ? what does it mean ? why did i have a dream about him after almost a year of breaking up

Example: Meaning of dream; ex boyfriend fixing a car?

I dreamed of my ex boyfriend (we broke up 2 years ago) There's a mechanic shop in the corner of my street, he was there fixing a car, he said hello and smiled, I just said hello and kept walking... is there any meaning?

Example: Ex boyfriend dream...?

Last night I had a dream about my ex boyfriend. He was sitting around a table at the dining hall in my dorm with some mutual friends of ours. (He does not go to my school, neither do any of the other people in the dream)
At first I was really mad seeing him there, but then we walked out into a hall while I was yelling at him and he started taking a tie dye shirt out of his pocket. He gave it to me and said "I think I still love you"

We split because of college. Initially we were on good terms but one day he turned really sour... I don't know what this dream means. Help?

Example: Does this have a specific meaning? dream about ex-boyfriend?

i broke up with him year ago... rather he dumped me... then he kept disappearing and re-entering my life. the second time when he confessed... i had a dream about him proposing a week prior to the event... ever since whenever he re-enters in my life i have different dreams about him some time earlier... now i had a dream about his friends hinting me and joking about him wanting to get back together ... but he tries to quiet them up... but later confirms with eye contact that all this is true... then the slide changes... but after 2 days i saw him at my bus stop... apparantly his timings have changed or something... i just wanted to know... did this dream have some specific meaning?

Example: Dream meaning of ex boyfriend?

I have had two dreams recently.

1) I rode on bicycle to my ex's city. I got lost in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids on bikes and he was standing there and gave me directions. Suddenly, I fell off my bike. I was in an apartment or hotel room with him and all his party friends were there. Some Chinese food was spilled on the carpet and he and I were making out then he kept going and tending to them and would come back to kissing me, but.. he always was worried about those friends of his partying on the other side of the room.

2) Just now I had a dream where some contractors or something had written in permanent ink on my wall. Couldn't see what it said, but my ex had come over and we saw each other at a church (he's not religious or spiritual) and he drove me home and accused me of making him leave church too early. We were kissing alot and eating together and he started crying over me again when I told him that I loved him.

What could these mean?

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Ex-Boyfriend?

This Is The Only Guy Who Has Truly Made My Heart Jump.
He Seems To Hate Me Now. I Haven't Thought Of Him For Quite Some Time. This Spree Of Dreams Are Randomly Accruing Of Him.
I cant Understand What It Means.

Example: What does this dream mean? (Ex-boyfriend/advice/grandmoth...

I had a dream last night that my ex boyfriend was over my house and came into my room.
he sat down on my computer chair and i sat on his lap, he picked me up and kissed me and i could feel it so clearly, and all i was thinking was "I'm cheating" (i have a boyfriend currently). He started talking about how he was cheating on his current girlfriend and i sat up from the bed and went downstairs to talk with my grandmother.
she told me "you shouldn't get so mad, you need to learn to let things go and not take it all so seriously"
i went back upstairs and apologized to him and we walked outside into the dark, but there were lights on, and i woke up.

is there any significance in any of this? what does any of this symbolize? should i take the advice into consideration? all answers are appreciated!

Example: What does it mean to dream about your ex boyfriend?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago and I had a dream about him twice in one night! Does this mean HE misses me or what?

Example: What does it mean if i dream about my ex boyfriend!?

I have been broken up with my ex for more then 2 years and i all of a sudden have a dream about him! Like that we were back together and happy. So im confused! HELP!

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