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Dream About Evil People meanings

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Example: What do recurring people in dreams mean?

Okay so a friend of mine and I keep have dreams with certain people in them. The only problem is, is that we've never seen these people before, so we aren't sure they actually exist.

My friend keeps having dreams about a tall guy with dark hair, and dark eyes that are usually hidden. And I've possibly seen him in a couple dreams too.

I have seen a lady, she looks like she's in her twenties. She has a Spanish accent, dark hair and dark eyes. Although, in one recent dream I saw her (possibly) younger.

I don't like the sound of that (dark eyes) That doesn't sound like a good thing. I think dark eyes mean evil in there souls. If it is recurring, then that is prophetic that you will meet up with these people. I would be careful if you do meet up with these guys. recurring dreams are like dey J vous ( did I spell this right?) Prophetic!

I have brown eyes too, and I know Im not evil

No I can't say that your souls are evil

eyes are usualy hidden-- I don't know about this

the only thing I know is you will meet up with these people in the future

Example: What does an evil teddy bear in my dream mean?

i had a dream my teddy bear (that i sleep with every night) was trying to kill people. i tried to stop him by pulling off his arms, legs & head but they just grew back every single time. i also tried setting him on fire but when the fire touched him(teddy bear) the flame would go off, in my dream i was terrified that he would kill me for trying to kill him.

Example: I have dreams of me giving the sign of the cross on the foreheads of evil people what dose that mean?

i have had about 5 dreams of me giving the sign of the Cross on the foreheads of evil people that are into witch craft I'm not sure why

Example: What does my dream mean? (evil clown)?

OK last night i had a dream that i was in a room with 3 people and a evil clown would come to our room every night. the clown would sit in a chair and tell each individual to do something (i don't know what but it was something bad and wrong). then i refused. he came running toward me and i poked the hell out of his eyes to the point he left me alone. help? Suggestions? Thanks!

Example: What do dreams about evil dolls mean?

For years, I've had recurring nightmares about dolls. They don't kill anyone, they just sit there and stare at me wherever I go, and there's no escape. I'm the only person alive, and I /know/ that the dolls killed everyone else. They're everywhere, and I just keep trying to run until I wake up. I don't know what it means, but I'm seventeen, and any type of doll still terrifies me. One, what does it mean? Two, what is the cause? And three, how can I stop it?

Example: What does it mean if i dream about Evil doll dreams?

because this is what dream i had it may sound confusing -.- but it never happend to me before

My dream i had i was holding one and it look all nice then the room got darker and
HER head turned slowey with her eyes light up red
so i droped her and picked her up. and she was normal then she turned around
looked all mean again 2 time woke the hell out of me so before i woke up i slamed the doll into the wall and woke up then saw my landry hall way light up but i thought i left the br door open. but it was shut the whole time and i saw white shadow in the landry room.. @.@ so i turned around and went back to sleep -.- it was hella creepy


Example: What do evil snake dreams mean?

I had a dream that a snake ate my mother in law's face. I know, sounds horrible. She's not my favorite person in the world, but I don't hate her like that. Does anyone know what this dream might mean?

Example: Why do people dream and what do dreams generally mean?

Why do people dream when they're asleep? I notice that during the periods leading up to exams, I dream virtually every night... do dreams indicate a tired, worn out mind?

Example: What does this dream with an evil rich lady mean?

Last night I dreamed I was at this party. I didn't know anyone. I came across this snooty, old rich lady who claimed to have some sort of a connection to me ( I forget what). I really didn't like her because she thought that since she was richer than me, she was better than me. She offered to drive me home, and since I'm not 16 yet, I said yes. She had a really fancy car, but she drove herself. In the car, she got nasty. She asked where I lived and I told her that I lived across town. "HUMPH!" she said, "That's where all the poor people live who are just nothing but no good scum!" I got all defensive. "That's where I live! So are you calling me scum?!" "Yes." She said."And you'll probably never have a future!" I got even more angry. "I dare you to live my life where I live and see how long You'll last! Make yourself at home. The ghetto's just down the street!" She got all shocked. " The ghetto!?" "Yeah!" I said "And I'll be living your life to see what made you the witch that you are! So what do you say!" She never replied and then I woke up.

Example: What does it mean if I always have dreams were I kill bad or evil people?

I always find ways to kill them with my hands or with weapons and I enjoy it while I'm doing it.

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