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Dream About Eviction meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Will TNA do better or worse now + SPW Thunder Results?

(BTW By better I mean ratings/merchandise wise in the long run)

Matches written by Buffalo Made Bear, Rock N' Wrestling Connection, and Charlie Scene

Match 1 (Debut Match)
Broken Dream vs. The Funking Punk

They are both in the ring when TFP starts talking trash to broken dream. He obviously doesn’t like it and has a disgusted expression on his face. Broken dream gets so heated he punches TFP right in the face. Broken dream mounts TFP and is raining down with shot after shot to the back of the head and back of TFP. The ref finally breaks it up. BD is still angry and is almost seething. He attacks TFP again hitting clotheslines and a huge back body drop. BD sent TFP off the ropes and TFP ducked the clothesline and came back with a huge Clothesline of his own. TFP works on BD for about 5 minutes with multiple holds and at one point a big sidewalk slam. But eventually BD started to come back with right hands to the face and gut. BD went off the ropes and hit a a flying elbow smash right in the face of TFP. TFP hopped up and was met with a shot to the midsection. BD tripped him up and locked in the scorpion deathlock. TFP struggles to the ropes but couldn’t make it. He tapped after about 30 seconds of the SDL.

Winner: Broken Dream

Match 2
Stewie Griffin vs. RKO TWIY

Stewie and TWIY start off locking up in the center of the ring. Stewie pushes TWIY back into the corner and slaps him across the face. Stewie backs out of the corner and RKO attacks him bringing him down to the mat. TWIY punches him in the face about three times before Stewie Pushes him off. Stewie gets up and is met with a European uppercut. Stewie stumbles back into the turnbuckle and RKO attacks him again. RKO shoots him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline that Stewie was able to duck. Stewie runs off the ropes and nails a clothesline of his own. He picks up TWIY and hit’s a short-arm clothesline that might have knocked him out. Stewie sends him off the ropes and nails a big boot. He dropkicks RKO in the jaw and goes for the cover. RKO was able to kick out. Stewie set him up on the ropes, and went for a 619,. RKO caught his legs and pulled him into the ring. RKO attempted to slam stewie into the mat but stewie countered with a tornado DDT. He went for the cover and got the win 1.2.3.

Winner: Stewie Griffin

Match 3
Silent Bob vs. Eric Forman

Both men shook hands.Eric then slaps Bob.Bob then hits him with a shoulder block.Eric quickly got up and locked in the chinlock.Bob whips him to the ropes and slams him with a backdrop.Bob runs to the ropes and clothelines Eric out of the ring.Bob follow him.1..2..Eric pokes Bob's eye and knees him to the gut 3..He whips Bob to the barrier 4..5..Eric charges through Bob breaking the barrier.6..7..8..Eric got back to the ring dragging Bob with him.Eric stomps at Bob and cracks him with a swinging backbreaker.1 2 3!Bob has his foot on the ropes.Eric then picks him up and drills Bob with a neck whip.He goes to the 2nd rope and nails Bob with a double stomp.1 2 Kickout!He carries Bob up and slams Bob with a scoop slam.1 2 Kickout!Eric goes to the top rope but then Bob follows him there.Eric's kicking him but Bob's holding on.Bob then suddenly slams Eric with a superplex.1 2 Kickout!Bob's back is in pain.While Bob's on a corner Eric gets up and charges to him but Bob dodges and lands in an elbow then 3 furry kicks.Bob runs to the ropes but Eric hits him with a lariat.But Bob counters with a toehold and then the STF.He then lets go and pins.1 2 Kickout!Bob runs to the ropes and then clothslines Eric.But Eric dodged it and slams him with a dragon suplex.1 2 Kickout!Eric drags Bob to a corner and rakes his eyes.He drills Bob with shoulder charges 5 times.He then snapmares Bob and kicks him at the back..He dropkicks Bob.But Bob grabs his foot and slams him with a silent night.1 2 3

Winner: Silent Bob

Match 4
Undertaker Y2J vs. E&C Connection

Both men shooks hands.EC kicks UY in the knee and then takes him down with a wristlock.He then knees him in the gut and lock in a headlock.UY counters with a scissors hold to the stomach.He then pounds him at the back and then locks in a headlock.UY lets go and he runs to the ropes but EC drills him with a running elbow.Then he slams UY with a t-bone suplex.1 Kickout!He carries UY and throw him outside.1..EC then follows him.2..3..He bangs UY's head to the steel steps 5 times.4..But to the 6th one UY elbows him to the stomach and bangs his head to the steel rod 5..UY exposes the concrete 6..UY slams EC with a chokeslam to the concrete7..UY gets back to the ring8..9..EC shockingly gets back to the ring.UY's about to pin him but EC was playing possum for a small package.1 2 3!UY's hand was on the ropes.UY then trips EC with a toehold and locks in a deathlock STF.EC reaches the ropes so UY drags him to the middle of the ring and locks in the camel clutch.EC then carries UY and slams him with a Samoan drop.1 2 Kickout!UY then applies some

Good show as always. Rate 10/10 Good job man!...


**Music hits, with the crowd going F'n wild** Guess who is back? Oh yea you guessed it right! SD Hotel! Bitchez!. Roll out the Red Carpet!, Bring out the trumpets and drums!, Make it rain with some confetti!, Bring all the sexy Divas around me!... Because! FINALLY THE RO..wait!"... WTH! that's not my line. Oh Yea here it is. THE FUTURE, PAST, and Present!.. HELL RAISER OF PRO-WRESTLING has come BACK!, and you can bet on it that there will be @ss choppings handed out Dammit! I've examined this whole Roster from A-Z, 1-100, Right to Left, Left to Right, Forward and Backward, Too make it short I observed every damn Body. I have no problem tapping that @ss (God did I just say that!..) to anybody who steps in my way. I was gone for a temporary leave, but now I returned full n effect!.and ready to wrestle the hell out of myself...If I gotta start from scratch and beat every Jobber, Mid-carder and Even friend or Foe SO BE IT, Because I don't settle for less, I settle for the best. It won't take me long to get back where I was originally was. To the current World Champion I'm giving your @ss a 30 day eviction notice, Hold on to that title nice and tight for me Ok? Bath it, Feed It, and Even read it bed time stories because baby is coming back home. So be ware you have been warned and I'm coming after you...and that's the END OF THE LINES..

Example: Does it mean anything to dream of someone mutilating themselves?

I had a weird dream about my neighbor. She knocked on my door and i answered it. I noticed she seemed shorter and thought she was sitting on the steps. when i got down to her level i realized that she had cut off her legs below the knees and she had cut off her arms from the elbows. She had also cut out her tongue and couldn't talk to me. She motioned that she wanted to show me something in her apartment. I stood at the doorway while she started nudging a bloody pile of something wrapped in a blanket. I assumed it was a body. I don't know who it was because i couldn't look at it. For some reason i thought she was trying to show me that she had killed the apt manager who (in RL) had given us both notices to vacate the day before.

What the hell?

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting off a dog that's foaming at the mouth and biting your penis?

A friend of mine had this dream. He is facing bankruptcy, a failed lawsuit, eviction, relocation across country and beginning a new job after 12 years out of the labor force. He also recently gave up hope that his girlfriend of 9 years would become more in his life. Any insight would be much appreciated.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey, three years ago when I was 12, I had this disturbingly realistic dream. I can remember almost every detail from the dream as if they were my own memories, and the dream was from someones childhood to their death. Severely summarized, it was in the perspective of a girl who looked similar to me. Her family moved from Pennsylvania to Texas, and in Texas she hated it. She tried to find a way to escape, a way to leave earlier than she had to. When she was 15, she met a boy in one of her classes who was a sophomore, a year older than she. He had black curly hair, was pale, had some acne and was a really great soccer player. Also, he was from somewhere foreign, but I can't exactly recall where he was from in my dream. They dated, and when she was 16, she got pregnant. She told her parents, who kicked her out of the house. Her older brother, who was 4 or 5 years older, was a premed student, but abruptly dropped out when he found an apartment in Montreal. He was planning to pursue his artwork, and when he confided in his younger sister about this before she had learned of her pregnancy, she thought his ideas were fantastic and unreal. But now that she was being kicked out, she decided to leave with her older brother, dropping out of high school along the way. Her brother, who owned a black sedan, and her drove all the way to Montreal, Quebec. They were both very skilled in French, so it didn't take long after they moved to become fluent in the language. The girl became the spokesperson for her brother's art, and would stand out in the streets of busy Montreal every day, handing out flyers and taping them onto buildings and bike racks and in subway stations, advertising exhibits and galleries that would be featuring his work. They were quite poor. She had her child and put him up for adoption, and then a few months passed without anything interesting. She was now 17. One day, while unsuccessfully trying to hand out the flyers, the girl was approached by a young man, about 25 or younger, and he grabbed her face and gently turned it to the side. Angry and a bit freaked out, she slapped his hand away and in English yelled "What the hell are you doing!?" He ignored her outburst, telling her to turn her face to the side again. She rejected and asked what he was talking about. He told her he had just started a modelling agency, and she was the perfect person he was looking for as one of his models. Unwilling to show any manners to the man, she crumpled up his business card and threw it in a pocket of her jacket she frequently neglected. A few months later, they were faced with impending eviction, and could barely afford to eat. Finally, as a last ditch effort to earn them some money, she called the number on the crumbled up card in her coat. Then, she was thrown into a vast world of modelling, and ended up falling in love with the modelling agency owner (after being surprised that he wasn't gay, haha!) They got married and had three kids, and now I'm rushing it a bit, but when she was about 30, she wrote a book about a strange dream she had had as a child that predicted many aspects of her future, and she named her book "The Dream." Then, when she was 49, she commit suicide.

See, this dream has haunted me for 3 years.
My family moved from Pennsylvania to Texas that year.
Here in Texas, I dislike it, and I want to get out.
This year I met a boy I really really like, and he's a black curly haired soccer player from South Africa who looks exactly like the boy from my dream. He's a sophomore.
My brother decided to go premed this year in college. He's 4 years older than I am. And a few weeks ago, he bought a black sedan. He recently has gotten into art, and he's a fantastic drawer. Also, recently he has become rather "into" Montreal and the art scene of French Canada.

I plan to write about this dream later in life in a novel. And then everything becomes a circle of events.

Now I'm asking you guys; what the heck does my twisted, disturbingly realistic dream MEAN?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream about someone i used to have very strong feelings for. She was pregnant and i was the father. no sex was in the dream and i was begging for money to support them. when i woke up it had affected my whole day i now think about her constantly and i cannot get this dream out of my mind. it was lastnight which i dreamt it and if it makes a difference im a sophmore in highschool. I would appreciate serious answers.

Example: BB USA, What is your DREAM SCENARIO for Eviction Night...?

What would YOU like to see happen on Thursday ?
How do you want Jeff to use his Wizard Powers ?

My DREAM Scenario is...
The Nominations stay the same, Russell and Lydia.
Jeff who has is the Wizard decides to use his Secret Power on live TV and replace the Nominees with...
Jessie and Natalie
Forcing the HG's to decide between the 2.

This makes Chima flip out on live TV just like she has been saying it would.

Jeff wins the HOH Competition and Nominates Natalie and Chima.

Chima & Natalie actually have to kiss Jeff's *** all week !
And they are in the Have Not Room together.

Don't you wish it was Thursday !?

Example: Getting an eviction removed in CA?

It's a long story.. My boyfriend and I got an apartment in June 2012, and he lost his job right after moving in and we were evicted in October 2012. From what I was told last from the collections agency, we have to save up money and then "make them an offer". But even though we missed 2 months worth of rent ($1,800 I think) they want us to pay around $10,000! I think that is totally ridiculous. But my boyfriend just finished school and is now working at a steady job. We plan to save up some money but 10 thousand dollars is a lot of money and it would take us too long to save up, considering we still have bills to pay (credit card, car payment, storage unit, cell phones, my chiropractor bill, etc..). We want to move back into our own place again (we rented a room for awhile then I was laid off and we had to move back with our parents) And we would like to purchase a house in the near future. If I would have known more at the time and not been so stupid I would have made sure this didn't happen! Now we both have an eviction on BOTH our records :( I'm not sure if there's a way to pay off a smaller amount to the collection agency and then get it expunged & sealed from our record ? Is this a possibility or am I dreaming ? Please help!

Example: Question about a 10 eviction in PA with small child. My husband lost his job and we didn't get completely?

behind in rent, but we were short $100.00 in rent. We talked with our landlord and asked if they'd be okay with waiting until his unemployment benefits came in, but because she has drinking issues, and other mental incompetence, she said yes, and then went against that and started an eviction process. We've lived here for 2 years, we've done major upgrades and repairs to the property and even though it states it in the lease clause that we be refunded in our rent for those costs to do those things and she verbally agreed with us that she would reimburse us, she never did that, yet she's evicting us over $100.00 late.
She gave us a 10 day eviction notice, after she verbally told us, before she gave us the notice, that we had until the 11th of December to be moved, now it says we should be out by the 28th. Of course with hardly any money and my husband and I relying on only unemployment, that is going to be impossible to find a place, get the money together for a new place, and move all in 10 days time.
In the notice it said that she was just looking to be repaid the 100.00 (Which I paid her today) and she forfeited this months rent of November which is due Friday since she already evicted us before it is due.
My question is, I have a 19 month old daughter, and all the money we had was enough to pay bills and pay her rent now that my husbands check finally started coming in today. I don't have the money to move, we have tons of furniture and things, so is there any way to be granted more time? I've paid up the money she says we're being evicted for, the one hundred dollars I was short for this month. In two years, we've paid are rent every month faithfully, so for someone to evict us around the holidays, with my husband just losing his job, a young baby over being late a couple weeks of $100.00, I find utterly ridiculous, especially with all the maintenence, upgrades and repairs we did to this property in good faith that we were suppose to be refunded and never were.
I talked with an attorney today, but he didn't have a chance to answer all my questions. When I explained the entire situation to him, which is pretty long, and to drawn out to go into on yahoo answers, he told me I need to at least counter-sue for the money owed to us in repairs, etc.
But I was wondering, I've had some people tell me that they need to give you more than 10 days, and other people tell me that they don't have to give you more than that, and then other people tell me that actually with child, you should be granted more time then all of this, and I am unsure about any of it as I have never found myself in something like this before.
Can someone please let me know if it is possible for me to receive more time than 10 days? I have been in absolute tears all day. My husband lost his job, and I know a lot of people are going through the same thing right now, and I knew it was going to be a very tight Christmas this year but I never thought in my wildest dreams, after 2 years being good tenants and doing lots and lots of things for this woman, that I would be possibly homeless with my daughter at Christmas time over being late $100.00 two weeks.

Example: What does this nightmare mean?

I am asking on Yahoo because it is one of those weird unusual nightmares, that just isn't possible to google and find answers for.

So background information:
I am in high school
I like science and I am not always the fastest learner in the class but I try my best to learn and focus as best as I can. I also try my best to do all the work, although occasionally I do go off task. Last year I struggled with science. I still did well and got average to above average grades, but I struggled and self doubted myself all the time, because it looked like the other students were getting it naturally. But I still manage to get there in the end. And as time goes on I get better at learning how to pay attention in class the right way ... but I still have a way to go.

Anyway so stage or not so far I like Bio, Chem, Physics. And anyway the nightmare went like this:

I am tied to a pole and unable to move. This shadowy figure steals my DNA and puts my DNA on the science equipment and then the shadowy figure destroys the equipment, but leaves one equipment with my DNA on it. Then I am untied and a flash happens in my nightmare to show a change of situation : The cops have analysed the equipment and they blame me cos my DNA was forced from me and put on it. So my Physics teacher who is also the Head of Department writes a letter to me in my dream and said "Sorry but your recent actions have left me to reconsider your current position in secondary school biology, chemistry, and physics classes. You clearly don't have the mental stability, maturity level or common sense to remain in this class. This is a permanent eviction from supposed classes until evidence proves you have learnt from your mistakes"
Yours sincerely Mr ______ HOD Science. And when I read the letter in my nightmare I started crying because it was so unfair and then I woke up from the nightmare and I was crying for real.

I really don't know what the nightmare means.

Example: Biggest Loser Dream I Had?

A few years ago when biggest loser season one was on the night before the elemination with Big Wal up for eviction I had this dream.I was in the biggest loser house and it was eviction time.No one could see me because I was invisble.I was watching it and Wal was evicted and one of the people that evicted him was Kristy.Then the night of eviction Big Wal did get evicted and one of the people who evicted him was Kristy.Please tell me what this means!

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