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Dream About Evening meanings

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I had a dream when I was very young and here's what had happened, I was standing ontop of a broken old house that was a dark brown color and there was this big tree by the back of the house and it was bare, the sky was cloudy and the sky was a color of light gray. I was standing and looking around, all around there were no houses but there was concrete on the ground then I suddenly jumped from the room and literally dived for the concrete but right before I hit the concrete I woke up with my heart racing and breathing quickly.The dream was blurry too.

I know it might sound weird but this dream is the one of many that I can remeber the most detail about from when I was young. All I want to know is what this dream probably meant.

I know you probably won't like me saying this, but YOU are the best "interpreter" of your own dreams. I don 't know you, so it's hard to try to interpret the innermost workings of your own unconscious...but I will try...

It is possible that the rickety house and barren tree represent your life- or at least how you felt about your life (at the time you first started having this dream)?..maybe you felt that things that made you feel safe and secure were falling apart or deteriorating...and it made you feel helpless and sad? Is it possible that you were living with circumstances in your home life that were oppressive? Were you struggling with issues that were affecting you in a very negative way? Ones that you felt helpless to control or deal with effectively? (For example: violence in your home, a divorce, or sexual abuse, family conflict, or death or loss of someone close to you? Or something else?) Your jumping from the roof of this house could represent your need to escape these circumstances, and your feelings of having no other way out. (It doesn't necessarily mean that you wanted to kill yourself...just that you needed to escape the feelings you were dealing with). The fact that you had this dream repeatedly since you were young tells me that it's possible that whatever the conflict or problem was, you still haven't resolved it, even if the situation no longer physically exists, you still have unresolved feelings or issues that stem from it. You may be able to effectively "block out" these things during your waking hours, but, the memories are locked away inside your unconscious mind, and at night while you sleep, they find their way ("fight their way") to your conscious mind...this is because the issue, whatever it may be, is still causing you problems today. You might consider talking to someone about it...if any of this rings true. Sometimes talking about things that haunt us is extremely difficult to do..but in doing so, we become healed. Good luck to you.

Example: What does this dream even mean?!?

I swear I'm not making anything up. I'll try to keep it pretty short, so bear with me.

First of all, I almost NEVER remember my dreams but this one was different. So me and a group of friends (i can't remember who, though) were walking around town and we saw another group walking down a cliff side path to the woods. We walked passed them and asked where they were going and they got really close to us and almost made up fall of the edge of the cliff on the side of the walkway. After a little while we were fighting and some of my friends got hurt. As I was helping them up they all ran away except one girl who was never fighting but looked like she felt bad for us and was uncomfortable with what her friends were doing. I looked at her like "How could you let them do that? why would you be friends with them?" She read my expression and said "What? I have friends" Then I replied "Ya, $hitty ones" and she looked sad and then ran off following them. Later we were at the police station telling them who they were and stuff and they were going through the list of who we say and before that could say her name I interrupted and said "yep, that's all of em" and then i woke up.

The thing is, the only people from the dream that I can recognize in real life is myself and the girl (she's kind of an acquaintance. i guess. I've always liked her). I always had a little crush on her but we don't talk much and I rarely think about her. What does this mean though? I like never have significant and clear dreams but this one stood out a lot and I wanna know whats the importance behind it? Thanks!

Example: What does my extremely weird dream even mean!?

i'm going to put this in small parts so you don't have to read it all if you don't want to because i know its long.

-a few days ago i had a horrible dream. (just to let you know i'm 12). so the starting of my dream starts when i'm leaving the door of my house. but i live on the 3rd floor so i walked down a few stairs then i see a kid in my class. the kid is really quiet and barely talks. so then i say whats behind your back... a knife! i say really scared and shouting. then he pulls out this huge samuri looking sword! then he puts a really evil smile on his face and runs up all the stairs trying to kill me. i didn't know what to do so i take a piece of paper from my bookbag ball it up and throw it at him. then he stops and keeps walking. the next thing i see is an electric box on the wall i throw it at him but he doges it. then i take the paper and make it a paper airplane. i throw it in his eye and he falls down a flight of stairs. i take the electrical box again and throw it at him again to make sure he's dead. then the box starts beeping like a time bomb.

-so i run out the door and jump down some stairs and the whole house blows up! i realized my family and everyone and everything i had was in my house which i blew up which cause them to die. i cry not knowing what to do i run all the way to school because i don't have a phone and i didn't bother calling for help everything was gone. once i get to school i just cry in all of my classes.

-then it skipped all the way to lunch and i didn't want to sit with my friends so i sat at an 8th grade table but on the corner of the table. then i see my crush walking towards me and he sits next to me. he asked me what wrong and why i'm crying and i told him everything that happened. then he said i could live at his house since mine burned down. i said thanks. then he looked into my eyes and gave me a long kiss grabbing my waist. i suddenly stopped crying and felt like the happiest girl ever but still with some tears coming down my face. then i said are we bf and gf now and he said yes and i began to smile. then he said lets show your friends.

-then he pulled me by my arm to go to the table my friends were at. then he sits down next to them and sits me on top of his lap. and my friends are talking to me and i just don't pay attention then me and my crush which became my bf in my dream started kissing me. then my friends eyes went wide and and they took my arm pulling me all the way to the girl's bathroom. then they all shout at me saying that they liked him to and why am i kissing him and why am i doing all of these things with him all of a sudden. and i just scream everyone shut up. the reason why we are kissing the reason why we are together is because something tragic happened to my family, some friends you are to not even notice that i'm crying but to notice i'm kissing a guy. then i stomp my way out the bathroom and go all the way to my boyfriend and i say lets just get away from them. and we go to another table and kiss.

what does it mean?! and if you can answer my other question: why did i have it?
one more thing! i felt every single thing that happened in the dream as if it was real. why?

Example: What does my dream even mean ?

Recently I've had dreams of a guy who appears to be my future husband ?( sounds ridiculous I know, and I'm not the "marrying age" yet either) anyways I keep having these dreams of me celebrating a festival for married women in my culture ( I said the name of the festival in my dream), the weird thing is I didn't know this festival even existed and had never been to this festival (obviously since I'm not married). If that isn't weird enough after having the dream I asked my mom if she'd ever heard of this festival before and she said yeah and then asked me how I knew about it because she never celebrated it in front of us. After that I had another dream where god had told me that I would meet my husband in college and showed me him but his face was blurred out? but I could tell it was him, based on a gut feeling I guess. Then I saw a bunch of records that I right away recognized as the names of people and their soulmates ? and it was in a language I had never seen before, yet I knew the meaning of it as I read it, and it had my name and my future husband's name there, and next to it was written "not met" in that strange language. At this point I don't really know what's going on? I am spiritual, and I do believe in past lives because of my culture but I just can't figure out how I know things that I shouldn't know whatsoever, and how I have a gut feeling and can see these things as if they're being played out right in front of me. Could anyone help me piece this together so I can get their take on this ? thanks !

Example: What does my dream even mean? Help!?

I had a dream where I was in this beautiful Sakura tree place were the soft winds eere blowing petals everywhere. Over my head was a dome like thing that had a stripe pattern on it, one stripe was a dark visabul pink whine the other stripe was a barly seeable light pink and the pattern went like that. The weird part was I was walking and holding hands and doing things a couple would do with that Yugi kid (the nice one) from Yu Gi Oh and the strange part is I DONT WATCH OR LIKE THE DANM SHOW! :( im creeped out and need help, thanks to those who are helpful and acully read this. :)

Example: What does this dream even mean?

I dreamed of poisoning water around the world with some family members and killing people with it. And then I had some, died, and was drug to hell by two large copies of the devil that had muscles and were large. I saw a white light at the end of the dream, but I am not sure what any of this even means.

Example: What does this dream even mean?

I am a grown woman and I feel as if I should have gotten past nightmares but I haven't. I keep having this dream where a possessed child is gnawing at my window and trying to get inside my room. I am ashamed to say that I am actually waking up screaming, my room mate is complaining and I don't know how to stop these dreams. Anyone tell me how to stop it? No, I haven't been reading or watching horrors. I need some help please? I could have detailed it further but I haven't the time and I don't feel very comfortable even posting this on the web.

Example: What does a crush dream even mean?

So, last year I was talking to a guy, Brady, and he went to my old school. Well, him and I were talking for year online. He ended up asking me out but then... asking my best friend out the same night because I wasn't aloud to date.

But this year I moved back and I can date.

And we're kinda friends so I have a slight crush on him which it's probably only old feelings.

So, yesterday I went to a Santa party and my best friend was there and we had so many weird cute moments that its not even funny. I like him too, I honestly think Brady is just old feelings.

But when I come home and sleep I have a dream and I'm horribly sad in it. Like, I feel awful and suicidal. So, Brady is there and I hug him from behind tightly.

It felt like one of those stress relief hugs you have when you're breaking down.

This question sounds dumb.

Does this dream mean anything?

Example: What does my dream even mean?

i used to have a crush on this guy but hes my friend and he doesnt notice me that much but i've already moved on right now and suddenly i had this dream of him like suddenly he gives me red roses, complimenting me, and like trying his best effort to make me like him... hm wat does it even mean?

Example: What do dreams even mean?

i was seeing this guy and things slowly started falling apart
the last time i texted him, he never replied, which was a little over a week ago
so i decided that im not going to try and get a hold of him
ima let him do it[but i think he thinks im mad at him]
but ever since i told myself that, ive been having dreams of him EVERYNIGHT!
theyre always about us just hanging out/kissing/holding hands/cuddling/talking ect.
and i wake up smiling then hate myself cuz i wanna try and get over him
or atleast stand my ground till skool starts

so is there a website you can give me, or can you tell me what it actually means?

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