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Dream About Evening Gown meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so my dream was like about me falling in love with this unknown dude
The dream started off with my mom freaking out about my sister being missing and I somehow knew where she was (twin telepathy) the somehow I’m ignoring her and end up going to my next next door neighbors house in this supper hot outfit and I’m talking to this girl but I didn’t see her face and while I’m talking to her I notice that there’s this dude starring at me by the corner. He had black hair and blue eyes and he was a delinquent. Somehow I end up going somewhere and end up back at that party and my mom is there in her night gown. Also I’m with my lost sister right now and my mom says what are we doing her and I walk up and kiss the black hair blue eyed guy and say to my mom this is what I’m doing here then my mom drags us out then that boy leaves I guess embarrassed and I fallen him and it turn out that he live in the trailer park right next to my house and I fallen him and I ask him if I’ll ever see him again and he just like hugs me and goes throw his fone and says put your number in and so I do but I forget my cell phone at home so he can’t put his number in. then the next day I see this little girl in the street looking lost so I offer to take her home and she lives in the trailer park to and somehow the park is having like a second Halloween and like it’s really all spooky and then the black hair blue eyed boy scares me and says take care of my little sister then cuts across this field and then I go fake trick or treating with the girl and nobody would give me any candy because they said they didn’t know me and at the ended of the dream I end up stealing a yogurt and then I woke up also I don’t even know who the guy is in this dream was I only knew my mom n sister in this dream so this dream was really weird can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Well your dream has few aspects worth elaborating. The mother, who is caring & you also acknowledge that, Sister who me you love, Neighbours house where you see an attractive boy, a small girl whom you intend helping & then the aspect of your stealing yogurt for her sake. The dream indicates that you are at present in a situation where you are in a process of taking a decision regarding your future, but that is not in consonance with the social /elders thinking. Your effort to get your action validated by means of good deeds is at present not fetching the expected dividends. Therefore you need to balance both aspects for getting positive result. The expectation will fructify by your truthful actions. BOL(Best of Luck).

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream meant?

I had a dream last night, that I was running down an endless corridor, chasing this girl I know…she just kept glancing back at me, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t say anything. I cried out her name, but she disappeared into a white light. I followed her, of course, through the light gateway…and found myself outside. We stood opposite each other, in a field of high grass and bright summer sun that glittered off her tawny hair; a faint breeze stirred around our feet, and ruffled the white, silken gown she was suddenly wearing. I tried to speak but no sound came out…she stared me down, then saying “Why?” over and over…and then the field disappeared, turned to nothingness black ocean. She vanished, and I fell. And fell. And never hit bottom…

Example: 2 ppl both had dreams I got married. I don't even have a BF. What does this mean?

What's more weird is that one of my girlfriends told me about the dream on Friday and my cousin, also a girl, told me the very next day. I find it odd. I'm an eternal bacholertte. ;) I didn't get much details of the second dream because it was at a family party. But the 1st one didn't see me in a gown or anything like that. She said she saw me taking my stuff out of my office and I was sad because I was going to move out of town after my wedding.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamt i got married to someone i dindt even know. my white wedding dress and veil was short. what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

The dream started out pretty normal. I was in an old Victorian-style building with a large glass greenhouse attached to the mansion. It felt like one of those Nancy Drew games actually. At least, the layout and feel to it did.
I can’t really remember how long I wandered around, I don’t really remember much except the looking into the greenhouse, but sometime around then, the house started to change. It didn’t feel as warn or welcoming as it initially did. The halls were longer and poorly lit. And everything felt old, but not in a good way. The carpet looked worn out and almost unrecognizable from its previous glory. The walls were faded shades of brown or tan.
I started walking down the hall. Come to think of it… The hall felt as if it was the only piece of the house still in existence. It was really quiet. There was a large cast iron gate in the middle of the hall that I had to go through. Beyond that gate, was a square room. Except instead of walls, there were other iron gates. Beyond those gates were people that looked as if they hadn’t seen the sun in years. Their bodies were only sheltered from the cold drafts by dirty white night gowns that looked more like they were grey. They were all lying around, some of them moaning or lying motionless on the moldy wooden bunk beds that seemed to go on forever. It was the same on both the right and left side from where I came in from.
I don’t know why, but I knew it was some sort of old, possibly abandoned, mental hospital. In front on me, was an old wooden door on rusty hinges. I slowly opened the door; it only leads left down a torch-lit tunnel with dirt covering the floor. Suddenly I had the urge to leave that tunnel. I felt as if something would come and get me if I stayed.
I ran through the wooden door and the first Iron Gate I entered and ran back into the hall. It opened up now, the hall also lead to a better lit large room that you could reach if you walked up a few stairs.
Throughout the rest of that dream I always felt as if I was being pulled back to that wooden door. I don’t remember much after that, but I did know that there was a man somewhere in the house trying to figure out what happened there that I wanted to find. I felt as if as long with him I’d be safe. And there was another man who wanted to leave, but didn’t want me to be alone. I told him it was ok and he had a kid he needed to think about. He needed to be with his kid, even if I didn't really want him to go.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was on my swingset swinging, when I noticed a truck driving down my road, it stopped and an old woman with curly, frizzy hair slid out, she was in an old night gown and old farm boots. She was partially blind and held her hands out in front of her as she walked towards me. She then took my old medicine bottles (which I really took in real life a few years back until they made me suicidal) and she threw them at me, I kicked them back at her and she kept screaming at me and throwing the medication bottles then she got behind me and pushed me out then drug me inside my house, she filled up a bathtub with water and it was like a narrator said, "and she never would've thought that this would be her bath of death." Then a vision of her holding me under the water flashed up, I ran out of the house and through the yard then I turned back she was following me holding out her arms trying to find me, I thought this was good until she started tracking me by listening to my footsteps, I turned around and she was closer than before Then I woke up. Please help me to understand what this means. I feel like the medications may have some significance, but i'm not sure, so please help me.

Example: What does it mean in a dream to marry a prince with 6 angels flying around you?

i was wearing a long white gown and he was waiting for me and to put the crown on me
i seen this man so many times in my dreams after that he has chosen me to be his queen
his eyes changed colors but he was so handsome when i woke up i just wanted to go back where i was,and in every dream eaither he is my lover or he is after me
i dont even know him and those angels are always there too
what does this mean?

Example: What does my scary dream mean?

In my dream, I was at my own wedding, only I didn't plan any of it, and there was no groom or groomsmen, but I had about 30 bridesmaids that I didn't choose. I was supposed to have found a groom before my wedding day, but I didn't. I was standing outside in my wedding gown, arguing with my Dad. I kept trying to tell him that it was stupid and I wanted to call it off. But he told me he had already paid for everything and it was time for me to get married. And I told him that I didn't have anyone to marry. He said that he knew that I was in love with someone, so I needed to just ask him to marry me, and if he wouldn't, I should just ask someone else. And he said,"There are plenty of guys here, just pick one." And as were standing there arguing, all of these people were going into the church. And I realized I would have to go up in front of all of these people and stand alone. I began to feel dizzy and short of breath and then I started vomiting, and no one even noticed or cared. They just went on about their business. This dream absolutley terrified me. What does it mean?

Example: Any insights into what this dream means?

So I had a dream last night that I was wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on...
I was in a very simple dress with some friends and other acquaintences from college (I graduated like two years ago) at a concert like a symposium of artists from the college and around the state and I was really looking forward to my ex's performance but when I saw that everyone else was wearing like tuxes and evening gowns I felt insecure about what I was wearing so I asked my group if they thought I should change. I left through a crowd and ran through my old workplace on campus where I worked with my ex and everything in the building had changed so I barely knew my way around to get through the building and some guy I didn't recognize started to chase me that I escaped from. I ran to a dorm/apartment building that looked like a hotel room and got in the room to find my parents and friends (not college friends) waiting there who helped me pick out an evening gown from pale green and puffy with lots of tulle, black slinky and sexy, and wine satiny with embroidery that was similar to but still different from my senior prom dress and I kept asking everyone what looked best because I wanted to impress my ex when he saw me. I was afriad the one that looked like my senoir prom dress wouldn't fit but it did except for the fact that my chest was bulging a bit even after adjusting the straps but I decided to wear it anyway, in fact it was the only one I tried on. Then one of my friends helped me fix my eye makeup and it ended up looking very gothic (heavy black with some red (my ex hated when I would occasionally wear gothic or emo eye makeup)) and I wiped it off and decided to do something simple and elegant just some eyeliner and subtle eyeshadow and then I left the room and hurried to my car and drove back worrying that I would miss my ex's performance but I woke up before I got back to the auditorium.
I'm just wondering if this has any meaning because this is the second dream I've had about my ex this week and we haven't been together for years.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alright so, I have this friend (and no it's not really me) that had a dream she recently told me about and I was wondering if anyone could help decipher it, thanks:)

Okay here it is. *shes 15 by the way* Shes in a dark room that shes never been in before that is only lit by a tall lamp stand and the light coming in from a window in the door. It's sort of like a hospital room, but also not. She is the one in the hospital bed and is wearing a hospital gown with one of those wrist things. There was also a guy in there that she she has never seen nor met, and assumes is her husband and possibly a doctor but she isn't sure. Anyhow, it's so dark that she can't see very far in front of her. She remembers being pregnant moment and the next her mother is handing her a beautiful baby boy that she just totally falls in love with at first sight. This baby that she's never met that came out of her and she truly loves him. like the feeling she got in her stomach was like butterflies for him that she would do anything for him like a mother would. I can even see that right now as she is being 15. Shes just so responsible and almost like a VERY young adult. So...idk but help with this would be great, she really is wondering what it means. Thanks:)

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