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Dream About Evaporation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Silly dream, can you interpret?

Ok had a strange dream last night, and if anyone has any insight of the meaning would be fantastic...I dreamed that I had white seeds growing out of my armpits, kind of like the size of pumpkin seeds. I don't remember too much detail, other than I wasn't afraid to touch them, and as I did they just sounded like a wood wind-chime, and they just fell off. That's it! Thanks!

This had me stumped for a bit and then I got thinking about it, particularly as the imagery is so strong. It could be something to do with how you regard the normal functioning of the sweat glands in the armpits. The body's way of cooling is particularly efficient, and the armpit is one of those places that releases a lot of sweat, and pheromones, due to exertion, especially in warm/hot conditions.

If ever you've been out in the hot sun and getting stuck into some hard work, you might have appreciated how great it is to experience the efficienty of your ability to sweat. When there's a breeze, the body cools down by sweat evaporation. Of course it can be uncomfortable, this sweating (and smelling) of the armpits, especially if the clothing is too tight and in situations of stress. Some people get really uptight about sweaty armpits and see it more of a nuisance without consideration to the natural functioning of those glands and can't seem to make peace with it all. Also, you might also be considering a change to your personal 'toilette'. That can happen. People go through style and personal hygeine changes, according to their own personality evolvement. Anyway, I hope what I've said has helped to shed some light on it. :)

Example: What does it mean when you sleep but dont dream?

Example: Dream analysis-evaporation?

My friend said I was in a small part of his dream. He saw me, and I started to evaporate, and then he grabbed me and it stopped.

For fun, what could this be symbolic of, or represent?

Thanks. :D

Example: Keep getting evaporation lines on pink dye tests, is this normal or can I get excited?

I took an HPT in the evening when I was 9dpo. I immediately got a white evap line. I took another one today with first morning urine (11dpo) and AGAIN got a white evaporation line. I've always tested using this brand and NEVER gotten evaporation lines before. I bought the one I took on Sunday a month ago, and the other one yesterday, so they weren't from the same batch.

Example: I dreamed of 2 dozen positive pregnancy tests?

Last night I actually did take a pregnancy test but it turned out negative,
afterward I went to the store then i came back and the second lined was there, barely tho.
I'd only been gone for 10 minutes.

So what does my dream mean and whats up with this test?

Example: Weird dreams last night?

my first dream was that I was at my friends house and it started to rain then all of a sudden I ended up at my nans bungalow with my 2 sisters and we were looking out the window and we saw words like condensation and evaporation, then an earthquake started and I was thinking of my mom at work, my brother in prison and the whereabouts of my nan then without a volcano, a volcanic eruption and the floor was dividing with lava underneath it and my oldest sister was almost left behind because she couldnt get on our divided piece. We switched scenes again to my home and my mom was there and everything went back to normal except there was a lot of rain and she told us that we need to scrub a lot of onions outside the house because if we don't then a volcanic eruption would happen again at the tail end of that dream I got to cuddle my dog.

In the second dream my mom said she was lonely and wanted a partner and all of a sudden she was going on a date with him the next day my mom told me to go with him somewhere so i got in his car and i just didnt trust him, he told me he was married then after that it was like he druggedme because i woke up on the floor in his living room. When i got home i told my mom he raped me and that he was a peadofile and she didnt want to listen but when my older sister said the same thing she listened to her and broke up with him.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: EXTREMELY faint line on pregnancy test then it went away! HUH!? (10 pts. please answer!)?

So, i had a baby in May. And, i started the pill at the end of June. Well, I had been bleeding bc my body went all crazy and when it came time to the inactive pills... i just took them bc i didnt know what else to do. But i do believe my fiance ejaculated in me during that week. So, i finally stopped my period during the week of inactive pills. And, lately, ive been having a lot of discharge like when i was pregnant before and having dreams i was pregnant. So, i went to dollar tree and get a pregnancy test. Well, i took it and like 30 seconds later i saw just 1 dark, dark line. So, i was like ok and threw it away.

Well, i went back about an hour later and looked at it and there was a faint, faint, faint! line there. I WAS LIKE OMG! Bc i didnt wait a full 5 minutes before i threw it away. It was like really faint. IDK if i can stress that enough.

Well, then i put it away and went back about another hour later and it went back to just one DARK line again...

I'm confused. What does this mean?


Example: What do you think of my poem?

|Memory and Act|

A Season of hearts
At work

States alternate
Transisting capacitive

It drips
From your

... your

Are you dream
Or hour?
Or riddle?

Who as ripple
Tying rain
In love

Who as rain
In eyes
Dreamer still


The way loves
Weave a life



A memory


In moment
In rain
In vapor

The way
That anger or desire
Can rip
A life apart *

A cloud
And ocean

*Time and Materials - Robert Haas

Example: Personal experiences with BFN at 4, 5 or 6 weeks pregnant?

When did you get your BFP as I dont seem to be having too much luck! Havd two faint thin pos over a week ago but since ive had BFN. I did have an inplant bleed a few weeks ago and i NEVER spot. And now I have aore larger boobs, tired, crazy dreams, peeing more etc..

Example: Turning the sahara or even other desert area's into inland seas- is it a good idea and why- please read on;?

If desert area doesn't sustain human life in any realistic terms and can be used to generate cloud formation through evaporation of a large expanse of water- surely this alone can help.
Surrounding the sea with coconut trees and any other harvestable food producing plants may be a rich source of helping sustain communities, fishing rights for locals and a major fish farming plan, electricity being generated by the waters arrival too- the strip mining methods of the Americans being harnessed to set the water in motion from the coast.
Desalination plants to give the Africans necessary salt and clean water, a run off from the sea to help sanitation and loads of paid work for Africans.
Is this a pipe dream and mad ramblings or is it maybe viable but no-one cares?

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