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Dream About Evacuation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had this really bizarre dream last night, can anyone tell me what it meant?

I dreamt that me and my mom, together with others living in the same area were all being asked to evacuate our houses immediately due to some unknown reason, then we saw tons of people moving out with their luggages, so we packed our most important stuff and went downstairs as well. However as we settled down at the evacuation area I forgot my laptop and camera, so I went back to retrieve them and placed them in my duffel bag. At the evacuation area we were told that the real reason for evacuation was that all the giraffes from the zoo have escaped and were coming our houses' way, and immediately i spotted three giraffes making their way towards us through the glass window

The first giraffe left us alone when we all lowered our heads, then the second giraffe, a female looked at us before slowly moving away...and now the weird thing. The third giraffe only moved towards me, and kept looking at me intently before settling down beside me and refusing to move. I was baffled, but soon enough I enjoyed his company as he turned out to be a nice and kind giraffe...I kept feeding him tidbits and he could understand everything I was saying.

Just as I left to throw some stuff, the giraffe followed me out and then I found him just after i finished throwing the stuff...but he had already transformed into a human from his giraffe form - a young handsome male wearing a light blue shirt blouse with a small black tie sitting beside the pictures of another area. I went to talk to him and he expressed his desire to become a human forever...then I woke up.

The dream was so incredibly real, and I can still remember the male's face until now, what does this dream exactly mean and/or represent?

Something, represented by the giraffes, made you think you had to leave your normal self, that affected the wider area of your life. But you take what's important to you, even forgetting some of those at first. Laptop might mean all that's personal, camera to record or keep what happens that's of value to you.
Going downstairs might mean it makes you feel down.

Giraffes are harmless, and are unique by their height.

1 \\ The first giraffe left you alone when you all lowered your heads. So does that mean when you stopped looking at this issue above you, it went away partly?

2 / The second giraffe being female might mean the female quality - like listening, receptive, gentle, compassion, which looked at you or you at it, which made it slowly move away.

3 || The third giraffe seems when you finally connected with this issue or part of you, and learnt to enjoy it instead of the initial panic, which now is clear the evacuation meant you felt you had to escape or evacuate this situation and yourself.

This 'tall' part of you, though initially seeming wild, understood you well. Seems the giraffe was a part of you with a high view you initially feared. Maybe a view that could see above you, and that's why it was called on - because you needed to.

Then you throw some stuff, garbage, out from yourself - indicating the sort of cleansing or sorting you just had. Then you saw the tall you again, which caused it.

It transformed into a human means how humanized you made it now. A handsome male, dressed up. Sitting beside the pictures of another area can mean next to other 'pictures' or images you have in your mind.
He expressed his desire to become a human forever means your thought to have this whatever the animal represented in a human or relatable form for you, I think, rather than a scary animal idea.

So overall if you are a girl, Saturday, the giraffes might mean your desire for a very tall guy, haha, no, really one who looks over you, which at first scared you then you became really comfortable with.
But I don't think it's that. The male doesn't have to be romantic, it might be the male side of you which can mean assertive and strong (not that females can't be that, but these are just the male qualities both sexes have), which you successfully resolved into yourself. That can explain why the second, female giraffe passed on, not meeting you. It seems whatever it is about, the male was the success.

I think there were 3 to show your different reactions to the same thing.
Or the second being female can be your qualities you looked for or put on this idea.
But I think it is likely you growing above a fear, which then became a comfortable idea.

Anyway you have to place the real experience to make it fit, though I could be off in some areas.

Example: Help deciphering dream meaning?

So I had a dream my best friend and I went to go visit an ex boyfriend of mine. He lived in this mansion (I can't even describe the size of the mansion in this dream). So he led me down to my room and it was a very... homey, quaint room. Olive green walls, picture frames (I didn't recognize what was in them) and a large bed. I hung out in the room for a while, then my ex came in and began suggesting we get back together. I was kind of like "ummmmm..." and he ran out. So I decided to go find my best friend's room. Eventually I found it, and it was inside a volcano. I told her about what happened with my ex. Then she randomly started saying how she liked my room way better than hers because it was nice and hers was inside an actual volcano (you could see lava through the floorboards and it was HOT). Then the volcano began to erupt and my ex ran in yelling about how it was a fire drill and we needed to leave. We were in the process of evacuation when I woke up.

Side note: I was not under the influence when I dreamt this.

Also: I know some people don't believe in dream psychology, and it can be very imprecise but still, I'm curious.

Example: What does my dream mean? "Real" Zombie Outbreak?

I just want to start off by saying I do not watch the Walking Dead, I will make this as short as possible, but fair warning this may upset some people.
(Half way in to my dream): It was me a and my pregnant girlfriend (she is pregnant now) and we had discovered a small refuge college campus. There were at least one hundred survivors there, supplies were limited and ammunition was running dry. My girlfriend and I had been seperated from our families but cellular communication was still functioning. So I called my mother, my mom was not able to get out of the Cincinnati Red Cross containment zone. When I called her she told me that she was trapped in a closet and that she loved me and that I had to promise her to find my sisters ( 15 and 4 years old). I could hear the Zombies breaking into the room and the last thing she said was, "take care of your family, I know we have been through hard times but we stuck together.Promise me Jordon you will find them. I love you baby b-" They broke into the room and the phone went dead.

My girlfriend was 8 months long and the other girls and nurses took care of her. I myself would go out with other men and women and search for supplies. When we returned from searching my bosses and my grandmother were there, my grandmother was in a panic and said she had saw my sister (15) burn alive in a building that was accidently set on fire. She was then seperated from my 4 year old sister due to military refuge. She told me that they were headed only 100 miles from where I was stationed. I have known my (current bosses) since the age of 4 and they basically are my grandparents too. Mr. Garza is an ex-special forces (real life also) and his wife Mrs. Garza.

Over time the college was no longer able to support the safety of it's people, there was a man made evacuation cellar that lead through underground passages to safety outside in the distance. I search for my girlfriend and find out she's been taken to safety. And then I find my grandparents who were calm in the situation. I get them to the ground hatch door, I start to climb down so that way I will be able to help them get down. Mr. Garza tosses his weapons to me down below to me and my grandmother looks down at me and says, "I'm sorry sweat heart we don't have much longer on this earth and we can't keep running," and she slams and locks the hatch. I try to save them but the door is locked and a few friends I met at the college convince me to leave because I have to care for my own family and I can't do that by staying behind.

FAST FORWARD: A few weeks go by, my girlfriend is big and due at any moment and we are safe in a heavily guarded military camp. Mean while I desperately search every refuge camp to find my 4 year old sister. Me and a team of men go out every day to find lost family members. One night we were coming back and we were bombarded by a hoard of zombies as we start to clear through the zombies I shot one of them in the head and as it went down I went to shoot the other one and as it went down behind it stood my 4 year old sister. Her right arm was missing from the attack, she was scratched and bloody, but in her left hand was her stuffed cow she always slept with. She looked at me and even though she was a zombie she looked scared, she looked like she wanted to run to me but instead she ran off. I started to run after her and a few people followed me into the woods because they thought I needed help. I caught me little sister and held her as she tried to escape my arms and screamed. But for some reason she calmed down and I held her so tightly and I kept saying to her, "I found you baby I found you it's going to be okay." I then took my gun out and put it to her head and right before I pulled the trigger she held me and said "jordie."

We returned with supplies and I had her bloody stuffed cow in one of my camo-pants pockets, when I got back to the camp a friend of my girlfriends came up to me and told me my girlfriend had an asthma attack that caused her to go into labor. And then I woke up.

Typing this was so difficult, please only serious answers. This is not some form of story promotion, I had this awful dream and I wanted to share it to get opinions on what it could mean. I have never had a dream like this before. But my real life situation is that: My girlfriend is pregnant (approx 2 months) but she is already kind of big, I am 19 and she is 18. I was removed from my home due to family issues, I still see my mother almost every day. I see my sister who still live with her. And as for my 4 year old sister, I was so attached to her after she was born that she called my "daddy" even though she doesn't do that anymore she runs to me any time something is wrong. When I have to leave my moms house she will cry and beg me not to go...I have never had a dream like this before.

Example: What does my dream Mean?

so, today I wanna talk about my recent dream I had. It's very weird and fun. So, if you have nothing to do, it's best if you read this..thanks. So, i remember everything in detail and I'm gonna explain everything...how it started all the way to how it ended.

(the beginning)

My character wakes up in the floor next to the big stairs in my high school that takes you to the top building. I get up and I begin walking around when all of a sudden i see my mom. I asked what had happened and everyone told me that the entire world (the human race), was under a huge virus outbreak and that the infected turned into flesh eating zombies. I soon (somehow) end up in my Biology classroom with no one in it. It was dark in there and there was a lot of mess, almost as if people were running all over the place with papers flying everywhere. That's were I meet my two friends (Valeria and Gianella). As I look outside rain begins to pour down hard and everyone (high school students + teachers + some other random people) begin to grab their stuff and continue to run. The sky turned so gray that it look like the moon was covering the sun and the clouds had taken over the sunshine. I asked my friends (the twins) what everyone was doing in Loara High School. They had told me that Loara was an evacuation area for the residents of Anaheim. (I remember seeing a laptop...could mean my notebook laptop that I'm getting for my birthday). I go outside and all of a sudden, i kiss Valeria...(i made a WHAT THE **** look after that). I then go down stairs and I see a bunch of people outside under the stairs of the tall building in my school trying to make fire and shelter. It was raining more and more and I saw my mom in her car. I tried to run to her but there were fences surrounding the school campus (in case the infected got near). I finally make past and I asked my mom where she was going and she said; "I have to deliver these cookies to a lady". I helped her with the bags and she started to drive away. (I kind of felt like that was the last time I would see her). Most of the dream i kept walking in the school campus, trying to figure out why I woke up in the floor. Then my other friend Ashton comes along the way and she and I begin walking too. All of a sudden grass had begun growing. By this time Loara's front area where the Counseling offices are, everything was destroyed with grass and woods all over it. The parking lot next to Mr. Freeman's class and the rest of Anaheim facing that direction, had turned into a swampy like forest. As Ashton and I continue walking deeper in the forest, there is a small building in which old people were. I walked in and everything was with grass and old like oak trees had grown in there...it didn't seem to matter for the old people. There were leafs in the pool. It was like a sauna but a therapy area for old men and women. Ashton and I leave and as soon as we walk out, the ground begins shaking uncontrollably and savage. Almost as if Mother Nature was finally getting payback for the disasters that humans had created ever since they stepped foot in it years ago. The sky begins to get darker and darker. The rain begins to get heavier and heavier. Thunder and Lighting begin to mix with each other and huge black circle begins forming in the sky. The entire school campus begins to tremble and little by little the school begins to fall. I rush to my Biology class (by that time Ashton was no longer with me. I think she died..lol) and I grab the laptop and all of a sudden I see miss Lee (my Biology teacher), she's getting her papers and starts running. As I run outside the stairs begin to fall piece by piece and the top part of the building (where I was), begins to rotate side ways (so now the hall way that leads to Mr. Chavez' class was facing the ASB room). I fall off and I hit the ground. As I try to get back up to the second floor, Miss Lee gets hold of my laptop and begins to throw it in a garbage disposal. I begin to argue with Miss Lee and the other Biology teachers. The floors in the bottom had turned into a flood gate. People were running in agony. As the the entire school begins to shake ever harder, I see the girl I fell in love (in real life), Jenny. She doesn't notices me but she just stays still. Watching everything around her fall apart. All of a sudden frogs begin to appear all over the campus. They were just sitting in their lazy butts looking at all the suffering humans. Finally after the frogs show up, the raining stops and everything stops. The sky was still gray, just a little bit lighter than darker. I look at the frogs and they all stared at me in a funny way. (the frogs were green by the way). As soon as I hear a loud voice...i wake up. (I wake up and I take a shower and head off to school. in real life. i was late for zero period. *giggles*).

Example: Does this cool but weird dream mean anything or not?

I had this cool dream. We were four in the family, me, my lil sis, dad and mom. I was like a some kind of werewolf, but not really, it's like something like a beast or something hehe. I could transform into one any time I like. Then there were these blood thirsty zombies, well, they aren't like the ones on 28 wks later or dawn of the dead, they were organized and do not kill people randomly, they even drive cars and sorts, and they are more like assasins who are after my family coz of me( a beast right?), so it was up to me to protect my family. Oh and by the way I had super strength, sharp senses and the coolest fangs and claws haha. While we were escaping, we came by a mountain which has 3 paths, the right one leads to a tribe of cannibals by the beach, which look like those on Apocalypto, the middle part leads to a modern and technological evacuation center headed by a young woman.

Example: What does my dream mean? Future predictions & nightmares?

So, ever since I was 6 years old, I had this dream where someone was knocking on my front door at midnight. Then, whoever the knocker on the door was, he would just leave, but he left a sarcophagus (mummified tomb) on my porch, and I would run to my living room and hide behind the couch after I saw what was on the porch. Then out of nowhere, the sarcophagus would disappear and end up in my living room, and the sarcophagus's door would open up and there will be a mummy coming out and sucking the soul out of me. I would call for help for my parents and brothers, but no one would come...and that will be the ending of the dream. *I'm 17, and I still have this dream.
And right after this dream surpasses, I'd have another dream about something good or bad that would happen the next day. And then after I wake up, the events that happened in my dreams end up on the news or in real life!
-I had a dream that my friend from Sweden came back to USA, and the next day she showed up at my house as a suprise! :)
-I had a dream that there was a tsunami, and the next day Japan gets hit by the tsunami.
-I had a dream that Maui, Hawaii had to be evacuated, and the next day Maui is under evacuation because of a possible tsunami.
Of course not all my dreams come true, but about 30% of them do...

If you know what's happening, and how it's happening, please respond!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that my fiancé was holding me hostage in his house, (didn't look like his house, it was dark and full of electronics). He was whispering things to me about what he was going to do to me, but I don't remember what he said. He removed one of my eyes and hooked it up to a computer so that I would be able to watch him dismember me. He was taking me apart, but left the house to run errands. While I was in the house, he had me talking to him over the phone, I wasn’t scared of what he was doing to me, and I was just casually talking to him. He told me that he was going to kill me before he had left, so before he came home, when I was running out of time, I called a fire station and told them I was having a heart attack and that I was alone so that they would break the door to come in and get me. I was still talking to my fiancé over the phone and didn’t let on that he would never be able to kill me; I knew I would be rescued before he got back. I wasn’t panicked, in calling for help, it was very methodic, like I had been controlling the situation the whole time, and it was all just coming to an end. Like a last minute evacuation before an explosion. I just analogically hit the eject button and like that, I was into the light.

Example: Strange Evacuation dreams?

Thank everyone for responding, I really appreciate it! And @IntuitiveImpressions I am unable to rate answers or respond directly, but I really like your answer. Thank you very much for your input, it makes perfect sense =) I think it's really wonderful to have such a gift right? I had a feeling someone like you would respond with this. Take care, much love you and God bless <3

Example: Zombie Dream Meaning?!?

I'm going to describe what happened in my dream and see if anyone can interpret what it meant. Because this dream really scared the crap out of me.

So basically, it started off with me and a couple of students from high school. We had to buy evacuation passes. To get a ride out of the country. So we buy them and then they sent us to this safe room where we wait for orders and they describe to us what the zombies look like. They looked like the ones from I Am Legend and they could sense light and body heat. So this made me panic, then it was time to go because the zombies were coming to the town. But then things went wrong and the zombies started attacked us. Trust me, this seemed so real, they looked real. So only a few of us survived and then. The town was deserted, and was dark. We had to drive a bus to the airport and then the zombies started jumping on it and killing a few people. We finally reached the airport but it was to late everyone was gone, so it ended off with the few of us preparing for our death as a huge mob of them were coming toward us. I woke up almost 10 times during this dream, because this really scared me. And yea the wierd thing was when i woke up, thinking that the dream was over, i went back to sleep and continued where it left off. What was my brain trying to tell me? What did that dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? its really weird?

Okay so I had this dream where everyone was being lined up and being evacuated because of these werewolfs and all of a sudden I heard someone scream "they're coming" and everyone ran towardas tge busses but I could only run in slowmo and right when I was going to get on the bus the werewolfs grabbed n pulled me off n rather than die being eatin alive I took out a knife n slit my throat then everything faded to black, any idea of what it means?

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