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Dream About Euthanasia meanings

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Example: Death Penalty Dreams! What's it mean?

I have dreamt of being sentenced to death several times. It's always euthanasia. They give me the shot and I absolutely panic. It's just terrifying, but I don't die. They give me more and I still don't die. I know this is really effed up sounding! haha. I'm a 21 yr old girl if that helps. Just wondering i anyone else had has a dream like this. thanks!

generally when someone dies in their dreams it could mean a few things.

when you die in a dream it could mean that a part of you is growing, and your becoming a different person, or just somthing in you is changeing. seeing that your only 21, its probally this.

now if someone you love is watching you die, or the person giveing you the shot is a loved one, perhaps you need to take a look at your relationship with them. if it is a boyfriend that is killing you that means that your relationship is being dragged on. things like that.

always remember that most dream readers on yahoo are ammatures and stuff. and everyone has their own dream dictionary. the interpretation is only correct if thats what you think it is.

Example: What does this dream mean?

me and my friends went to a school for some picnic because it had a beach. Next to the school was some medical looking building with the same name as the school. Me and my friend went inside it to find a bathroom, and we found an elevator. Curious, we took the elevator to the 2nd floor and inside we found a euthanasia lab. The thing was underground and there were millions of bodies just lined up and naked, wearing nothing but a cloth over their private area each in seperate glass case. Most of them looked like northern African and middle eastern toddlers, but one stuck out. He was a fully grown white man.
We turned the corner only to see a woman balancing a girl around age 6 on her stomach on a chair. She was trying to teach her how to swim. Two other girls were sitting with them and the woman said "well y'all suck at everything, you should just become noble warriors of our euthanasia project". Then we saw a room with a group of people ready to die.

I just woke up, such a dream

Example: How Do We Know Unconscious Terminally Ill People Are Suffering?

The argument of "Stopping suffering" is often used for euthanasia, but how do we know they are actually suffering? You can't wake them up and ask them, so you really don't know.

What if they are in a happy dream world? Or what if they are in some blissful state of dreamless numbness?

And wouldn't that make euthanasia wrong because we would be terminating the experience of what ever they are experiencing in their head, and could possibly be terminating a pleasant experience?

Example: Detailed Dream About Human Euthanasia?

Last night, I had a dream I self-euthanized with the assistance of a medical professional. In my dream, I was in my father’s old house in Ukiah, California - only everything was white and sterile like a hospital.

There was something wrong with me. I had no idea what it was except for the generic sense that there was very little hope. Society had come out with a euthanasia pill for human beings and it had become common for people in my situation to take it.

I was just doing what was normal - what the doctors had told me to do and given me a perscription for. I had the pill and it was a big chalky horse pill looking thing that was white and flat. It kind of reminded me of the little water chestnuts in Chinese food, or a communion disk/cracker. (I'm not Catholic.)

Zy (my husband) and Francis (one of our mutual friends) were there; I'm guessing because they're the people I turn to when I'm in need of non-biased advice or support. Their presense was kind of comforting. Neither said a word though. Zy was standing in front of me looking at me while Francis was standing off to my right.

I was scared, but only the kind of scared you get before a shot. It frightens me now how I was treating it like ripping off a band aid then. I closed my eyes and thought, in my head, "do it; get it over with, just do it. Doitdoitdoitnow!" Then, like jumping out of an airplane, I took it. Once I took it, I became aware of the fact that I had just taken a pill chemically designed to cause the human body to die and the passive fear became consuming panic. I told Zy it was a mistake, I didn't want to give up on my life. So what if there was "no hope"- it seemed like ending it myself was the truly hopeless response.

I ran in the bathroom and caught my reflection in the mirror and my eyes were dilated all weird and I freaked out and tried to make myself throw up. I thought that if I could get most of it up, maybe I'd just get sick and go to the hospital and not actually die, but my throat was all dry and I couldn't make myself gag. I knelt by the toilet trying so hard to get my fingers down my throat, but my throat was closing around my fingers because there was no moisture and nothing happened. I started thinking, "oh god, oh my god this is real,” over and over with this mind shattering mentality of acknowledgement towards what was happening in what I can only describe as a traumatic response to shock. I was completely shocked that I’d actually put myself in this situation and traumatized by the fact that I was about to sit around and wait to die and I had no idea how long it would take or if it would hurt.

I woke up in a start and had no idea where I was for a second. Once I recognized my bedroom and the fact that I was in bed I realized it was a dream and there was just this amazing sensation of relief.

Zy has been sleeping on the floor for a week because his back is out and he blames our mattress. I can't afford to buy a new bed this month so we're going to try the chiropractor when I get paid instead. I crawled down there to wake him up because I needed him. He asked what was wrong and I told him what I'd drempt about. He said I was dead; this was the afterlife created by my consciousness. Then he hugged me. He can be a punk sometimes, but I love him.

I was still kind of disoriented, so I actually had to wonder for a second, but when my brain got a little less fuzzy and I sighed and told him “eh… this isn’t so bad” and went back to sleep.

Example: What does this dream mean? Plz read all the details!?

Okay this is from a dream I actually wrote down a while ago, it was so bizarre. Okay in the beginning of it, I was in a really big gym, and I was playing basketball. I wasn't really on a team, but there were two teams playing. I was just there, not really trying to do anything much. They were almost like drones, and I could steal the ball from them really easily and also I could like make half court shots! So then the game thing or practice ended, and I went to my dad's car (which was exactly like the last car he had) and like I didn't dream getting into it. Then my friend and I (idk which friend even!) were in my house, except it was bigger and the stuff looked a lot more expensive than what I have. So then this guy came in, and apparently it was his house because my friend like ran away lol. So I was there with this older guy, like around 60. So he told me that he was glad I came to his house, and that he knew I was coming or something. Then I asked him how he got so rich (Rude me! lol) and he said he got it from euthanasia. I was like lost but he gave me car keys and some other expensive stuff and I didn't even seem to care about how he got it! Because in real life I would be, I'm against killing.

So what's your thoughts on what it means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of watching a rabbit being killed ( put down euthanasia by a person )?

Example: Euthanasia euthanasia euthanasia euthanasia?

how would you feel if your child was in constant horrific pain

how do you feel about the use of euthanasia

Example: Dreaming of death and murder?

what does it mean when you dream of these things? and why do we wake up sometimes with cuts that weren't there before?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In the dream, I was wrestling an animal that looks like a bear with caribou's antler and fish's tail on the bed. Later, police came in and capture it to a hospital and decide to euthanasia the animal. However, upon the injection, it turns into a dog, and I decided to keep it.

Example: Reason for assisted human euthanasia?

3 reasons why it should be legalised. I am doing this subject for a school essay and I cant think of ones that I can justify.

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