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Dream About Europe meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in Europe visiting family and all of a sudden this celebrity that I have a major crush on happens to be there. He is chatting with my family as if he knew them for ages. He also spoke on the phone with my dad which is kind of weird. He was talking about ways to help out other family members. When i saw him I was happy so i ran in the bathroom to put some makeup on and look my best. Cause I wanted to make a good impression, plus i got a major crush on him. During the entire time , I'm in the bathroom he is talking to his agents,etc. I'm almost done putting my makeup but i have a missing brush that I'm frantically looking for in order to put on my makeup perfectly. Then I wake up.
In reality we do not know this celebrity at all.No one in my family does.Also in my dream the weird thing is that I was under the impression that I was going to go out with him.
Also he was talking to my dad. My dad passed away almost 4 years ago. What does this dream mean?

the thing about dreams is that true meaning is near impossible to extract--

I'm a novice but my understanding is that the situations you are put in in dreams are taken from stored memory + Random stuff. I like to think of it as a simulation. The one thing that IS the same is YOU. YOU are behaving as yourself in this alternate world more than 90% of the time I'd bet.

So instead of asking what the dream meant--it might be more constructive to ask what you can learn from the dream.

What happend in the dream? You were given rich opportunity; to interact with your deceased father, to via for the affection of your Longest-distance crush-- but you chose to focus on what was wrong with you rather than enjoy it.

I'm not sure if you do this in real life, but the lesson I will take away from your dream is that there are always opportunities to enjoy life to a fuller extent--but there are also always things you can do to put off the real things you want. Next time forget the make up and go after the Crush and hang out with you dad.

I hope this was helpful

great dream! good luck!

Example: Do dreams have meaning?

I am a 16 year old female

Basically, my dreams these days involve hiding from things, usually I see 2 dark figures in my room, always men, and its kind of terrifying. I know I sleep talk A LOT, like every single night. In Europe I slept with my female friend, and she told me I said things like "No" and "F*ck off", and sometimes longer things, but those were disjointed and didn't make any sense. Usually when I have this dream I wake up and don't realize I have, then role around in my bed and continue talking but conciously.

I worry that I wake up people with my sleep talking, and often I say pretty violent things. I always hear people saying nightmares have connections to our real fears, this theory can be put in the same b*llshit box as horoscopes right?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed last night that I was flying in the air from London to France to Belguim... Hahaha & I was so happy that I was traviling in the air alone with ma brother! I really don't know what does that mean :P it's kinda funny...

Example: What could this dream mean?

first thing you need to know. the guy in my dream liked me a year ago, and my friend texted him from my phone with hearts and everything, but the next day i started going out with a nother guy..

so i had a dream... i went to florida with my brother, and my and some girl had a dentist appointment so we went. there i saw the guy, lets name him rob. i didnt know what he was doing there because he lives in europe. so i said hiiii and smiled, he didnt smile back he just stared at me. as we kept walking i saw my cousin, she was happy to see me. so after the girl i was with noticed i was leaving with my cousin so she left walking home. but my cousin was going to the airport so igot outta the car and walked too. then me and my bro were packing then all of a sudden i was home. make up got into my eye so i tried getting it out, and when i do this thing comes outta my eyes. so i pulled it and everything ended up coming outta my eye except the white part,.

Example: What do my weird dreams mean? Airplanes, Europe, small spaces...?

Recently (past several months) I've had several recurring dream themes.

-Traveling to Europe, especially Greece. Last night I dreamed that I went on a cruise to Greece and swam all the way across the Mediterranean, and the water was really warm.

-Having to squeeze through small spaces, especially staircases that are so cramped they're more like tunnels.

-Being naked in public, but this is a theme I've had for many years, not just recently.

-Airplanes, and these are usually scary or stressful dreams. In at least two of them I've had to try to jump into a plane while it was taking off, and I missed and the plane had to come back for me. One dream was really scary because it involved watching a 747 crash in a field right next to me.

Example: What is meant by the American Dream?

What is meant by the American Dream? Trace its evolution from 1600 to the present. When did the phrase come into vogue? How has its meaning changed? Does it mean the same for African-Americans as for white Americans? What must happen for the dream to come true?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I deamt that I was at home in New York and I looked out my window and I saw the same mountain from my hometownin Europe. What can this symbolize?

Example: What Does this dream possibly mean . I found myself travelling around Europe and Dubai ?

Hello I would please appreciate some input into my dream.

Last evening I had a dream that I had travelled across Europe, first stopping by Dubai and then France and London. And during my trip to France I had an opportunity to visit a school and I just really enjoyed the scenery and culture . That been said I do have a fear for flying , I have travel to Germany and Africa and the United States. And around Canada but that was 8 heads ago I would love to begin travelling again and expand my cultural awareness is this a positive sign ? I'm 17 turning 18 later this year.

Example: What do dreams mean?!?!?

what are dreams and what do they mean?can they actually happen?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I lived in Europe for 4 yrs. Its been a couple of years since I am back in the states and from the time that I have returned I have this recurring dream that I am returing. I visit all my friends and family, go back to my old apt, and walk n the same beautiful park each time I dream. However the place go is a place I have never seen in a wakened state. What does that mean?

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