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Dream About Estate meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could these two dreams mean?

Dream 1:
I've had this dream quite a few times now, any ideas what it could mean?:

My dream starts out where i'm in the kitchen. The kitchen is in the house where i grew up, and although i only notice it when i wake up, there have been minor changes to the kitchen. like the table is in the kitchen instead of in the dining room. i am stood with my mum in the middle of the kitchen and i have paper in my hands. the paper is some exam results (not sure which ones).

i know this sounds stange, but i am two people in the dream. i am myself looking in on what is happening from the hallway, and then i am myself that is stood in the kitchen. if you can follow that.

i know that when myself-in-the-hallway is as i am now. as in the person who i am now. the person who is stood in the kitchen is slightly different, or even a mixture of different mes. for example, i know the characteristics, the attitude, the clothes are as i am now, but everything else such as my size, my hair cut etc. is as i was when i was 13/14 years old. which is strange, because we didn't live at that house by 14.

Me and my mum are arguing about my grades in school, and saying that i should be trying hard enough etc. but the thing is, we are arguing in FRENCH! now, neither me nor my mum can speak french, nor have we ever been to france. but there we are, speaking fluent french. and i understand it.

now, i can see where the argument may come into my life, because i am currently awaiting my exam results for my A-levels, also, when i was 13/14 i went through a faze where i hated school. i got really bad grades and basically made everyone's life at the school a misery whilst i was there. but my mum never argued with me over school, which i find quite odd from the dream.

Dream 2:

I'm at home alone because my parents and siblings have gone on holiday (this isn't unusual to happen since i am deemed to old to go on holiday with my parents in their opinion).

i'm in the kitchen and suddenly my dad comes in and starts to talk to me, which is unusual because we don't speak, especially actually being nice to each other. but then the pans start to catch fire. i notice that the stove and the units are filled with pans and baking trays etc. all of which are on fire (but just the inside, as if it is the food that is on fire), i then try to turn the stove off, but then i see that a)the stove is off, b)there is no food to catch fire in the pans and c)even the pans on the unit are on fire.in the end we throw them outside into the bin.

i then run outside, and i notice my house and everyone elses house (all my friends that is) are all grouped together like our own little estate, but in the car park of a shopping estate.

we all sit down and then i notice my best friend has turned into a slug and a snail (yes, i mean she is both the slug and the snail). now, i am petrified of both animals so i back away, but she comes closer to me. i start telling everyone that we have to be careful because she is ill (she has recently been diagnosed with a type of chrones disease and is in and out of hospital constantly), and that if anyone kills her, it will be the end of the world. but then i accidently kill her, i can't remember how, but i kill her. and then everyone starts paniking saying that it's the end of the world etc.

somehow i then go back in time so that i am stood where we are all talking again, and my friend (slug snail) is coming towards me. this time i am more careful, but this time another person sits on her and kills her. (i wake up at this point).

so, any ideas at all?

dream 1 i imagine would mean that you're going through a state of change at the moment. with your a levels i imagine you'll be going to uni (or getting a job) either way, you're becoming more independent, and subconsciously becoming a 'new person'. in this dream, as well as being the person that is changing, you are watching yourself change. this can give the idea that you are rather critical of yourself, but also you're watching the people around you change.

having dreams in a foreign language is more common than what you'd think. it could show your proficiency in what is going on around you, or since in real-life you are unable to speak this language, it could tell you that you're having trouble thinking in your situation i.e. whatever situation you're in - you have jumped in at the deep end.

as with the exam results, this could just be a case of pre-results jitters. it could also show a relationship bonding between yourself and your mother. since your mother can not speak the language either, this could show that she too is out of her depth. however, since you are arguing this makes me this the complete opposite. maybe showing that she is in an opposite situation to yourself, or she will be the person to help you through this - the person to help you understand.

With dream 2 this just sounds like you are worried over the health of your friend. your friend is depicted as your fear because at the moment she is your fear. this idea of 'the end of the world' is the childlike ideology that when something goes wrong, it is the end of the world. your dream is showing how you really feel, and showing you that you are thinking of the worst case scenario. the idea of time travel usually represents fulfullment, but in this case you haven't fulfilled anything and your brain continues to see your friend's situation as a great fear. with you killing her the first time it shows that your subconsciousness is thinking that you are to blame, and the time travel and someone else killing her is showing you that you're either shifting the blame onto someone else, or you're beginning to understand that her medical condition is not your fault.

Example: What does my dream mean? please help?

i had a dream where i had an extra set of top teeth above my normal ones! what does it mean, help me please its freaking me out
thanks x

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

I've been having some vivid and bizarre dreams recently

In one for some reason I'm in the middle of a local housing estate and I get into a fight with a bunch of clowns. Wigs and face paint but really badly applied most are wearing t-shirts and jeans. One runs up to me and I punch him as he falls his wig falls off and I realise he has Downs Syndrome. At this point my friends turn into cats and run off leaving me alone, distraught trying to explain myself to a growing army of irate clowns (who also seem to have been drinking quite a bit)

The other involved my inability to care for a dolphin made out of ice. It had a handle on its back where the fin should be so I could carry it round vetinary surgeries while it slowly melts

Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I don't often remember my dreams but in the past couple of weeks I've had 2 really wierd dreams that for once I can remember so I'm curious to know what they mean. They're pretty wierd so they might not mean anything but if anyone can enlighten me that'd be great. (:

Dream #1:
I'm in a minibus/in a car and I'm going home, where I live in real life is nice little estate I wouldn't exactly call it rough but where I was going was. There was a huge field and a country house then I was driving through a really rough estate which looked really run down and there were lots of terrace houses and backstreets ect ect. This was in colour by the way. Then my dream turns into this wierd sort of video game world where there's this yellow cartoon bird that's being chased by a cartoon eagle, it gets caught by the eagle and dies. Then it's the same sort of video game format except this time there's something (I don't know what) being chased by a big shark and some little sharks. It keeps dying a the game restarts a few times and then that bit of the dream ends. In the last bit I'm on my bed with my dog and some of my teddies that I have. I have one teddy that has a little RNIB shirt on it (royal national institute for the blind, I go on PGLs with it sometimes.) anyway my dog starts teething on this RNIB teddy and when I take it off of her there's a wierd circle on its back. Like if you turn the on/off symbol for a dvd player/remote or something a bit to the left so there's a little gap in the circle in the top left. Then she teeths on either her own leg/my arm and makes the same make but in blood and that dream ends. This was on the 23rd November by the way.

Dream #2:
This was last night that I had this dream but I think I've had it once before but it must have been a while ago. So in this dream I'm Merlin, I don't know why but I jump over this huge lake to get to my castle and then I have to leave my medieval town/village place. There's another voice when I get out the map, I think it was a girl and then I start looking for somewhere to run away to and I want to go to this place with a snowman symbol (it looked happy and had a blue hat if that changes anything) but the voice said that would be too cold and suggested somewhere hotter. When we get there a volcano erupts and 2 guys start surfing in the lava but fall off their boards and obviously die because it's lava. Then I'm in this modern day town with yellow houses that all look the same and it's huge. I walk around for a bit and there's a bit where there are a couple of backstreets that lead out to the mainroad where I'm walking. A guy who I think might have been from a gang but I'm not sure kept coming out of the backstreets maybe 2 or 3 times and saying something to me, I think he was threatening me and it might have been something about his dad but I'm not sure. So then this guy starts creeping me out so I run back to where I first started in the town and there's a corner that's completely pitch black with some multicoloured lights flashing a bit in the darkness and someone says something about some guy from the dark ages or something being there/escaping or whatever. Then the face of this guys pops up and it scares me out of my mind because whatever he said was REALLY loud but I can't remember what it was. Oh yeah and before I saw the pitch black corner it was getting really dark because I have nightblindess among other things (that's why I'm part of the RNIB) and at the very end of the dream just after the guy popped up and said something I sat on a wall and everything faded to black and that was the end.

Even if you could just tell me little things about my dream like what the circle might mean or the guy or whatever I'd be really grateful, thanks in advance for reading that also because I know it's quite long. (:

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was working for world vision and I started crying over it. I cried twice. The first time when I was a casual observe working for world vision and the second time when I was a full time employee for world vision.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreampt that this boy my friend really likes and I were on this huge Georgian estate on the back porch of a mansion overlooking a lake and a small old-fashioned white one-roomed church. We were sitting on the back porch on a wicker loveseat with a Mosquito net around the back of it. We were cuddled up together and I had my legs across his lap. We were holding hands and flirting and laughing. We would put our faces together though we would never kiss. What can this dream mean? In reality I would nevr do this with the boy because of my friend.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very weird and scary dream last night. I was in some old house with some other people that I don't know. There were snakes everywhere. Big ones, little ones, they were deformed. Some of them had like 8 legs but the legs were other snakes. We were trying to kill them and get away. We would rip their heads off but no matter how hard we tried they just wouldn't go away. The snakes were also getting inside of people. They never went in me. I did get bit many times. I remember we were going to try and blow up the house but didn't. After we left the house I was in a truck and trying to leave there were snakes in the truck. I couldn't get away. The snakes were everywhere. In piles, ugly and slimy. They seemed to be trying to attack. At one point I seen a cat walking outside and it seemed to have like 8 legs that were snakes! I woke up feeling really irritable. Anyone know what this dream could mean? I am going through a lot of emotional stress right now. My Mother committed suicide a year and a half ago. I have a lot of anxiety. Not too long ago I dreamed of Jesus-- He came to me in my dream and told me that it would not be long... I don't know what that means either.. anyone know? Thank you.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was a multi-millionaire. In my dream I was as poor or as wealthy as I choose to be and i chose to be very wealthy so I had at least 50 - 60 million dollars. I decided to buy a property and I had a tunnel that you had to drive throught to get to my estate, at every stop along the way through the tunnel there was a security guard there checking you out to make sure that you were one of the people I wanted in my house. there were at least 4 - 6 stops along the way... but could possibly be up to 16 stops. The way to my estate was very difficult, the way out was very easy. then came the question: If coming into my estate was so difficult, why was leaving it so easy?
Wouldn't people try to get to my house through the backdoor since it was so easy for me to leave? It made me realize that leaving my estate had to be just as difficult as entering my estate, otherwise, my house would be too easy to break into.

I was fimling a marriage ceremony between me and this other guy. Basically I supplied the money and the guy that I was marrying was responsible for working my business so it was an arrangement. the purpose of our marriage was so that we could catch it on film then the unpleasant idea occured that I didn't know whether my marriage was real or a sham since I was getting paid one million dollars to marry the other guy.

After a while it became painfully obvious that the marriage was indeed real, because both me and my husband paid one million dolars for our wedding clothes so we paid more for the marriage ceremony than what we were being paid to marry each other on film. the clothes we wore were a dark brownish greyish or green color and looked like the old traditional clothes that the man wore in the sound of music, (the chimney guy) the only thing was. both the men and woman were dressed like men. The clothes were awfully depressing.

Then I woke up.

Example: Help! What does my dream mean?

I keep having the same dream that I chip all my teeth...then they all fall out! What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that after going to see a film me and mum were walking past a council estate and found a small lost tortoise. We followed it into the estate to see if it knew it's way home but we found a much larger tortoise, it was on it's back and had been set fire to, it was dead or dying and charred then another one on fire and burnt came running past screaming, onto the green it had lost its shell. We could hear the people who had done it shouting, but they were around the corner and we never saw them.
I am a big fan of animals so I found this dream disturbing. What interpretation could there be?!

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