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Dream About Essay meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so I can't tell you all of it ;) but the part I'm wondering about is when I was in school and taking a final exam for science class in my health classroom and all it was was 3 essay questions, one was 'what will you do over summer vacation' 2 pages long, another was 'What is a Prune' as long as it needed to be, and I don't remember the last one. So I was doing the first one and was almost out of time and was having a panic attack i was 1 and 4/5 done with the vacation one and hadn't started on the prune one and then i did run out of time and i was saying, "I failed! I must have FAILED! Boohoo!" and I was crying and all of that.
What can that mean? and don't tell me that I failed my science final in real life cuz i didn't take a final this year.

I would classify this dream as fear of failing/failure. your brain always puts things in a negative illogical world. whenever you have a big event coming up brain always puts it in a negative way. You probably fear failing science class or you cant fail that class or you will be upset. Dreams like this ( fear of failure) usually mean that you don't want to fail. you are probably doing good in that class, and if you fail it you wouldn't be too happy. dreams of this category give you a message of "don't fail that test, you cant afford to fail, so don't do it". These dreams express your fear, and y you in a way of doing a good job in that class. (i myself always have those dreams, whenever i have a big priority event coming up, i always dream of failing that job interview). dreams are always negative or always end up negative.

these dreams help you, they make you work hard for that event. dreams always mean something in this case it means that you fear something. Most dreams are all about fearing things.

dont fear dreams, interpret them first then fear them.

Example: Very weird dream. What does it mean?

I had this weird dream yesterday. I was a spy/agent and I was informed on this ship there was this army and the leader keeps heads of people( basically the heads of the people all liked the same and the bodies without their heads in this freezer room and then my leader sent me a picture inside the freezer with the heads of people and bodies then I had to go undercover on the ship( it was a starship in space) undercover dressed as a soldier so then when I got onto the ship I asked to go to the bathroom and then one of the agents dressed as a soldier talked to that soldier to distract her then I sneaked to the freezer room the on their was lots of plastic rap around the door and the door had the cover of mj's album dangerous so then I teared down the raping paper and then I went into the freezer and I saw lots of neo pets posters and toys and toy cars and heads and bodies of people so then I took a picture of the inside of the freezer then I taped the raping paper back and then i went back to the soldier who said that I can go to the bathroom and then I escaped the starship with the undercover agent. My life is good and I'm happy plus I don't watch star wars and movies like that including horror movies and I also dont play neo pets and I am a huge fan of mj. Can someone ease tell me what the dream means btw I'm serious and no I'm not being a troll. I'm serious and please don't answer if you are going to call me a troll or write stupid answers because I had this dream and I know it's messed up but I'm telling the truth. Sorry if I made lots of mistakes( I'm not a good typer when I type fast).

Example: What does america dream means 2 you?

i have 2 write an essay about what does america dream means 2 you please help is for my final exam! 10 points

Example: Meaning of impossible dream? essay.?

to dream an impossible dream.. blahh

Example: What it means to have essay in your dream?

In my dream, There was a guy was discussing with me about the essay. So he want to read my essay so I gave him my 7 pages of essay (that essay tell everything about myself) so he was reading it..i woke up.

Example: What's a good title for an essay about what MLK's dream means to me?

I just need to have a title for my essay that fits in with what it's about. "What Martin Luther King's dream means to me." Thanks!

Example: American Dream essay help?

I have to write about the evolution of the American Dream... except I don't believe that it ever existed. would I fail it if I just wrote about why it's not real? I really don't care if you think the American Dream is real or not. but I don't want to be wasting my time writing about something I feel strongly about when I can just write an A+ paper with half the effort and conviction. it just matters to me that people know my position, but I'm just conflicted whether it should be at the expense of a grade.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I forgot most of this dream but i remember this part. I was walking down a school, it was the school that i go to but it seemed bigger and way different. I was walking down the hallway with some friends towards the library. I don't remember what we were talking about. Then when we got to the library, i saw some people that seemed like teachers or other people. one seemed like some government worker, talking to a crying girl. That is when one of my friends spotted a table only filled with two guys holding big cards with numbers on them. they invited us to play some game. i don't remember what were the rules of the game and how to play it, but we all got one card and started to pass it to each other. then one said the winner is going to be the person with a number, i think it was 103 or 203. That is when someone screamed i win. Then i only remember playing for several rounds. then a few days later i had the same dream, but this time it was only me and two other people playing. But very few people were at the library.

The library was huge.
Can someone tell me what this dream might mean. please.

Example: How can you use logos in a n essay about the American Dream?

How can you use logos in a n essay about the American Dream?
help me please! does that mean to state statistics and facts? Help please! best answer 10ptS!

Example: Does the dream i had last night mean anything?

ok, someone tell me if this means anything or not
ok, first i was standing there right next to this actress and i put my arm around her and start hitting on her and stuff, she says no and turns her back on me and walks away. then it ends.
does this small 30 second dream mean anything? or not?

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