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Dream About Espresso meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Opening a bagel shop.?

I am 24. I am going into the medical field. However, one of my dream at the moment is that I want to open a bagel and coffee shop and eventually serving expresso drinks.
At first I wanted to open an espresso shop. However, I would be competing with Starbucks.
My town of 50,000 people used to have a bagel place but it no longer exist. Then about 2 years ago, Panera Bread was going to open. However, they decided to open outside of a mall 20 miles away instead.
So now there is no bagel place downtown. I've heard people say that they want a bagel shop.
Would a bagel shop work? I won't have competition, which means more customers.

I think that a bagel shop is a great idea! The only thing to consider is why did Panera Bread go somewhere else? Also why did the other place go out of business?
The fact that there is no competition is fantastic though. It allows you to grow and try new ideas and products that are unique to just you. You will need a good location, many options, and a sticky name. A sticky name is one that people will remember because they can't get it out of their head. Also you have to remember with the food industry, to be successful you have to sell A LOT of food items to break even and make money each day. But if you are business savvy and no how to work some deals you will probably do great! Good luck to you, and my favorite bagels are the ones with jalepenos!

Example: Looking for a versatile coffee maker, please help!?

I'm looking for a machine that does the following things:
-make coffee (2-4 cups is fine, doesn't need to be big)
-steam milk
-make espresso (not really necessary but usually a milk steaming option also means espresso!)
-use pod coffee OR loose grinds (not just one or the other)

If anyone could help me find a model that does all of these things it would be very much appreciated! Cheaper is better, thanks!

Example: OK, Ive had enough, what does this dream mean?

I have been dreaming like this for months now. Its like dejavu in dejavu! Im a junior in nursing school now but I keep having a dream about my high school. It is my highschool in my dream but it looks nothing like the one I went to in real life, anyways even if my dream is about something totally different like I'm at the mall or something.. I always end up at this high school at the exact time the bell rings and its time to go to the buses at the end of the day. Every time I think to myself I have to run and catch the bus, I am going to make it this time there is no way I will miss it, I am early and when I get there all the buses are there or are already moving EVERY TIME I look for bus 85 which is supposed to be my bus apparently and even though the lady sees me she never stops and I chase after it but I can never get on. I think there was ONE time where I actually did make it on but that was months ago now I can never make it onto bus 85. I also think there is the same girl who misses the bus with me every time. She is in nursing school with me, we had a class together and talked but that was it. In the dream she always says this is ridiculous we will never catch that thing. And somehow without getting on the bus I always end up at home asking my mom if I can just take the car to school because I can never get on the bus but I never end up taking the car. Why do I always dream about missing and chasing bus 85?

Example: I need help in business!?

I am 14 and i find the dream (having a nice high office in a very well known and rich company wearing a crisp suit everyday with and espresso and a suitcase driving to work in a white lambo)a very good dream to have and a good life to have as well...

well in school a few days ago we was learning about stocks and merchanting and stuff and my dad say i am a freshman taking 11 &12 grade math that it would not be so hard to get a job and a life like that(excluding the lambo 8 3)

he said i would need to go to collage and major in business and stuff like that but i want to get ahead of the game and start learning about it now...

so please tell me all you know about business and what i would need to know to make my dream come true?

thank you very much
Dillion/future dictator of the U.S.A

Example: Is there any way to rid our Army of blind ultra-conservative hate mongers?

Example: Trying to find MAC eyeshadows similar to the Maybelline shadows I already have?

I have 3 of Maybellines eyeshadow quads. I have Enchanted Forest, Lavender Fields and Chai Latte. I love the colours and the price...buuut they make my eyes sting. :( I'm not too sure why. Mac makeup doesn't do that to me. Different stuff in them I guess. Anyway, I'm trying to find certain colours at Mac that are similar to the colours in the quads. 3 colours in particular. One is in Chai Latte. It's a dark chocolate brown...matte. Very strong. Another is in Enchanted Forest. It's a very shimmery (veluxe pearl, I think...), soft, light gold. It's a great highlighter though. It looks almost metallic in light. The last is in Lavender Fields. It's a pale mauve. It's also very shimmery, but not as much as the gold. The colour is very neutral, and not strong, but it's still very pretty. It's not a bright colour like Beautiful Iris. It's very natural.

Anyone know if they have similar shades at mac? Names please! Thanks! :)

Example: Movie Quotes 2: How many can you identify?

1. "I was an insect who dreamed he was a man, and liked it. But, now, the dream is over, and the insect is awake."

2. "This will not look good on my resume!"

3. "Plastics!"

4. "Don't drive angry."

5. "Jesus wept."

6. "They say the dead don't rest without something to mark their grave."

7. "I said to speak your mind, Jack, but Jesus!"

8. "It would do me a world of good to horse-whip you, Virgil."

9. "Could somebody get me a cup of coffee? Preferably Espresso."

10. "Aw, come on, pal. Ain't you got any Shermans? We been polishing these things up for three days. If we take 'em out there in this rain, they're gonna rust up on us."

Example: Im a chef, i need a new job but not so hands on in the kitchen...any ideas?

im happy to step out of the kitchen altogether as long as i still work with food in some way...

Example: This happens when I drink coffee?


Okay so this happens to me when I drink coffee.

At first I wasn't sure that it's because of coffee but now I am.

My whole body feels weird. I feel hot from the inside and cold from the outside. My body is shaking. It's like I'm sleeping and I'm in a dream, like I'm not focused. And I can't breathe well. I feel hungry and craving everything. I can't really describe what's happening to me but I really don't feel alright.

Is this a normal thing?

It doesn't happen whenever I drink coffee, however it does happen when I drink a strong one or too much coffee.

If there's anything I could do to stop this feeling.. Like drink something or eat something afterwards please let me know?

I know that here is not the right place to ask such question but I hope that someone might help?
And if you know any other authorized website that might help please let me know too.

Ps: this used to happen whenever I drink redbull. Every time I drink it. So I stopped. Now I'm facing the same thing only this time it's with coffee..


Example: Did you know all of us are mediums to a certain degree?

I am not talking about psychics that see the future, I am talking about interacting with spirits through telepathy and/or dreams.

We all have the skills, we just need to develop and practice it.

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