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Dream About Eskimo meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The meaning of dreams with dogs?

I've always wanted dogs and planned to have 1 or 2 next year.

I had a dream that I had 2 fully grown dogs, a female silver husky & a male american eskimo. The female was extremely energetic & playful, the male plays along.

I suddenly find myself trapped in some balcony around 4th floor of a building, so I knock on the glass door and entered. I apologized to the shocked female occupant who was dressing up and left out the door. I was looking for the stairs down when my male dog came out suddenly and guided me down and out the building.

Anyone had any ideas on its meaning?

I think this dream just means that you are a tad lonely and getting two dogs would cover up that loneliness. I don't think it means you have no friends or anything like that, just you need a companion and a dog would be perfect.

Example: What does it mean if you see a walrus in your dream?

Example: I had a dream about a walrus?

i had a dream that a guy came into my maths class dressed as a walrus what does it mean?

Example: In my dream i am swimming in 2 pools 1 with walrus and i go swimming to beach what does it mean ?

and my dad has to pick me up using a boat

Example: What does it mean if you can lucid dream?

I've been able to control my dreams ever since i was about 10. back then i could do it only once a month but now (14) i'm able to do it 3 out of 4 nights. Does that mean anything in particular?

Example: I need someone to help me figure out my dream?

I had an awful dream. For some reason, I was staying the night in my mom's house (the house I grew up in) and during the day she is talking about how she wishes things were normal in her house but when I go to bed at night, the house starts shaking, picture frames start flying off the walls, and all of these things are moving by themselves. I just know that there at demons there and we all run outside. My mom doesn't bother to lock or even close the door and we all run to my brother in law's car (he doesn't live with my mom and wasn't even in the dream) and when we start driving away, I wake up.

Btw, this is my latest of several dreams I have had where my mom's house is haunted.

Please someone, give me your ideas on what it could mean?

These dreams are freaking me out...

Example: What does it mean when u dream of urself getting killeed by a tornadoe?

Example: Could my dream mean what I think it does?

My brother started talking to me about wanting to look up our ancestors but seeing as how we're mostly native american, we might not be able to. That night I dreamed that my family and I were in a house where the temperature was cold outside. Then a family of polar bears (a mom and 2 or 3 cubs) came into the room we were in. At first I was a bit scared but then they turned into a woman and her children. They looked like they had the same features as my family does but their skin was a bit whiter than ours and they were all wearing white clothes. They sort of looked like eskimos or inuits (don't want to be offensive). They were all smiling and talking to us as if they knew us. The mom (which somehow resembled my mom) let us hold her youngest child which was a baby in a white shawl-like thing. It was the cutest baby I have ever "seen" because it wouldn't stop smiling and laughing and rubbing its nose against ours. we gave the baby back to the mom and they had to leave. And I can't remember anything after that.

I know it may seem silly but from a nonscientific and more spiritual point of view, could they have been my ancestors or what do you think? Thank you. :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was on a bus with alot of eskimo people. it was icy everywhere. it was like a school bus that was really big and had room for alot of people and storage.we drove across a bridge i remember from childhood. then we park on the bridge (cause there was space on the side). and we start to fish. (though it was at an unrealistic height for fishing, the bridge mean) anywhom as we sit there on the bridge and then i see a car drive off into the river off the bridge. i scream as another car does this. i look off the side of the bridge and we all run to the shore. one of the eskimo girls are crying so i give her my big wool coat. the people who drive off the bridge end up dying and we drive under the bridge and sit. i start to cry and all of a sudden and then im consoled by kids from my elementary school.

wtf does this mean?

Example: What could my dream possibly mean?

I had a dream about this person. An ex-girlfriend of mine. In my dream I felt so.. happy. We lived together and we were play wrestling on our bed and laughing really hard and then we gave each other Eskimo kisses. When I woke up I felt so alone, empty and sad.

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