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Dream About Escalator meanings

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Example: Meaning of a dream ? ? ?

was wondering if people could give me their opinion on wat they think my dream means

pretty much its me and the girl i like (but not in reality dating) on a date at the mall going up an escalator when suddenly she gets shot and dies in front of me

anyone know wat it could mean ?

No one can interpret your dreams or tell you what they mean. Only you can do this. Never mind those who say they can tell you what your dream "means." It only means something to YOU because you give it your personal meaning.

Don’t bother with dream books, dream dictionaries, internet sites that tell you to look for codes or symbols or hidden mysteries in dreams. Dreams do not contain such things. Dreams are straightforward, just like your waking thoughts.

There is always a purpose to a dream. Everything that human beings think, feel, or do has a purpose. It is part of what Dr. Alfred Adler called "the psychology of use."

Dreams don't come to you from outside yourself, nor do they arise from your "subconscious." Once you become aware of having a dream, it’s conscious. You make your dreams up. You create them, just as you create your thoughts.

The purpose of your dreams while you are asleep is the same as the purpose of your thoughts while you are awake. That is, to solve your problems.

Figure out the purpose of a dream and the problem it is trying to solve, and you have its meaning. Dreams are thoughts while you sleep, attempting to solve your problems.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, here's the dream summary: My whole grade was going on a field trip to this museum that I like to go to all the time, and we were split up into groups of about four to six people (I can't remember the exact number) to make keeping track of the students easier (seems logical, right?). Well, we like teleported to the museum (I think I may have barely woken up at that point so I just hopped back into my dream at a new setting) but when we were inside it didn't look like the same museum. There was an odd, ominous, brownish-green glow all over the place like a dirty neon sign was blaring through the place. The next few minutes is a blur again, but I remember being on the outside of a tall tower inside the museum, scared to death (like, cold sweat scared), and wondering how I got there in the first place. I was super high up and clinging for dear life. Then, it's a blur again, like time sped up, and then I was at the top of this huge escalator going down, looking like there was no bottom, so when I turned around to go back there was no floor and I was standing on a 2x2 square, like, 50 feet in the air with a huge escalator the only way to go down (I used to have a fear of escalators when I was really young, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.) I've had this dream before with varying things like instead of the tower it was a hanging platform I was wobbling on top of or instead of the down escalator it was a huge slide.

Example: What does this wet dream mean?

I had this dream last night on the 12/15/14:

So I remember that I was in the the first floor of my school's library, which had two floors (and in real life it only has one simple floor) and that it was also like a public library, so any non-student could come in and checkout a book. I was checking out a book and there was this tall naked White women (who had brown hair and blue eyes) infront of me in the checkout line. Later, I decided to go up to the second floor of the library by using these transparent escalator, which was actually pretty cool. While going up, I saw this Black couple going down the stairway. Once I reached the second floor of the library, I went into the student lounge and there was this naked blond girl laying on the couch naked and then I remember that she was getting me aroused and gave me heads.

So what does this dream mean?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean!?

Last night I had a really emotional dream that's been on my mind for most of the day. I really want to know what it means if anyone can tell me. The following paragraph is how I described it in my dream document that I update after every dream I remember.

I was at school on the third floor I think going to the guys washroom with an unknown female I liked. We were going to the washroom so I could show her something about herself in the mirror. It wasn't something physical, it was like a mental thing that I wanted to show her she was beautiful or something. We got in the entrance and she didn't want to go any further. I tried convincing her and gave her small nudges until Dustin and Daniel came in and they were like "What the **** are you doing? Get out of here!" and kept telling us to get out. I kept saying no until they left and started talking to people outside about what was happening. Outside I heard a guy yell "Dude that's my sister!" Then a pack of guys came in and started yelling at me and her and the girls brother gave her 2 choices, neither of which was in my favour. I saw that she was going to obey her brother and
let me go so I left and apologized to her brother on my way out. I felt so depressed and unloved. I was walking back to my class where I saw Daniel again sitting on a chair and he said "**** you" to me to which I replied with the same thing and we had a small argument full of curse words as I walked towards my class. I saw a teacher not too far away from us and was surprised he didn't stop us. I got back in to a class and sat down.

If you could please help me figure out what this dream means I would greatly appreciate it.
If this helps, I've been really feeling the need to have some sort of feminine affection from a female my age, like a girlfriend for the past year. Since I'm a little socially awkward I find it hard to talk to people let alone a female I don't know too well.

Example: Is there any meaning to my dreams?

So, i've been having some really weird dreams lately. I've always had strange dreams, most often good, that gradually turn into nightmares, But i've started to get freaked out here, for example:
This one time, i was being chased by crazed monkeys on the trees in a forest (I could fly, sorta). And the forest was actually situated at an actual place downtown (no forest there).
Another time i was flying (again) and all my friends were walking, and they were SO slow, so i rushed ahead, flying by a Turkish fast food place and hit a van straight on.
Another dream i have, that has been repeating pretty frequently is of me in the mall with my friends. And there's escalators everywhere, so i get on one, but it starts twisting and suddenly it's going the wrong way and i'm just about to fall off.. when i fall on another one and it starts repeating (getting damn scary).
These dreams about stairs and escalators vary, actually, but in each one of them there's something wrong with the stairs - they always fall apart under my feet or become too small or there's a gap and i have to jump, so i do, and i fall...

I'm telling you, sometimes i wake up and realize what i just dreamt about and start laughing..;d

Do i need help or is this normal?

Example: What does it mean to dream of an escalator and broken stairs?

In my dream, we wanted to go up. There were two choices, take the stairs or use the esalator. I didnt take the escalator coz it was narrow and dangerous. On the right side of the escalator was a high empty space, like it was already the edge of a very high building and there was no wall nor barrier to protect u from falling. If u fall, u fall. The stairs was in between the elevators(u know, just like in the malls) on the left side of the stairs was an escalator going down. On the right side was going up. So we decided to take the stairs coz it was safer. But while we were on our way up, we realized the stairs was broken, it was missing some steps. So we decided to just go back down and take the dangerous escalator. As i took the elevator, i held on tight to the staircase handle(?) coz i was afraid i might fall. Oh and the elevator has no right handle so i will surely fall. I have successfully reached the top but it didnt stop there. The escalator was connected to the escalator that's going down so i was on my way back to where i was before. While on the way, there was a hindrance but i overcome it. Then when i arrived, i felt successful even though i was back to where i was before. And a lot of people who were watching felt proud and happy too.

Could somebody please tell me what my dream means? I would really be thankful.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being in comfortable shoes and going up an escalator?

I was with my ex bf he took me out of a queue,to be with him.I told him I wear flat shoes now unlike the high heels I wore when I was with him.

I felt comfortable,but he seemed much taller,I couldnt see his face.

He seemed to want to be with me through the dream as we walked. but I was hesistant once we passed an ice cream shop and neared an escalator to go UP.

Here I started saying to him we have a father daughter,mother daughter relationship - I got the words confused,but he wasn't really buying any of it and was silent and determined as we stood near the escalator.

[I dont think it is literally about this bf, as i have not seen him for 8 years or more? and never think of him.]

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was naked and fell off an escalator backwards. Another dream that I've had is slipping on the ice and waking up just as my head hits the floor. i know some dreams have meanings. If anyone knows what my dreams mean, it would be very helpful.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was on an escalator in target there were people behind that ive seen before but didn't know than they just disappear than i start panicking and fall into a black hole just spinning when i look up i see all the faces of everyone i call out for help but they just ignore me then the dream changes into something else that's usually creepier sometimes better

Example: What might this part of my dream mean?

Ok, so I rode an escalator into a town where I met someone who I fell in love with, what does the escalator mean? Does it have a specific meaning?

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