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Dream About Error meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?( warning: kind of long & excuse graphical errors)?

Last night, I had this dream in which i became rich and i had a nice ride the best clothes and longer hair than i have now. I went to school in my new car and parked it and as soon as i got there the girls& some were hating. They was saying like i think i am the stuff now and was still calling me a nerd and saying you are still the poor nerdy girl and what not. I was trying to get away from them and they kept following me.So i decided i was gonna get in my car and go home. So i went to the parking lot. It was very full and i said to myself o boy. I went looking for my car and i couldnt find it and i started clicking the unlock button on my key chain with my car keys and i didnt hear a click. I was like dang. Some hating idiot had stolen my car! So i was walking toward the school building and those same people was standing there laughing. I walked up toward the leader of their group and demanded for them to return my car and this was not a game. They just laughed harder and said they didnt steal it. I walked through them and went inside the building looking for a teacher or someone. I found a teacher i tried telling her but she ignored me and told me to come on. We apparently had a field trip that day. So i just stop talking and got on the bus. We had went to the somewhere and looked around then we went a shoe store. During the whole trip those girls were still tormenting me. When we got back to the school and we all made it back to the classroom, everyone sat down and decided to try on their shoes or chat. so i sat down at my desk. Our desk were like slid together into groups of four. Like there was a desk beside me and one facing my desk and one beside it. So ok, i was sitting there and i was about to look at the boots i had gotten and there was this girl sitting diagonal from me and i looked at her stomach. she was like 3-5 months pregnant and i was like ok and we was talking somewhat. She was trying to be smart any chance she got. Then this guy which i knew in real life came and sat beside her and was putting his arm around her and rubbing her stomach and acting all flirty. i was like ok. they did this for a minute then he got up and went over to another group of desk to talk to some girl. Then a few minutes later another guy which i knew very well and had a big crush on and was the cousin of the first guy who came and sat by her. he came and sat down in the desk in front of me and rub the girl stomach and put his arm around her and he just stared at me like he wanted to eat me for breakfast. then i just looked at him and his gaze just got more deeper and intense and he kinda slouched back a little and just stared. I stop holding his gaze and i was like ohhhhkayyy. Then i decided i wanted to change my clothes so i hid behind my desk and i took off my top and bottom and i was looking for my other outfit. couldnt find it i guess somebody stole that. Then some guys passed by me and saw my body and got disgusted i guess. so i just put the clothes i had on and took out my boots and i was about to put one of my boots on when the guy that was staring at me took my boot. i was trying to get it back he wouldnt give it back but he gave me somebody elses boot and i threw the boot back at him almost hitting the pregnant girl. then he gave me another boot which wasnt mine and he got up and went to a table. i tried to throw it at him but i missed and it hit a bookshelf and the bookshelf fell . I went to try to get the bookshelf up when all of a sudden, it got dark in the room. The guy got up and he went to the couch. somehow the classroom got a couch in there. I walked around the room and then went to where he was. he was just laying on the couch. and he told me to sit on him. so i did and he was bouncing me up and down and i was like wtf. i got up and he wanted me to ride him then i looked up and i saw the leader of the group of girls that was picking on me looking at us. The first thing that came to my mind was she probably thinking i was a ho3. So i told the guy No . Then he was like give me a massage then rub me.So i did i started at his chest and moved down. he started sucking his teeth and stuff. i was just giggling but not to hard anyways i had got all the way to his balls and started massaging them and what not lol . he almost lost his mind up on that couch. then i stopped and was about to leave. he grabbed my arm trying to persuade me to stay i just left the classroom and went out in the hallway and went toward the exit door but before i went out i looked back and he was standing in the hallway just looking at me then he looked down and went back to the classroom and i went out the door into the parking lot hoping they would have sympathy and return my car. It was still stolen so i stood out in the parking lot and i woke up.

Your dream suggests that there is a lot going on in your life other than school. The others things that are going on ar distracting you from the things that you need to learn while in school. the dream suggests that you might consider focusing in school work rather than your friends and social life.

Example: Can we make errors in dreams?

In real life I can make errors all the time. I hear person knocking at a door and believe it is Paul. It turns out to be Eva. I see a an animal walking by and believe it is a poodle. In reality it is a cat. And so on.

But suppose I dream that I hear a person knocking at a the door and dream that I believe that it is Paul. I then dream that it really is Eve. Am I dreaming that I am making a mistake or am I really making a mistake? If we suppose the former (as I believe that we should), should we conclude that we cannot make mistakes in dreams?

Example: Did you have some "factual errors" for your dreams?

there're some simple facts which you may know very well in reality but mistaken in your dreams. and you may realize that it was mistaken in the dream as soon as you wake up.
did you have such experiences?

Example: Pokemon Dream World error message?

This is becoming very, VERY annoying...about 3/4 of the time when I complete a mini-game in the Dream World, I get a message saying something like "an error occured during processing" and the dream world screen poofs away one second alter and gives me another, that says I have been logged out unexpectedly, and I'm back on the GL homepage.

This happens...almost every time I play a minigame. And I never get the 20 points that I should get for having played the game so my points are moving up at a snail's pace...

Is this because of my computer or internet? Or do a lot of other people get this? I'm wondering if I should try to play on the Dream World with a new internet connection, by taking my laptop someplace else, but I have no idea if that will work or what the problem even is!

Example: Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Suite error?

I recently paid off my dream suite in my animal crossing new leaf game yesterday so it was constructed this morning.
The problem that I'm having is that I get an error screen when I try to connect go th he internet. You,see I tried to get my dream code by going to the couch in the back, Luna asked the general questions then I get the little "connecting to the internet" pop up screen but after that a window appears on the other screen of my DD saying: "Error Code: 001-0803 unable to connect to the,server. Please try again later. For help visit support.nintendo".
The same happens when I go to the bed if the shop.
I know I have a good connection because I checked it on the DD home screen.
Anyone know how to fix this? Do I just wait it out?

Example: Adobe Dream Weaver Trial Error

I don't know why this is happening, but when I try to do the trial of Dream Weaver, I get this error when I click the option to do the 30 day trial, It says this: A problem was encountered while trying to load the trial period for Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Click quit and see if restarting your computer or reinstalling the software fixes the problem.

I did both things, and I still get the error.
Any help would be appreciated.

Example: Pokemon black and white dream world error?

dream world finally came out yay but i put in a nintelates 2 days ago and it didnt go to sleep in a hour so i took it out but then i thought if i change the time i could put in another pokemon but it didnt work so i changed the time to normal on my dsi and then it been 1day and it still wont work is it becuase i changed the time once or idk please help i realy want my umbreon and i even offer a ditto to the person that has the best answer and they also get 10 points so please help

Example: Dream interpretation, n plz dnt give errors on spellings grammer n vocabulary. only answers?

introduction, i hate my girl friend's x boy friend who hates me more and wants to fight with me but never came to fight in the past 8 months, that me and my girl friend have been 2gether. (my Dream) any ways in my dream, i saw me and him, one of my friends and his friends standing and arguing and all happening in front of of my of my holy place where i pray. and for some reason or the other i want to but i cant hit him and even he cant. but i hate him too much to hold myself back. i don't know what i am feeling about him. Further info i have personally called him to fight many times cause i want him out of her life as he ruins mine and her relationship by fake stuff about me, he spies on me and is causing fights between her and me. my girl friend even stopped talking to him (as a friend) but he wont stop boasting about hitting me. and he is a weak guy and never comes to fight. Q. please read the dream and tell me what i am feeling about this, as i feel a dream tells what a person wants

Example: Maybe heaven on earth was just a dream and errors?

Example: Dream of mirror online error?

Okay, sooo I downloaded DOMO and I have played it before and nothing like this has happened to me before. I can start the game up, log on, pick the server and then after I pick my character The screen just goes black. I can still see the cursor and the music is playing but nothing will load. :/ I erased DOMO and then re-downloaded it and that didn't fix it. I don't know what to do now, I looked up on google other peoples problems but that didn't help. If you have any suggestions please help!

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