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Dream About Eraser meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream means something or m i worrying bout it for no reason?

its been 21 days to my relationship
before this iv loved him for 4 yrs (finally he's mine!)
5 days before i had a dream (i know this dream may seem very silly but there is something wrong going on with me)
this year there is a guy in my class earlier he used to b in some other 1
in my dream i saw that his family was aking my parents 4 to get us married !
in my culture, usually there are arranged marriages n love marriages now have become popular...
i was crying n trying to ask that stupid guy to leave me n say that he dosn't want to marry me
but he won't i was crying trying to figure out how should i tell my family about my bf (in my dream, m grown up n v have a 10 yr relationship)
v both struggled a lot n convinced our parents to get us married but the night before my marriage that stupid guy (who wanted to marry me n not my bf) kidnapped me... then my alarm rung n i woke up
that dream dosn't matter much but the weird thing is that since that day i don't even want to look at my classmate who was in my dream but unfortunately he always comes in front of me in skul i hate him now ! when he was new in our class i was like "ok he's a new guy mayb he'll need some frnds mayb i can help him to get familier with the boyz" (in actual all i said to him till now is "hey ! plz can u pick up my eraser, it's just behind ur leg")
yesterday i was thinking a lot about the dream so i decided to go out n ubfortunately he was driving in front of me for an hour! (that stupid as***le destroyed my 1 hr)
does all this has a meaning or m noticing these things just because i had a dream which made me hate him ?

here are the things i noticed in your dream.

1. that your current "love relationship" had been going on for 10 years with no committment toward marriage until there was a threat of someone else wanting to have you.

2. that something occurs to stop you from marrying your current love relationship.

i don't think that the guy involved in your dream is what you need to be worried about. it seems to me that this dream is trying to show you that this guy you are so in love with is not going to committ to marrying you unless something drastic happens and that even then, that something is going to keep you from actually going through with the marriage and that you will wake up before it is too late and you are married to a man who doesn't love and respect you enough to make a full committment to you without being pressured into it.

don't waste time hating this poor guy who knows nothing about all of this. spend your time finding out if this guy you are so in love with is actually going to ever get to the point of asking you to marry him.

Example: I had a dream about a bird? what does it mean?

it was a normal dream, when suddenly I was in my kitchen. a small bird got in. it was grey (don't remember what it looked like) and cute. it was just flying around. I took a broom and put the end of it near the bird, it hopped onto it, then I opened the door and it flew out. the I went back to my normal dream. what does this mean?

Example: This is one wacky dream!?

For about 2 yrs now I've had this recurring dream...Sometimes my eyes will start to itch or I'll feel like I have something in my eyes, and when I look in the mirror, I have little tiny gold fish swimming around on my eyeballs. Another time I had a dream that my fingernails were made of vasoline, and another time that I had pencil erasers embedded all over in my skin and when I tried to take them out, there were huge holes left behind. Other ones include marbles stuck in my ears, my fingers break everytime I touch something and knee caps that are so soft that I can mold them like clay. Really gross! I have no idea what these mean, but it's always something to do with my body having some weird issue.
Any thoughts?

Example: What does THIS dream mean? Itll stump you!?

This is my second "What does this dream mean?" Question.

Anyway, I was in a basement.quite small,but,it seemed ENOURMOUS. Why?i was equivalent in size to a pencil's eraser.

I was not human. I was more of a cat-like animal.I was definetly a mammal,but i had pure white fur,and everything was tipped in red. I had cat like ears,a tail (only instead of it curving up like a U,it corved down like an n.)There were many,possibly two or three hundred of me,quite simliar.the difference was some had streaks of fur going over one eye,some appeared to have pigtails,etc.. all base colors were white,but a wide variety of tip color.

We were busily at work liek ants. Im wasnt sure what exactly we were doing,but we were collecting scraps of food.Then i realized a small windo,our only source of light that didnt do much.It was still very hard to see. I gathered everyone to try and jump up there. after jumping on much furniture(we were so light,we jumped as high as fleas) we reached teh window.It was slightly open,so we walked out.The secon i stepped out,we all fell over the edge,and hit -hard - against the floor.

Next thing i know we were walking along the gravel. Well,sand to you,but we were so small it was gravel.There were four or six train tracks.We were walking right on top of one.I was leading the way (we had NO idea what we were doing.)And then,we heard a rumble. We all jumped off the tracks.A giant piece of machinery (the train,but it was so big,you couldnt tell.) A ramp folded down.We kind of jsut looked at it blakly.We started to walk on.

We sat down on really tiny chairs. It hadnt occured to us that people (we lived on teh same Planet.Earth.) Coudl fit on thesemand they would be pointless to them.The train shrunk,faster than you can blink,And we were trapped in idividual cages.

A man,Who looked much like a ringmaster,the top hat and dramatic clothing,held us up.He smiled evilly and took off with us. I collapsed.

I woke up in a giant circus tent.Well,compared to the ringmaster,it was puny.I,was still in my cage,but i had something through my ear. A tag that said..Well,i dont remeber,but it was in the sixties. ANYWAY,Iooked up.There was a giant magnifying glass.My real self,the one that was sleeping,remebered flea circuses.Then my dream self,the odd creature,got the message.The man thought we were a breed of fleas.He was calling peopel to come look at us.

When i look back at te bars enveloping me,i almost exploded laughing! We were so small,we coudl slip right through the spaces!I put my finger to lips,and motioned everyoen to follow me.While teh ringmaster was turned,we sneaked away quietly.We went backstage,and were stricken with surprise.

Infront of us were ants.brutal,-rip-you-apart-so-we-can-eat ants.They were blood red,and hanging to the wall,Which had threads hanging down.My mouth gaped and we just stared.We couldnt get past.Then,teh weirdest thing happened.this is the first convorsatio ni had in my dream.

A girl creature of my type came up to me. She was tipped both pink and baby blue,one eye pink and one eye blue,and wore pigtails.

"I know how to get past them! " She said.
I let my head fall to one side.
"I read it in a human book.Soemthing about..(here she grabbed a thread)Gymnastics."
We all looked at her like she was crazy.She turned to the ants,and swung with all her strength.She kicked the ants off,and they fell into a bug zapper.She kept on swinging,and mentioned "Do the Tarzan!"Apparently we had heard of it before,so we went.We swung,and we swung,and we got across,.we fell into a soft bed of moss.We looked around.there was ponds,flowers,paths made by bugs,everything made for our size!Thats when everything started to fade.

Whenever a dream ends,I start to get pulled toward teh sky,and whatever characters that joined me would wave,and i could feel myself morphing into my actual self.And i woke up.

What in the WORLD did this mean ?!?!?!I bet nobody knows :[

Example: I had a dream that every pencil I found didn't have an eraser. What does this mean?

Every time I picked up a pencil, it didn't have an eraser and it was very frustrating. I woke up very anxious. I'm really confused as to what this means.

Example: What do dreams of dieing mean?

my dream started me walking in with my cousin dd (my brother's ex) and i asked my boyfriend how bad is he and he said like crying your eyes out bad and i said ok and i walked through the door and i saw my bro sitting down crying i was like ill go take care of this and my cousin dd the ex said no i will i was like uh ok i guess so i went to talk to this girl i was talking to her and i turned my back on her for a little bit and i turned back around and i saw a doll hanging on a drawer like the little rope was wrapped around her head and i un wrapped her head i got up and yelled f*ck and throw it against the wall and my brother looked up at me and just stared at me for a long time i felt like hugging him so i walked over there but when i got there he killed him self and just disappeared out of thin air he was gone and my cousin dd (his ex) just kept saying he was a lost cause anyway i looked at her and i had an eraser the ones for dry erase boards and i said flame (my bro) was not a lost cause and i throw the eraser towards the wall and ran off crying out of the room and i yelled teddy teddy (my boyfriend) and he was on my bed laying down and i said teddy and i got on the bed and got on top him and i was crying and crying and i said teddy flame died and he looked shocked then i woke up with tears going down my cheeks like i was crying what does my dream mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

At the beginning of the dream I was with a guy I don't even know though we talk occasionally on msn.
I dreamt we were somewhat lovers, and we were in school, watching performances, and just sitting together.
It was really... nice, considering I have a boyfriend whom I dont feel connected with.
Being with this guy, made me feel happy, and gave me that feeling of love that was long lost.

After my mother and I had a new house with a long walk way, our house was guarded with a fence, and I was cleaning the whole patio with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because there was water stains on the patio.

Then my mother and eye walked in to the entrance to our new garden, it was very big. We looked up at the sky and I saw a rainbow, but there were dark broke clouds aswell, like it was something from space.

Then that image changed to something like.. weird and I woke up.

Could anyone explain this...?

Example: What does it mean when i'm smoking writing utensils in my dreams?

I have dreamt about smoking erasers, pencils, pen nibs, etc.
I think i'm going crazy... what is going on!?!?!?!?!?

Example: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Telekinesis?

I had this dream that I kept moving a pencil/eraser towards me and away from me on this huge desk thingy. A lot of people were watching but only a couple thought that it was cool or strange. What does it mean (like, about your feelings or personality) when you dream about that?

Example: What does my dream mean?

My boyfriend had a dream that i had a brown paper bag and i took an eraser and atarted erasing the bag and the bag wasnt actually brown, it was white, what could this mean?

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