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Dream About Entering Hell Fire meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in hell n I saw the devil. He was burning me n I told him " you burning me & STOP ." He start to laugh @ me. It really burn inside n outside of my body. The hell look like fire, burn, too many bad people & too many little devil people. The dream was not cute @ all. When I woke up my body burn inside n out like crazy. What does this dream mean?

it maybe like this
devil laugh to you because he catch you to enter the hell with him; as he being happy when he take out our dad & mum form the heaven...
when saw the hell it could be positive in which ( find a guidance at the fire) as prophet Moses fond and listen to god words whe he saw the fire, also fire is a source of light and guidance ...
in which burning your body inside and outside that mean there is something let you have sin and burning mean you have cleansing from the sins or you are still in the sin and you don't think about

the important part< I think ...as burning continue to the end of the dream you have three choices, because the dream is not fixed thing for rest of the life:
- continue your burning by doing sins
- finishing or accelerate your cleansing by improving your self, your inner part and outside, no one came first each one complet the other
- start thinking of cleansing and going in it

now I remmember that laughing in the dream mean the oppisite, so the devil will not be happy for you if you were cleansing your self>>in the beging I sayed "he catch you to enter the hell">>> could it be the two thing>>mmmmmmm

first devil burning you >>>he catch you
than.. he laugh when you where burning >> you have cleansing and he heat that for you so it mean sad for him :)
did I say it right ?!
one more thing all we have sins and all we should fight to win and the three point out there could be also for us...

Example: What does my dream mean?

->so in my dream im walking with my daughter in a parking lot waiting for some old friends, and i see them enter their car and leave. Than im walking down the parking lot and i see my friend nick with a couple of his friends and some girl and he asks me if i wana go to this movie program thing and we go (he than begins to hold my hand)! Than it jumps and im in my moms apartment and i have this baby bull and its running all around and than it starts coming tordes me and i pull its Horne's and it turns into this big blue demon and i run into my moms restroom and my moms in their and im trying to talk to her, and it opens the door and looks at me like im warning you and than i open the door accidentally hit it(as a baby bull) with the door and it turns to that demon again and sets my mom and i on fire but we turn out! can anyone tell me what it means please

Example: What does my dream mean? *Dream about eating worms...* yuck!?

Alright so I don't remember why I was eating the worms but I just was. I was eating and eating and it didn't seem like I liked it. (no duh) but at the last bite or two I think the worms starting moving. I got grossed out and started to bite the rest off. ( i dont know why i didn't just spit it all out.) So after I bit off the rest the worm parts they fell to the floor and were still moving below my feet. and thats all I remember... Oh! and i think my mom was there too.. Dunno if this helps but i am a female

Example: HELPPPPP PLEASEE...anybody knows what this dream means?

I was walking in a dark alleyway with a clown by my side but he was very short...like a dwarf. he kept smiling at me but very freakily and it was kinda scary anyway we arrived at this huge door that was painted red and white written on it "HALLABALOO" ...when we entered the clown changed into a baby and still had the same smile...and i woke up...wat the hell does this mean?

Example: I had a dream about the devil and god, what does this mean.?

In my dream, I am entering into this huge cathedral. In the front, the ground is open and fire and red is coming out and the devil is talking, but i cant understand, like he wants me to come, and then on top is light and shining bright white light with rays coming out and i hear soft singing.

I am wet from rain, and i am walking slowly to the front. then i feel a hand on my shoulder, but dont turn around. then i wake up. what does this mean?

Example: What do you think of this dream? what does it mean?

About a week ago, I dreamed I was a middle-aged white man, wearing a dark pinstriped suit and carrying a briefcase. I entered a tall building, and asked a white woman, also wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, which elevator I should take. She pointed to a wall and said, "The elevators are over there". So I entered one, the doors closed, and it immediately went down, without my pushing any buttons. I noticed. it only had one button going up, to the second floor, and it disappeared. The elevator kept going down, and I wondered if I was going to hell. Finally it stopped, the doors opened, and there was this huge, cavernous room; the walls, ceiling, and floor were all huge black and green squares. A whole bunch of business people were walking fast. I thought, this couldn't be hell, because there was no fire and brimstone, and I wasn't isolated from people.

What do you guys make of this?

Example: Really scary dream, does anybody know what it could mean?

I've been having this strange dream. I had it a few years back and I never figured it out. It happened for about a month and then it just stopped. Recently I've been having it again though. It begins with me standing on a surface that looks like mars, everything is red, there is red dust blowing about and I can see on and on for what seems like forever. I just start walking until I reach this canyon with massive walls of rock on either side of me. Everything looks really scary. I keep walking and then there is this old gigantic iron gate. I enter it and hear voices immediately, and I go back to the point where the dream started except this time there are old decaying bodies along either side of me forming this odd 'trail' that I follow. It leads to this massive stadium. There is a large seven headed dog thing at the entrance that won't let me enter but theres a voice calling me inside and I feel urged to enter. The 'dog' has a crown on the head in the middle. It has only patches of fur and the rest looks like burned flesh. It's tail is a serpent and curls over it like a scorpions tail. It reaches out and strikes me and when the snake head bites me i feel pain, even though its a dream I feel like my whole body is on fire. Then the dog growls menacingly but steps aside but still watches me. I enter the stadium and I see this large shadowy figure. It looks human only featureless. It starts mumbling things that I can't understand, it's another language I guess and speaks in a low hiss and rumble pattern that is just completely creepy. Then it reaches out towards me, then I'm in this strange cage with the dog guarding me and no matter how hard I try to get out I can't. The figure is still there but it's inside the cage with me just looking at me. Then I usually wake up... What the heck is this/?

Example: I have a REALLY WIERD DREAM plz tell me what it means?

heres my i dream was standing on the edge of a cliff in some building and on the other side was my parents telling me to come to them but there was only a balence beam to the other side so i started going accross and then a imp looking thing walked up to me and whispered in my ear "let me give you a little shove and drain all your blood" and pushed me down and i fell and fell and fell and then i hit the ground but it ddnt hurt and then there was two doors one had a radiant light coming from it and the other had fires coming from it and i went into the light one and then i was shoved back and heard your not welcome here and then i was being dragged into the fire and then a hand grabbed me and helped me pull free and then i noticed a third door it was a dark light coming from it i entered it and there was a giant snowy forest and i sat down with the person who saved me and i asked what can i do to repay you and it said go back into your world...and sing the sorrow

Example: What did my terrifying dream mean?

Last night i had an extremely scary dream! It happened after i had woken up at exactly 4am and went back to bed. I was at my dads house (in the dream, in reality i was asleep at my mums) and three guys were outside my house and then 2 were suddenly inside my house and i was scared, but did nothing. They were both upstairs and i stayed downstairs. In the dream i specifically saw that it was 4:10pm. One of the men was called Dustin or Dunstan (i dont know anyone with this name and i don't know why i knew they were called that). I remember seeing the knife block we have in our kitchen and taking out the largest knife but i was too scared to kill them. I was then without the knife and while looking for it, i found strange objects that could harm but not kill them, like pliers and hundreds of colourful nail scissors. I then thought about whether to set the house on fire and kill myself along with them. After this came a following dream where a boy who likes me but i dont like him had wrote a letter to a friend about how he was in love with another beautiful girl and almost took her virginity. I was really angry and began stirring a classmates yellow risotto! The boy later told me it was about his ex-girlfriend sophie.
Sorry it was so long, im just so confused! I am very stressed and nervous lately and i'm having strange, abstract dreams very often. I would appreciate any help or feedback! Thanks:)

Example: Speaking of interpreting dreams, I have a recurrent one. Meaning anyone?

I don't know that it's anything, but I do have a recurrent dream, frequently enough that I remember details, of this guy, a cowboy, who is always sitting on my couch when I enter the room. He is wearing a cowboy hat, boots and jeans, and he smells like leather. The smell is overpowering, but it's more something that I sense than actually smell. I am always surprised to find him in my apartment, but then I feel as though I have known him a very long time. I have no idea who this person is, and I can never see his face. Truly, I don't have a clue. Thought you might. Thanks!

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