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Dream About Elementary School meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of returning to your old primary/elementary school and exploring it?

It was as though I had the opportunity to explore my primary/elementary that I attended when I was a kid. It was very vivid and detailed. The school hallway looked as I remembered them with a few minor differences. For example they used to have this very small fish tank with axolotls (aka Mexican walking fish) at the reception desk. But in my dream they had a HUGE tank with all kinds of fish.

On the reception desk I also noticed a collection of year books and so I was about to sit down and have a look in that book to see myself in there with my class mates. But I got distracted by the fact that some of my present day colleagues/students were also there too! It seemed that this was a location that they congregated in during school breaks.

Any thoughts?

It means Freddy Kreuger is about to find you and slice you up.

it means there is a part of your life you are not ready to let go. However it may not be exactly what you are dreaming of... it could be something in your life now that you cannot let go of...I have no idea what it would be. Only you can figure that out... However the fact that you are also dreaming of present day thing with the past..means that..even if you are not ready to move on... circumstances whether you want them to or not...will make you move on.. moving on in life is inevitable...you cannot live in the past forever.

unless you can stop time... which you can't.

Example: What does it mean to dream with your Elementary school bully?

I used to be bullied back in Elementary school by this boy. I haven't seen him in 20 years. I never think about him.

I had a dream a of him today that I had just arrived home, and he was inside my house. I told him I would call the police, and began telling him to leave.

Why would I dream that?

Example: What does this dream mean? (School shooting)?

I was learning in "anatomy" (we were in anatomy class, which I signed up for next year, but we weren't actually learning anatomy, just random information) when the intercom came on and the lady said "We have a code red! Everyone report to the office! There is someone threatening the whole country/district we live in itself." My friend, who I have known since elementary school, got up and started running, and he was leading people. I screamed for him to wait up, he hardly did. I ran into the office with my blue binder (literature and history binder. Those are my two favorite subjects, and I don't know why I brought my binder with me) and took cover under a table. Then the walls around us morphed into glass, and somehow I lost my cover under the table. There were two younger guys, in their twenties, and they said "ALRIGHT. WE ARE GONNA SHOOT, AND IF YOU MOVE, YOU'L GET SHOT TWICE." Then they started riding around the glass in this jeep and shot the giant windows surrounding the office. Weird thing is, during a lockdown, we never go to the office. We stay in our classrooms. It's like this situation was too serious for a classroom. Then I woke up. By the way, I'm a junior in high school. And before I went to bed last night, I was reading about home invasions & burglaries. I'm not sure how it turned into a school shooting.

Example: What does it mean to have lots of your dreams in elementary schools?

right now im 16 in highschool

Example: Help Interpret my dream! Elementary School...?

Since I was in High School probably my last year, until now...I'm 26. I've been having dreams on and off (about 1 every 6 mths or so) about my elementary school. Usually in the dream I am trying to go to class and I can't find the room # or I can't find my locker combination or I'm late or something else is going wrong. Its always set in a time when I'm older than elementary age, usually I'm high school age. But it always has something going wrong and me struggling to do something that I can't seem to do but which seems so easy to me in real life. I really struggle with the meaning of this dream...please help.

Example: Recurring dream about Elementary School?

I keep having dreams about elementary school. I had some of the best times there and I miss the freedom and lack of responsibility that comes with being a child. The dream is always about Valentine's Day and how easy it was to tell a girl I liked her or something and life went on. I always looked forward to that day. Also, I was so easily impressed with things like bugs or a teacher telling me that leprechauns were real, and I even made a trap for her class for St Patrick's Day to catch one, but obviously it didn't work.

I am just curious as to why I always dream about this at least once a month? I am 22 now and happily engaged but always revert back to this "free" state of consciousness which has only been extremely awaked by the film Where the Wild Things Are.

BTW, I definitely believe that dreams are lessons for us in our waking life and I also feel that dreams always mean something, even if it is just one percent of the dream that means something, it is always a representation of your waking life state. Like the film Waking Life.

Example: Recurring dream about elementary school?

I've been having dreams about elementary school at least once a week for the past 5-6 years. I'm 21 now, so I've been out of there for a while. I never dream about high school, though.

What could this be about?

Example: Dream about going back to elementary school?

I'm a sophmore in high school, and I had a dream last night that I went back to elementary school.
In the dream, I had the same teacher I did in 4th grade, and was with the same classmates that I had back then.
We weren't children again. We were all our current age; teenagers.
What does this mean?

Example: Weird old dream from elementary school?

OK I know I've already asked about this but...I dunno I want to ask again.

OK I'm asking about a dream I had a few years ago that I still remember (don't ask how cause I don't know how).

So, it goes like this:
I was eating lunch in an old cafeteria and I was sitting next to some old friends from my old elementary school and I was drinking a soda in a cafeteria I've never seen before. I was too lazy to get up and throw the cup away to the garbage across the room so I threw it hoping it would make it in. It didn't. So my friend, Andrew, said, "You have to pick it up and throw it away you know."
I knew he was right but the cup landed on the ground upright and there was a huge cockroach on the straw and I have a big phobia of bugs. But I went to pick it up anyway. But when I was about 2 ft. away from it when the cockroach turned into an owl instantly and jump out at me. So I woke up...

Example: Elementary School Crush Dreams?

On my elementary school, there was this girl.. She was gorgeous and one of the populair kids in our class.
Then there were me and my friends, we were not so populair, but we didn't get bullied either.
Now eventhough she was way out of my league, we did talk to eachother in class, and chat on MSN, I also felt a serious connection between the both of us.
Now eversince I left elementary school, I keep getting dreams about her.. About every week, I get 2 - 3 dreams about that girl.
And when I happen to see her outside, I can't help but look at her for as long as possible, and I can see that she does the same.

Now I've been questioning myself for ages what these dreams mean, but I can't make anything out of it.
Could anyone help me why I keep having these dreams?

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