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Dream About Ego meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean!?

Okay I had a dream that I was pregnant (I'm 14 and actually not pregnant in real life) and my watert broke, but the baby came out of my mouth(you might think I'm really crazy right now but that's ny dream for you) but everyone acted like it was normal I didn't even realize it wasn't until I woke up and thought about it. So I was in my room and my mom kept saying "The maid just came"(because obviously I was going to make a mess, oh and we have no maid) and so my mom was pulling my baby from my mouth and when she got it out parts of its fingers and um private part (I'm not even trying to be gross right now, that's what happened and it was a boy) and the parts were in my mouth(again, NOT trying to be gross). Then my mom looked at my dad and said "Do you still change your mind?" And I was like gagging and he said "No." Then I woke up. What could this mean I heard all dreams mean something I'm so scared?

I am going to try and help you. First though, I'd like to try to help you, to help yourself.
Dreams come from the subconsciousness, the part of the mind in which you think things, but don't realize you are thinking them. So everything in your dream you have been thinking about in some way, but you just haven't realized it. Let me explain. The "Baby" is your alter ego. It's the part of you that thinks subconsciously. Now, you may be thinking "Wtf? I a'int no baby. I didnt come out my mums mouth!" Okay, well that may be true, but think about the baby's life. First off he is male. He came from out of your mouth, and your dad has a problem with him. The baby comes from out of you so he can disguise himself as someone else, not you, and confuse you. And you are there as a sort of template. But that baby is you. Think about how he may be feeling in his emotions. He emerges from a mouth but not all of his body comes out. This is a sign of regret. He doesn't want to, or is struggling to, come out of your mouth, so the only way for him to actually come out is to sacrifice a part of himself. Now lets put you in that position. Think about your average life. You want to do something, but are afraid you cannot. You are scared that if you do it, some people may not like you for it. But you want to do it, and yet you are scared of what they may think of you. The only way to get want you want is to tell them first, but that wont work. So you must lie. You must sacrifice the truth and let them down. In your real case, your sacrifice is the trust of your parents. Get it? The baby wants to do something (Escape from your mouth) but is afraid he cannot without sacrificing something (parts of his body). Then there is you. You want to do something (I am not sure what this is. But you are a teenager it cannot be that bad. Maybe it involves a boy. Love. I don't know.) But you are afraid you cannot without sacrificing something (The trust of your parents.) Think about every situation you are in right now. Its down to you. Something is happening in your lives that cannot go on without your parents knowing about it. See, in your dream your mother tries to take out the parts of the baby that still remain in your mouth (The fingers and his penis), or you could say she is trying to help you (the baby) by taking back those sacrifices. So in real life you imagine you cannot go through with your current situation without your parents finding out and if they do find out they will try to do anything they can to forgive you but in the end they will not. Sound familiar? Trying to forgive you and failing? "Do you still change your mind?" "No". In your dream, the sacrifices are fingers and the baby's penis. In reality the sacrifice is your parents trust. These, believe it or not, link. Fingers are used to obtain. To grab. To take. To clutch. To fiddle. And what is a penis used for? Well I don't need to go into any of this right now do I? I think you are getting the message...? Look, your 14. Your a teenager, as am I, and I know what you are going through. It's called being sexually frustrated. You crave sex. Not actual sexual intercourse, but the idea of it. The idea that if you can do it you can be like anyone else. You need sex. A boyfriend (Or maybe you have one). It doesn't matter. What I am saying is that you are going through puberty. Taking a sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Becoming curious. Growing up. Learning. Loving. We all go through it. And now you are. This is the thing you don't want your parents to know. That you are growing up. Because you know they won't be able to take it. And they will not be able to forgive you for growing up because it is an act of nature. You can't help how you feel about your sexuality anymore. And neither can they. So what have you been doing? You've been hiding it. You want my best advice? Tell them. Admit it. Admit what you have done. You want to know why the baby is coming out of your mouth? You cant get the words out of your mouth. Its like its blocking the truth from coming out. The real source, you think, is your mouth. Because with your mouth is the only way to talk about it. To admit it. So if you ask me, I say... Just admit it.

If you want to talk to me about this you can contact me on yahoo :)

- Kieran.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had this dream multiple times, I dream that im sitting in a car and nones driving, but the car just keeps going.. it doesnt crash or anything.. but it just keeps driving.. its such a scary feeling

Example: What does my dream mean?

I became an orange with no ego, care, and everything smelt like oranges with total peace.

Example: What does a car crash dream mean?

So yesterday i had an argument with my brother of some sort, and last night i had a dream about him crashing my car( which i love). my brother isn't even old enough to drive a car yet...What does this mean?

-Thanks, Skatechurro.

Example: Dream Meaning?

I want to see if anyone can provide some insight to my dream.

I've had a recurring dream over the last two weeks that my best friend of 14 years repeatedly kidnaps me.

In one she was a cop assigned to protect me and my sister while my husband was out of town. While showing me around her house she hit me over the head while I am not looking, knocking me out. Then did the same to my sister.

Another time she visited me at work and sprayed me and my boss with her perfume bottle causing us both to pass out.

There are others but all involve her knocking me (and whomever I'm with) out in some form or another. When I come to she is usually gone.

We do not fight at all and see each other a couple of times a week. She was the maid of honor in my wedding.

Is there any significance to being knocked unconscious in a dream? Especially by my best friend?

Thanks. JJ

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a recurring nightmare which started off ages ago,where for some reason I hit a woman I knew who I was in the same room as over the head with something heavy and killed her by mistake,in self defence.Can't remember why or what we were talking about,who she was etc.I then hid her body somewhere really obscure in a hole in the ground under a floorboard or something,where nobody would ever find it.When people asked where she was,I just kept quiet and acted like I didn't know.Nobody could find her anywhere so after a while all the fuss died down + nobody asked about her for ages,so I thought I was home free.Each dream is like a soap opera.Somebody finds a clue etc.Now it's at the stage where they've found her body,and knows she was murdered,but nobody knows it was me yet.I'm trying to act calm so they don't guess,but know they're going to catch me soon.Since the beginning,I've always felt terrible and wished I had admitted to it instead of hiding her body. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Can you tell me what my dream means?
I was at school and I was in lunch. All we had for lunch was cereal it was weird.(That's not really important but it was in my dream) I went to a table and I was there and this girl that likes me was sitting next to me. At first some other girl was sitting there and then the girl that likes me took her place. It was weird because we were all having a good time I was happy. Then she asked me if I liked her and thats where it ended.
Can anyone help me figure out what this means?

Example: What does dreaming about twins mean?

Today i had a dream about having twin babies mysteriously i hung out with a friend i haven't seen in and couldn't help but wonder his 5 year old twin nieces what a coincidence that i dream about twins and end up meeting this twin littel girls. what does this mean

Example: Dream meaning, weird im 15?

ok well i was at a hotel with my mom, we got on the elevator and wanted to go to floor two, but it missed it and went to the last floor which was nine. more people came in this time, and then we finally came to two, the other people asked me two press two before bc they were going there too...
what does this mean, and what do the numbers mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, over the course of the night, while I was sleeping, I had four different dreams. I'm pretty sure none of them have anything to do with eachother, but I can't figure out what they mean.

1.) I was on a field trip with my Spanish class. I'm pretty sure we were in Florida. (I live in Ohio). I was sitting by this huge, calm lake. Then I was in my class. My teacher was asking if someone hadn't seen something, and my friend said he hadn't seen the lake. My teacher asked if anyone wanted to show him, and she picked about five people, but not me.

2.) (I think I was leaving my Spanish class in this one, but I'm not sure). I was walking somewhere in the country. It was dark and the trees didn't have any leaves. I was about to sit on a bench and I saw these two little girls. They came up to me, and wanted me to come with them, so I did. Then they wanted me to ride this white horse, so I did. When I got off of it, their mother was there. I don't remember if she said anything to me, but I left after that.

3.) My family and I moved into this big, creepy house. My room was huge and had all these Victorian style lights and trim. Of all the light fixtures, I only had one light bulb, so my room was really dim. I had a huge bed in the middle, surrounded by a canopy and my walls were bright pink. I knew there was something supernatural in the house, but my dad and brother didn't believe me. I didn't like how dark it was in my room so we went to Wal Mart to get light bulbs.

4.) I was at a party with a few of my friends. For some reason, I leave with one of my friends. There's this ginger kid following us. For some reason, he dies and turns into Voldemort from Harry Potter when he does (I'm not a HP fan). After he dies, my friend and I run away. Then we're on this deck, and he's really upset and he won't tell me why. I found it extremely difficult not to wrap my arms around him and hold him while I was trying to comfort him.

Please help me figure this out. Thanks:)

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