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Dream About Eel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is my dream means about eel?

Dream about an eel coming towards me and I tried to get away.

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Example: Dreaming of eels?

I had a dream this morning where out of a puddle someone who I was with pulled a giant eel. Afterwards I noticed there were hundreds of very small eels coming out of the puddle and swarming underneath a desk I had. As well as two normal sized eels. The whole time I was very afraid of them but somehow I ended up holding the giant eel on my lap, it had grown a light fur all over it's body and I was stroking like one would a cat, until it fell asleep. For some reason this vivid dream struck a chord with me and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the significance of it...

Example: Dream about an eel What does it mean.?

I had a dream that i was fishing and i had a big bit i usely don't fish so its kinda weird. I caught a fish but as i brought it in right be for it got to me the line broke i didn't see what was on the line, then a few seconds later this huge black spoted light blue eel swam by and was looking at me, then it come out of the water alittle bit and swam away

Example: I had a dream that I caught an eel in Wisconsin. What does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning: Black seals & eels?

I had a dream that I was standing in the sea, and an old friend (with a different personality, he was more cheerful whereas normally he's extremely irritating lol) had his arms around me.
Suddenly I noticed a huge amount of eels swimming towards me and they were spinning, I immediately thought I was going to be attacked. They made me think of a dead eel I saw on the beach when I was a child.
Then when they came above the water they were actually black seals with puppy eyes, and I had to look at them three times and then touch them to know they were real.
That's it. I really want to know what this dream means!

Example: Last night i dreamed of a black Eel what does it mean?

I don't really remember the dream that much and it may sound kind of weird but i dreamed of a black eel and it was bigger then the average but i was taking a shower and all of a sudden this black eel pops up and tries to attack me so i run from and it chases me through otu my whole dream it seemed like it was focused on biting me. anyway thats all i remember what does that mean if anyone have an answer or an idea please let me know

Example: What does this dream mean ?

ok in brief here is my dream , never had it before but it's only one that has me puzzled ...
i am floating down a blue river it looks like blue paint i am asleep on a lilo in the back of a van , the river has eels , ducks and lillypads and all around me is huge green trees i suddenly awoke hearing my dads voice but he doesnt live with me , can anyone help me work this one out many thanks

Example: I had a dream of Eel's.What does this mean? Please answer :) :) :)?

I had a dream that I was like in shallow water and there were about 5 eels there,swimming around.I jumped out before I got stung though.

Whats the meaning? Id like serious answers:) Thanksss

Example: I had a big eel in my dream?

okay so last night i dreamt of an eel in my cousin's house eating other fish...i could feel it at my ankle but i dont think it wanted to eat me...and then i found myself in a room sitting on the ground and there were ppl sitting opposite of me lined up against the wall like some type of game show...
names were floating up above my head but i was scared to look at them b/c the ppl sitting across from me kept staring at me so i continued to stare at them...
then a lady announced that two ppl had to go home. my ex and his friend...when my ex left i hugged him and he didnt say a word...

i left my tv on mtv last night so i know no game shows were on...but...?...
what do either of these mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night, I dreamt I was walking in my backyard, with grey skies above me that lightly dressed me with drizzles of rain. As I was walking, I noticed this creature that resembled an eel was lying on the grass. It started me, because I thought it was a snake so I tried to back away from it slowly. The creature than stood tall on it's belly like a cobra and revealed razor sharp teeth. I tried to run away, but the gray-eel like python trailed me, evading through the gas and leap up and latch onto my back! I tried pulling it off, but it's teeth caused it to latch on. I remember being terrified, screaming for help but no one helping me.

Somehow, I managed to pry it's teeth off of me and threw the hideous creature on the grass. I tried running away but once again, it latched on to me. Once again, I felt terrified but realized that this creature will only latch on what's closest to it that's moving. I spotted my neighbor's dog, Winston, a yorkie and pulled the creature off and threw it at him and as Winston started to move, the creature latched on to him and his body flipped around in attempt to rid him of the eel.

I ran instead of the house, feeling sorrowful for Winston, but grateful that I was safe. In my home, then got bit by a spider twice, causing my leg to turn numb...

So what could this all mean?

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