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Dream Examples

Example: Dreaming of dolphins all the time ?what do they mean .?

they are jumping up and i am petting them.

I Am Curious about the Dolphin Dream Symbol
by Richard Wilkerson, Dream Educator

Question: I am curious about the symbolism of dolphins. I often have dreams about water and water creatures, such as whales and other sea-life. But one summer I had a dream where I was playing with dolphins and having so much fun. In my dream I am lying on my back on the floor of my living room with my arms crossed over my chest. I feel myself transforming into a dolphin, my arms melting into my body, my body gliding in the water. I woke up having the sense that I would have become the dolphin if the dream had continued. I was terrified but also felt seduced by the feeling of my metamorphosis into this other creature. It was so real that some part of me still believes I would not be here as a human if I hadn't awaken when I did. Do dolphin dreams mean something special?
Dolphin dreams are not only quite common, but usually quite delightful for the dreamer. Although the particular meaning of your dream will be unique to you, some examples of dolphin symbolism through history may enrich the dream image.

Not only are dreams, dolphins and dissolving a part of the symbolic grouping of the Greek god Dionysos, but there are found dolphin and dream stories throughout Western history. Dolphins are found in many grouping of the gods, including Apollo, Poseidon and Athena. Generally speaking, the dolphin is seen by the ancient Greeks as a guide to worlds unknown.

It doesn't escape observation that since dolphins keep people from sinking too deeply into the sea in waking life, that they can also do the same in dreams. The exploration of the boundaries of what it means to be human and non-human are commonly mediated by dolphins.

Researcher Trisha Lamb Feuerstein has been studying the connection between dolphins and dreams for years and has noted several interesting themes. One is that dolphins will often communicate they will *always* be there to protect the dreamer. One dreamer reported dreams of dolphins (and whales) when she is going through a crisis and finds they soothe and calm her.

This kind of communication is often reported as deep, wordless, telepathic, profound, reassuring and anciently wise. It can extend to other deeply moving experiences which can put the dreamer in contact with a deep spiritual nature. Awakening from these dreams is often described as serene, peaceful, happy, energized and blissful.

In some of the dreams, the dreamers become a dolphin and feel what it is like to have a dolphin body, but not usually dolphin consciousness. They are accepted as a member of the dolphin social group and invited to return.

Dolphins seem to emerge for humans in countless forms and offer us many opportunities. Dream dolphins allow us to feel connected to the world of nature and spirit, and can guide us into waters that would normally be to deep for us to travel.

For more on dreams and dolphins, visit the Trisha Feuerstein's Cetaceous Creatures Site:
Dolphins, Whales, and Dreamtime, A Research Report by Trisha Lamb Feuerstein (San Francisco, CA: DreamGate Publications, 1996)

About the Author:
Richard Wilkerson is general editor for The Internet Dream E-zine, Electric Dreams, and director of DreamGate, the Internet Communications and Dream Education Center. He writes the Cyberphile column for the Association for the Study of Dreams Newsletter.

Originally published 2/20/98
Revised 04/27/2009 by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

Example: Can you please tell me what this dream means?


I was riding on the Mayflower
When I thought I spied some land
I yelled for Captain Arab
I have yuh understand
Who came running to the deck
Said, "Boys, forget the whale
We're goin over yonder
Cut the engines
Change the sail
Haul on the bowline"
We sang that melody
Like all tough sailors do
When they are far away at sea

"I think I'll call it America"
I said as we hit land
I took a deep breath
I fell down, I could not stand
Captain Arab he started
Writing up some deeds
He said, "Let's set up a fort
And start buying the place with beads"
Just then this cop comes down the street
Crazy as a loon
He throws us all in jail
For carryin' harpoons

Ah me I busted out
Don't even ask me how
I went to get some help
I walked by a Guernsey cow
Who directed me down
To the Bowery slums
Where people carried signs around
Saying, "Ban the bums"
I jumped right into line
Sayin', "I hope that I'm not late"
When I realized I hadn't eaten
For five days straight

I went into a restaurant
Lookin' for the cook
I told them I was the editor
Of a famous etiquette book
The waitress he was handsome
He wore a powder blue cape
I ordered some suzette, I said
"Could you please make that crepe"
Just then the whole kitchen exploded
From boilin' fat
Food was flying everywhere
And I left without my hat

Now, I didn't mean to be nosy
But I went into a bank
To get some bail for Arab
And all the boys back in the tank
They asked me for some collateral
And I pulled down my pants
They threw me in the alley
When up comes this girl from France
Who invited me to her house
I went, but she had a friend
Who knocked me out
And robbed my boots
And I was on the street again

Well, I rapped upon a house
With the U.S. flag upon display
I said, "Could you help me out
I got some friends down the way"
The man says, "Get out of here
I'll tear you limb from limb"
I said, "You know they refused Jesus, too"
He said, "You're not Him
Get out of here before I break your bones
I ain't your pop"
I decided to have him arrested
And I went looking for a cop

I ran right outside
And I hopped inside a cab
I went out the other door
This Englishman said, "Fab"
As he saw me leap a hot dog stand
And a chariot that stood
Parked across from a building
Advertising brotherhood
I ran right through the front door
Like a hobo sailor does
But it was just a funeral parlor
And the man asked me who I was

I repeated that my friends
Were all in jail, with a sigh
He gave me his card
He said, "Call me if they die"
I shook his hand and said goodbye
Ran out to the street
When a bowling ball came down the road
And knocked me off my feet
A pay phone was ringing
It just about blew my mind
When I picked it up and said hello
This foot came through the line

Well, by this time I was fed up
At tryin' to make a stab
At bringin' back any help
For my friends and Captain Arab
I decided to flip a coin 
Like either heads or tails
Would let me know if I should go
Back to ship or back to jail
So I hocked my sailor suit
And I got a coin to flip
It came up tails
It rhymed with sails
So I made it back to the ship

Well, I got back and took
The parkin' ticket off the mast
I was ripping it to shreds
When this coastguard boat went past
They asked me my name
And I said, "Captain Kidd"
They believed me but
They wanted to know
What exactly that I did
I said for the Pope of Eruke
I was employed
They let me go right away
They were very paranoid

Well, the last I heard of Arab
He was stuck on a whale
That was married to the deputy
Sheriff of the jail
But the funniest thing was
When I was leavin' the bay
I saw three ships a-sailin'
They were all heading my way
I asked the captain what his name was
And how come he didn't drive a truck
He said his name was Columbus
I just said, "Good luck".

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having dreams that I am unable to have children. I'm not pregnant and I don't intend to be for a while. What does it mean?

Example: Where should you start if your dream is to become a movie editor?

This year I am going to be a senior, and I'm definitely going to college(university most likely). The problem I was having is after my first 2 years of core classes, what do I major in. At first I wanted to make commercials, then i wanted to be in digital arts creating the monsters you see in movies like harry potter. Finally i thought most of these thing have to do with television and movies so how about a movie editor. So right now i have no idea how to do that, and what colleges provide the education i need to get there. please help, my future is at stake (unless i change my mind ,again)

Example: Always dreamed of working for the ny times or be an editor for a magazine.. How to get into this business?

I am starting grade 12 in a few weeks and have been trying to get my life together ASAP because time flies and I know that before I know it, I will be graduating (very scary thought for me). I feel that English is a very strong subject for me in school. I'm not too sure what to study in university in order to become an editor or anything relatable to that occupation. Wondering if someone could help me out? Please and thanks!

Example: Should I switch schools, when I have an opportunity to be Debate President and Editor of the school newspaper?

I'm a typical, college-oriented high school freshman. Next year, a new high school will be opening in closer to my home. My school system allows out of boundaries enrollment, so I am able to choose which high school that I attend. At my current school, I have the opportunities to become president of the debate team next year, as well as editor of the school paper. I'm not sure what school to attend- after all, my best chances of getting into my dream school (Notre Dame) lie within my current school, but I may be able to rank higher in my high school at the new school. I may be able to open new clubs at the new high school, which would mean I have a better chances of leadership roles, which I know that all universities like to see.
So what should I do? Stick with the school I know that I have opportunities in, or go with the unknown, that may better me in the end? HELP!

Example: Can anyone help me with a dream interpretation?

I had a dream that I was pregnant and I kept feeling a sort of itching or tingeling in my throat, so i stuck my fingers down my throat and pulled out a spider. I did it again and again and kept pulling out one spider every time.
Is there something I should know from this dream and what could it mean? Please help. I am a bit freaked out about it.

Example: Book editor/ publisher as a career?

I'm creating a powerpoint that teaches about a career as a book publisher. I need all the info I can get, especially what it pays.
Also, is there a difference between book editor and book publisher? Or are they the same?
Give me what you know or a good site.

Example: What qualifications do you need for a music video editor?

i want to do music video editing :)
what sort of courses or qualifications do i need to take ?
and what else does it involve?

i would also like to be a msuc video/film director/producer
what do these involve?

Example: Could anyone tell me how to find editors for my novel?

I almost finished from writing my novel, an I'm so excited to publish the book, but befor, I need to edit this book by an editor, after I edit it by myself, and the problem is that I don't know any editor yet, and I don't know how to find any of them, what could I do? Could anyone help that debut writer who wanted to do his dream? I mean me. (Please)

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