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Dream About Ebay meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i just woke up and remember my weird dream..
i was milking a cow and when i saw the milk it was green. then wen i tasted the milk it tasted i fainted. when i woke up i went to mcdonalds and bought a bigmac. whe n iate the big mac i fainted again. so wen i woke up again i drank more of the green milk... my friend came over and drank it too and we both fainted.. when we woke up we both ate a big mac and fainted again... then the tooth fairy came to us and said HI... so we auctioned the green milk on ebay... bill gates saw this milk and put a bid for 1billion dollars... and then i woke up


nobody knows what dreams mean that's why they can be interpreted differently. But my opinion is you keep trying new things or different ways of the same thing to accomplish a sucessful life or track to that road. But you keep giving up or failing...And the rest might be your imagination & you saw bill gates on tv or ebay. and wish it was easy asgetn a billion dollas that quick (: hope i helped

Example: What does this dream mean? (crickets and baby rats)?


I need help interpreting this dream I had a few nights ago. I dreamed I had sold some crickets on eBay (for gerbil food). I was late mailing them, and was wrapping them to mail. There was a hole in the bag the crickets were in. So, they got out and started hopping around my arms, and biting me. As I stepped back trying to brush off the crickets, I looked down. Too late I had stepped on a baby furless rat(for feeding snakes). I was woken up then from my dream by my cats scratching the door to have their breakfast. Anyways can you help me figure out what it meant? I know dreams sometimes don't mean much, but this one seemed so real and vivid.

Future Pet Vet

Example: Dream book?

i need some help finding a book that tell u what dreams mean wich is a good book that is right for me?

Example: Do these dreams I'm having mean I'm accepting my sexuality?

Okay so growing up I was always attracted to guys and so even though I knew I was gay I wasn't as accepting of it yet. I used to have dreams of having sex with women, or not exactly sex full blown, but I knew before I woke up that is what it would have ended up being. So I came out 3 months ago and so obviously I'm accepting my sexuality a little more. I rarely EVER EVER dream about anything or else I don't remember. The last couple of days I've just been dreaming very detailedly (i know that's not a word but i don't know how else to say it) and I've been able to retain it more where I could actually remember it. It's been about being in a relationship with a guy, one was about meeting his mom and just hanging out. The other one was we were walking as friends and then I just started holding his hand and leaning my head on his arm, and he didn't stop me, and then we were just walking through the streets at night and then i had to go home, so i hugged him and he said he loved me. Does this mean I'm accepting my sexuality more?

*Please no rude comments about me going to hell or that homosexuality is wrong, I've heard it all before*

Example: So what could this dream mean?

I had this crazy dream last night that I wrote to Britney Spears and asked her if I could have one of her wigs. I explained that to her, sending me her wig would be a drop in the bucket but if I could auction it on ebay, I would get out of debt. Well, she sent me one of her wigs and I got rich when I sold it...LOL

Example: What can this dream mean?

I had a really crazy dream last night.

I dreamt that I had a baby girl, and that I really really loved her, but I was finding it slightly difficult to get to grips with being a new mother (as I imagine all new mothers would).
In the dream I went to the shop to buy baby supplies, and when I came back, my little girl was gone. I asked my mother where she was, and my mother told me that she had sold my baby on ebay! For £19,571. I was really angry, of course, and told my mother that it was horrible. Mother said it will help pay off her morgatage. Then, for some strange reason, I got angry that she was keeping the money and tried to persuade her to give me £9000. She didn't want to at all, but in the end I persuaded her too and she promised to give me the money when it came through.
Then I went to the new family where my baby was. They had a big banner with the name they had named my baby girl and were throwing a party to welcome her. I took a picture of the banner, and took a picture of a baby who *wasn't* my little girl. The baby was in a pram.

It was weird, because even though Im a 19 year old girl - Im not motherly at all. Infact, I really, really quite dislike children, and don't plan to have any (if at all) before I am 25.

What can my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So last month I rejected my friend, Jason, I felt really bad about it, but I just didn't like him more than a friend, and now he's ignoring me and i'm bothered (backround info, not the dream)
okay so my dream was this:
I really liked this guy names Albert (i dint even know an Albert in real life. Appearently he's Jason's friend, but I've never seen/met him), who was also Jason's best friend in the dream. But he had a gf, and I told him that he shouldn't break u p with his gf cuz of me cuz I don't want her to get mad at me. But he REALLY wanted to. And I really really liked him a lot but I just didn't want him to do it because it wasn't "meant to be" (aaaah I've been playing too mich sims 3 haha)
and then it was first block and I realized I had NOTHING in my backpack, no binder, no books, nothing! So I faked being sick to the nurse and just about when she was about to sen me home I looked on my scheduel and I had a "mall" period lmao, which meant a free block where a limo would be sent to our class to go to the mall rofl! If only that dream was real! So then I said nvm and that I immediately feel better than all my school supplies reappeared in my bag. So I headed back to the "mall" waiting room (the school looked waaaaaaay different) and people were just waiting around and then I spotted my two close friends!
Then one of my close friends, Alex, who a lot of people think is gay (in real life), goes up to me and says "IM NOT GAY!" and I say "I never said you were, not that it even matters" then he goes up to me and says "I'll shows you" then he gives me a squezing hug an then this random girl (who is a friend of a friend of a friend who've I've never met) says "looking good, babe" at me.
I don't even know anymore lol
what is this supposed to mean? Ahhhhh!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well I was with my best friend and 2 other random girls in my class and this guy that's in my school that my other best friend likes and well we were in my schools play ground and i dont know why but i gave the guy a kiss on the cheek cause he said something sweet. Then he put his arm around my waist and we got really close cause well it was cold. And then the song Raindrops by:Bei Meajor started playing. And then it ended... I think!

BTW; Its a really good songg.
You should listen to it... :)

Example: Dreaming of tiny diamonds what does it mean?

I dreamt I was with a group of girls one wanted tiny diamonds like 2mm i told her she could get them on ebay for really cheap and she seemed to have some in her hair or something that looked like them i said i knew a good gem dealer who had proper ones.

Example: Should I buy my dream pair of sneakers on ebay?

Is buying shoes on ebay...risky?

Like, i mean, could the shoes have lint?

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