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Dream About Eating Contest meanings

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ok I just woke up and i had the strangest sequence of dreams that I can remember.
(i know its long please read it all)

the first part of the dream that I can remember I was riding around in a car with some friends. some of the friends were close friends and some ive never hung out with at all, but all the people in the car were people that smoke weed, me included. in the dream I was high and felt exactly like I was (I havent smoked in 4 days). then they were all at the edge of my town and me and the closest friend i have in the dream were both standing together and we saw the apocalypse happening. the sky was black and dow chemical (which is located in my town) had exploded in a giant mushroom cloud. there was a prison that doesnt exist, where a riot could be heard and all the buildings were burining. the next part of my dream I was with friends that do not smoke weed. me, my best friend, and his girlfriend were at a mall and in the mall was a room with a giant glass, vault type door. inside u could see rides and one strange door that said time machine, and another that looked like a face on a tree and i cant remember its name. we went into the tree-face door and inside it was all purple and trippy. we werent supposed to be there. it was very cramped inside, and there was a great big hill in the middle of the round room inside, and children dressed as raggedy soldiers were running around in a circle. the room was talking and saying very wise things, but I cannot remember anything it said. then the children were gone and tree told us to travel down a tunnel i couldnt see at first. my friend and his girlfriend were stuck in the tree; they couldn't see the tunnel/exit, but they were happy there. when I got outside I was in a new place entirely. it was a picnic and someone was talking on a stage. i do not know who. i was very very happy and I sat down at a table and ate. at a table next to mine, my dead grandpa was sitting with many others who looked like him. I never knew my grandfather, he died when I was 1, but my father says I described his mannerisms perfectly. there was a winner of a contest announced, and my grandpa won. everyone clapped but i clapped the loudest, and when I did he saw me. he gave me a very loving and happy, yet inquisitive look, like he was seeing me for the first time. then i awoke

Does this dream mean that Im going to die?

That was a weird dream maybe your grandpa was visiting you, no you won't die

Example: Will the dream deal w/ its meaning. I'm so depressed now. HELP!?

In a dream I was watching a beauty contest, with all around people are my family, and then it turns out (idk why) all dead bodies are on the table (idk whose bodies were that, but in the dream I guess those were of the girls in the contest. And those bodies were red like burnt). And the most F__ing Sh__t part was that I had eaten them before I knew it (idk why I could do it, I in the dream I kinda knew it human) arrrrr... and I couldn't believe I did it... That's just so gross... ewwwww
I'm so depressed now. Will it happen? Why do I still remember it?

Example: American idol dreams?

i want to be a singer...sorry i meant i NEED to be a singer. Its what im supposed to be doing in my life. When im in school i think about singing. when i eat lunch im thinking about making American idol season 12. when im in the shower i sing. when im at home i look in the mirror and act out how i will audition for the show. I write some music. when i sleep i dream about singing. its just who i am. I love singing so much i cant even concentrate in school anymore. The thought of being on American idol is just amazing. I want a little girl or boy to look up to me as a role model. I want a little girl to be a fan of me and say she wants to be just like me when shes 16 like its just more then the fame and money to me. Its having people enjoy me singing and enjoying the experience of taking this trip to becoming a singer. i want to be known for this. My friends think im to young to be thinking this way but i beg to differ. my family thinks its an unrealistic dream..but i just want to prove them wrong but like i just thrive to do singing. even the simple words singing and dream big make me get goose bumps i am not willing to do anything else except for singing its the only option i want to make in life i have no fascination in school or anything because i love love love singing. when im sad i sing. when im happy i sing. no matter what im doing i pretty much thinking of singing...i dont understand why people think im doing wrong in wanting to do so.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have been having a dream for sometime now. It involes me walking around the neighboorhood in which I live, with a person I am attracted to. Then a strange boy I have never seen walks up and tell me I am a winner in the local bachelor. I go to the site of the contest, which happens to be my friends old house, and then I see the bachelor a friend of mine. He leans into kiss me but I make him kiss my cheek, I am only the runner up. My good friend is the actual winner and he turns to kiss her with a passion. When I mean passion, I mean eat your face off passion. Then I wake up. I must note that I have no none nada feelings for the man playing the bachelor

Example: What does this mean in a dream..?

I was in a stariwell. I saw this girl about 8 years old and started to walk down the stairs. she was following me, so I went faster. then it turned into a game about how far I can go down the stairs before she catches up to me, so I started to jump a few stairs, but she was catching up to me fast. I decided it was better if I didn't jump stairs and just went down normally really fast, but I looked back and she was cheating. she was going through the middle part of the stairs and sometimes going normally. I stopped and she stopped and then she started to head back up the stairs, I followed her, after a while she took me to this place that was in the stairwell where a guy she knew was eating and other people were also, it looked like a judges table. she asked for some food and I did also, I got pancakes and onion rings. what does my dream mean..?

Example: High School Popularity Dream?

Last night I dreamt that I was back in high school (I graduated a few years ago) and I was introduced to the popular people and became friends with all of them. They were all really nice and friendly and I couldn't believe that I judged them before. In one part, we all sat in a big white room with a long table and ate lunch there while everyone else ate in the lunchroom. I was accepted with them and worried about which jacket I should wear b/c "I'm popular now and I can't wear the same clothes I used to wear".

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was eating chocolates. Then after the chocolates left I was in a hotel, but it wasn't, but it was, but it wasn't. Then I was in a beauty contest Then I started to pose because there were cameras and lights. Then everyone started pointing at my fat stomach and laughing. Then I jumped in a bowl of chocolate. Then I woke up feeling to fat for my own dream...

Example: What does my dream mean and how do i have it again?

I can't really remember how it started but i was in this restaurant and i was sitting next to my boyfriend and across from me was one of our parents i can't remember. We were being served a rediculous amount of food and yet no one was really eating anything. Then my boyfriend had to leave to go to school... In my dream i didn't know where he went to school. I sat in the restaurant with our parents all day and apparently i didn't need to go to school. I'd sit there and wait until he'd come back hours later. then it seemed like he left after five minutes and that repeated a couple times. I got mad and i left the restaurant and i appeared in a house. I walked up the stairs and i saw my boyfriend sleeping. A smiled and stared at him and his father was standing right there. I turned around and looked out the window then i turned back around and my boyfriend was standing there. Then he said 'I have to go back to school' and disappeared. I stood there then i got mad and left too.

Example: Can anybody figure what my dream may mean?

Okay for starters I remember a little of my first dream so I will just put it in to see if it help:
We were rolling like these HUGE balls as aa contest( i forgot what it was for) and my team color was red. I also had to fix the ball thingy when it popped while all my team sat there. Also I ate a strawberry;)

The second dream is longer so here we go:
We are staying at this place with a lake and forest. The owner guy brings us in a car type thing with roller coaster over head thingy buckles.. He brought us to the lake and dumped us in and we turned into like fish or something. Then a couple minutes later im human again and we are in this tribe thing and they are coming to kill us (so maybe its like a war?) The things trying to kill us are something like voldmort from the harry potter series, these golblins, and this janitor guy. (and NO I havent been watching HP ) So basically I risked my life so all my family and friends could be safe. Once they finally killed me off I walked around as a ghost looking for my mom.

OH YEAH, I forgot one thing. At the beach thing snakes would coome out and go back in the sand.

I also have a dream in that same location like 2-3 times a year.

Example: What does this horrible nightmare mean? I was eaten alive by worms.?

Some kind of worm (sized and looking like an ant larva) and an earwig were in my room.
I challenged the earwig: "I bet you can't beat the worm!", hoping they'd kill each other to save me trouble.
The earwig left the room, and I sat on my bed, wondering what would happen. I was thinking: "Perhaps he's bringing more? Well, I'll just see."
Five minutes later, a swarm of earwigs went into my room and chased the worm, which was backed up by hundreds of other worms. The worms suddenly looked somewhat bloody, and my room became dark with unpleasant artificial lights.
The worms sucked the insides of the earwigs out, leaving only the carcass behind.
Then I decided I should flee out of the room and get some help, but I tripped because I felt something stinging in my feet.
Suddenly, I the worms started biting me all over my body. Every bit felt like being stung by a bee. They were locked on my body and I was unable to remove them. I started tasting blood in my mouth and my body felt icy, and when they started eating my face I woke up, and I didn't sleep at all anymore that night. Now I seem to panic whenever I see an insect.

What does this horrible nightmare mean? What can I do about this inconvenient fear of insects?

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