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Dream About Easter Eggs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
So I was at school (Im in sixth going to seventh) And all the grade from K-6 were outside and then there were gunshots And everyone started running. (thereis only about 200 kids in my school we dont have halls we were on the playground) And these really big like army guys started catching the kid (there was a really dark overcast) and putting them in these big military trucks and i was hiding on the top of a bathroom stall and (it seemed like hours later) this guy came in he stared at me and I said "your gonna get me anyway so im just going to come down" and then i went to the handicap stall and i picked up a baby that looked about 2. and then i got in the truck with the baby and i was next to my bff nicole and then idk what happened but me,her,and my grandma we in the back of the school behind the classrooms and for some reason the was a gate between the wire fence (my grandparents live down the street) and it was really late at night and we walked to the house and then we got there and explained thing to my grandparents and nicole and i were freaking out and then we all looked at each other and then i woke up. (there was more stuff before i went to the truck but i dont really remember) Im kinda freaked out. Thanks

I don't think it really means anything. But that reminds me, once I had a dream that I was in the easter egg hunt and there was this murderer and I was hiding from him in an old wooden building. Ahahahaha. But, Maybe you're afraid of your school?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream where I had a boyfriend and to be together we had to find items. I had to go under water to get the items and when I did I got attacked by spiders and snakes.

The thing is that I am not scared of spiders and snakes and i don't have a boyfriend in real life. Does anybody know what this means?

Example: I had a weird dream. What does it mean?

Hello! I had a weird dream last night. It was about my ex-boyfriend with whom the relationship ended a month ago abrupt and sort of ugly. In the dream I was in my home where I grew up in...it was after the break-up and it was Easter. We talked which was amazing because we haven't spoken since the break-up. My parents wouldn't let me see him because he hurt me really bad in real life, but even though I am really sad and angry at him, I needed to see him.We talked, we hugged and kissed ,always having to hide from my dad.Then he had to leave in a really fancy car(he was poor in real life)saying he was going to school in Portugal.I then walked around crying and saw that my neighbors were organizing a egg-search party and also a funeral for my ex.Everything was in such detail,black flags hanging and messages in Hungarian(he was half Hungarian)about him but no coffin.I called him and he answered sounding worried.His car was parked a few meters from me and we went egg-searching. Meaning pls!

Example: What does my dream mean?

ive been dreaming a lot latley about certain dream symbols and i want to know what they mean:

-eggs. ive dreamed about boiled eggs and easter eggs. i was eating the boiled eggs and hiding/searching for the easter eggs (i wasnt dreaming about easter. only the easter eggs)

-pregnancy and babies. when i dream im pregnant there is always someone else who is pregnant with me, like a friend.

-in a car. i dream that i am backseat (behind the driver) in a car.

-a man that i dont know in real life. he has black bushy hair, pale skin and is thin. in my dreams he is usually a close friend or the father of my baby. i dont know anyone like him in real life.

can anyone plez tell me what these dream symbols mean?

thanks =)

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I'm only going to say the parts I feel are important.

My family and I are watching TV and there is a alert for an invasion on the united states of america by outside troops. Specifically where we live, (Vancouver, WA)

My family and I start packing all of our stuff in hopes to flee to somewhere safe. And we get most of it packed and go to a different part of our state.

I go to this school, up in a skyscraper building, And the teachers have the whole kids in unison sing the star spangled banner. While singing some kids are disrespectful and try to scream it, like a death metal band would. There is a christmas tree and pictures of family up in the corner (don't ask me why) and they are told to pack them up.

I look out the window to the left, it's a big window. And I see a missile fly and hit the ground. Debris from the explosion hit the window.
I immediatly stand up and run to my way left, to a kitchen where my mom is. (my pregnant mom)

She is in a robe, and is cleaning plastic easter egg halvs.
And I hug her and start crying and telling her, That if I die or she dies, I wanted her to know I loved her so much, and she had no idea how much I loved her.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have no idea what my dream means! It was weird... so I was at this weird type of Disneyland. And apparantely almost Halloween. But their were white twinkly lights everywhere. (I don't know if that's signifigant or not, but just throwing that in their just in case it means something).. But I was getting in the amusement park with my friends, and they were running around the park. And then we got on Alice in Wonderland and we took a picture, but then after the ride the first friend said she had to go somehwere else..

And then we kept wondering around, and apparently their was this ball thing that was going later on, and everyone had to have a date. And they had to show they were having a date by wearing a neckless. And so I wandered around for a while, and seeing that everyone had a date but me. Except guys kept looking at me as I was walking by them. So then I found the store where everyone was buying their necklesses at, it was a tall white building (very similar to the bank in Harry Potter, where Harry's gold was)... Except for a fact that it was all white. And so I went in their even though I didn't have a date, their were 3 guys that were their staring at me the whole time. And it looked like one wanted to ask me out, but then I was like "hi I would like to buy a neckless" and then a girl was like ok, which one do you want?.. And then I said I didn't know, but the guys kept wanting to show me new ones, and then the lady was like "how about this one?". And the neckless chain was silver, and their were easter eggs, that were like a pendent but they were different colors.

2 eggs were purple, and one egg was light yellow, and then one was pink. And then she helped me put my neckless on. And then I said thank you and left, but the guys kept staring at me. And then somehow the building started to burn, and everyone thought it was my fault, because I didn't have my id to come back into the park, when I know I didn't do it. And then people felt bad for me by the park people not letting me back in. And then I couldn't get back in and I cried, and then some guy who I never met before came over and comforted me and told me it would be ok... and then the dream ended. And I don't know what it means.

Can someone please decode this?.. SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE! Oh and about the eggs on the neckless that were purple, those are my favorite color. Not the yellow and pink though. But purple is my favorite color. Does anyone know what this means?... Thanks for the help :)

Example: I had a dream I was hunting Easter eggs in a mine field! What could it mean?

I was sooooo scared...

Example: What does my dream mean?

i stole lots of chocolate eggs , 2 external hard drives, a book , a torch and a motorcycle

Example: I had a dream where Jesus shot a load on the easter bunny. What does it mean?

Millions of tiny colored eggs everywhere. What does it mean?

Example: I had a dream that I ate boiled eggs and wanted to go Easter egg hunting?

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