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Dream About Earwax meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I went to a camping area in the middle of Saint John, NB, Canada and stayed in a cabin with my parents, aunt Vickie, grandparents and great-grandmother. So I decided to go to arcade room/coffee shop and got a bottle of water and then the cashier gave me a penny , then somehow I ended up in Walmart... So then I walked around Walmart and has an obsessive need to find Yu-Gi-Oh cards and couldn't find them, so then I spotted my cousin and her dad and said hi. Strangely my cousin was around 15ft. tall. So I left the store and walked around Saint John and found a mall with retardedly low ceilings. So I walked around and found an old Japanese guy that paints in the dark and looked at his paintings of Marisa Kirisame (Touhou Character) and wanted to buy one but only had 40$ and a penny, so I left. Then a man started stalking me outside on the street and I ran and got lost. It started to get dark. Then I found and told a group of 3 kids my age that I got lost so I went to one of their houses to call my parents. Then there phone wasn't working and I made a cellphone out of earwax... but it didn't work so I asked if they had a cellphone but they didn't. All of a sudden, two people I know (one a girl and one a boy) walked though the door and hugged me, then I asked if they brought a phone and the guy said no and the girls wasn't working. So then I remembered I had a cellphone with me the whole time and tried to call my parents but then some random GPS opened on the screen and there was a red arrow on the screen to the campsite, but I was too scared to walk back in the dark. Then I appeared in front of the cabin and my dad was roasting a marshmallow on the ground beside the campfire then a giant wasp beetle flew out of a tree beside our cabin scared me, so I went inside... end of my dream.

Dreams are often a byproduct of unresolved emotion. First you wanted some cards then a painting then a couple comes and embraces you. Maybe you want some material possessions or a significant other to be with in the past? I don't know, just throwing some suggestions.

Example: I dreamt of pictures of my ears having earwax...?

it's just weird...this dream bugged me when i woke up...but then i forgot what it was...
then when i wasnt thinking about it, it just showed up in my mind again..?what does this dream mean?

Example: What do dryed out honeycomb loooking things mean in dreams?

in my dream, this girl was talking to me and i guess we liked eachother (im a girl and she was a girl but im straight) and we were looking at a doll house, a big nice white one when she left, then my mom said soemthing, and i coudlnt hear, so i pulled out this huge what looked like a honeycomb piece out of my hear, way too big to have been possible, it was all thick at the bottom and more thinner at the top and im not sure if it was a honeycomb, but it looked like it, but with no honey and it looked like a whitey browny color. anways i pulled it out of my hear, no pain, but i felt it and then i went up to my mom (we normally dont get along) and i was lik ehey mom i can finally hear better! look what i found in my hear. and then she just said like no wonder you couldnt hear.

can anyone please and try and help me figure out what it means

Example: Why does sharp cheddar taste like earwax?

i mean, it kinda does but i still keep eating it.

it was one of my lifelong dreams to buy a BLOCK of unprocessed cheddar cheese and eat it plain. cause i ******* hate processed.

anyway, who else really wants a block of cheese right now?

Example: I had a dream that me and my bff were sitting in a wheat field crying because we were so happy to have eachotr?

What does it mean?

It was a yellow field

Example: Something about a recurrent dream and other corious stuff.?

Okay, I know this dream is gonna sound weird so I'll save it for last. First: lately I have been having multiple recurrent feelings of dejavu. Several times during the week I feel like "I've done that before". Is that possible? Please do not tell me that I've answered my own question, that is too simple. What can explain this phenom'?... The Dream: I've had this several times. The 'situation" changes but the main thrust is the same... Here goes: In this dream sequence I have the ability to "****" (for lack of a better term and because that's what it feels like.) earwax out of my right ear. I am usually embarrassed and try to "hide" it from people, which I do. Like pushing out a turd out comes a long piece of wax. In real life I pay attention to the cleanliness of my ears (I do not like ear hair or dirt for one) and to the health aspect. My hearing is fine and I have my ears irrigated at least one every two years. Can my dreams be telling me something else? , For all of y'all with wise cracks and funny comments, I've opened the door, so have fun with it. BUT for those of you who can give a "serious" reply thank you... Oh and by the way I AM NOT A **** HEAD!

Example: What, do you think, is the most interesting part in Harry potter and the Sorcerer's stone?

i mean, there are lots of great parts in the book but can you tell me the most interesting one?


okay so while i was laying in bed i thought a bug fell in my ear well it felt like something did but when i asked my mom about it she laughed and said i was going to be fine and to be honest it has happend before where i thought it did but i need some help to calm me down because when i freak out i think about it and then i pretty much make it hurt with all my paranoya so please give me advice or make me laugh thanks

Example: I'm bored. What should I do?

Example: I wake up hearing a clock going tick tock...?

I can't seem to find this anywheres. I wake up from my sleep every once in awhile, i hear noises but they go away after 3-5 seconds... The last time this happended i heard a clock tick tocking ( when the hands move) but i have no clock in the house that makes that noise...
I'm awake and do know what is going on, i just listen then it goes away, so will stay awake for a little away always wondering what this may be, or what may be causing this.
If you know anything please let me know. Thank you...

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