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Dream About Earthworms meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What worm worm mean in my dream?

i dream a big worm chasing me in my dream, and i was scared.

Well, I know what Freud would say, but dream symbols are highly individual. You have to figure out what the worm means to you. Did you have a traumatic experience with an earthworm, like a brother chasing you around with one? If so, then maybe this worm symbolizes some fear associated with that experience. Do you associate worms with death and decay? If so, then this worm may be symbolic of your fear of death. The stereotypical Freudian interpretation would be to say that the worm is a phallic symbol, and that this dream may mean (a) fear of male authority or (b) fear of sex.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ive had it once before.

In my dream, I uncover a bandage under my armpit (kinda on my high ribs (right side)) and theres a little hole. In my first dream, I pulled out 1 worm looking thing. But in last nights dream there was about 5 of them, and more around my body, but I dont exactly remember where.

Any meanings or interpetation?

Thanks <3

Example: Dream meaning help: Some kind of parasitic worm, spitting up blood?

I had a dream last night that I was looking in the mirror in my bathroom at my gums, and there was this tiny shiny black dot on them. Then it blinked. A worm of some kind shot out of it onto the counter, not an earthworm, more like some kind of weird parasite. Then I kept spitting stuff up, sometimes just clear liquid, but a lot of times there was thick blood in it. What on earth does that mean? Definitely one of my more creepy dreams. :(

Example: What does it mean to dream of worms crawling out of stomach?

I had a dream that different sizes of worms, some looked like earthworms, some were pink and one looked like a tongue, were crawling out of my stomach and no one would help me. I was looking for my boyfriend and my mother was too busy trying to take care of my sisters baby.

Example: REALLY creepy dream, worms?

I had this dream where I looked into the mirror and saw this little white thing in my eye so I poked at it and got it out..Then I saw a slit in the corner of my eye that had a bunch of white inch long worms or larva..or maggots..Somewhere in between. I believe all dreams have a hidden meaning, No I did not eat anything before I went to sleep. What do you think this dream means?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about earthworms taking over the world?

last night i had a dream about normal sized earthworms that started burrowing into people's skin and drinking all their blood. then the worms got really big and started eating people whole. then they took over the world and all the people in the world died. can anyone tell me what this means? and no, i have not watched any horror movies lately.

Example: White earthworms dream?

I had a dream about white earthworms. There were several of them around me - 1-2 even coiled around my finger. When I hit them, they became longer and thicker. Finally I hit all of them, and there was puss all around. What does this mean?

Example: Dream interpretation earthworms?

I dreamed a little baby was crying because an earthworm tried to get inside its foot.
I went to console the little baby and his mother took him out and told me to go clean the earthworm.
I was going to tke out the earthworm but i was scared the earthworm would try to enter my body.
So I then stood above a table and woked up.

Example: Dreamt of Giant Earthworm transform into Pink Cobra means?

I had this weird dream this morning around 5am. This giant earthworm came out from the bottom of my laptop slowly, i felt disgusting in my dream as i think of i have been using the laptop everyday yet do not aware there is this ugly giant earthworm inside it. This giant earthworm transform became a pink cobra later and it sliding into my house through the front gate. I was so scared inside the dream till i awake. What does this dream indicate? Giant earthworm transform to pink cobra? No silly answer please ...

Example: Dream about huge cockroach and earthworm!? ?

I had a dream about a HUGE light brown cockroach and a HUGE earthworm, and I rolled over my bed and squished the cockroach. I got SO SCARED. What does this mean?

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