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Dream About Earth meanings

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Example: What on EARTH does this dream mean?

In my dream, I went to my school in the morning to turn in my paper, but my AP teacher wasn't there. When the substitute was questioned, he said she was on indefinite vacation to an alternate world in a computer. Naturally, I decide to follow her to "her grandfather's summer home", which was a nice farmhouse on a lake at eternal night. I'm relaxing in the lake, watching fireworks go off, when I see that the firework remnants come down and start burning people (this could be because last time I went to the fireworks, a piece fell on me). I get out of the water and notice that it's actually MY house, and that there are these weird blue veins popping out of the ground and killing people. I take off running and grab the family dog (a tri-colored collie...not a small dog) and run away, apparently leaving my family to die. I go next door to my Health Teacher's house and look for a car to steal (my dog has somehow disappeared and now my boyfriend is there), and we find one with the keys in it. We steal that and start driving to my boyfriend's house to get his family, but only his father and younger sister are there (his other siblings and his mother are nowhere to be found). I'm relieved that his father can take over driving (I've never gotten my license, and whenever I have dreams about driving, they're nightmares. I don't crash or anything, it's just nervewracking). My boyfriend's best friend shows up, and I'm relieved in a way. He has an armful of guns, which we load in the back. My boyfriend and I run inside and grab some things we think we might need: He grabs some food and water, and I grab...blankets.

Yay, blankets.

We all climb back in the vehicle and speed off, then stop at a farmer's house for some gas. As he's filling up the tank, he turns into Felix the Cat, and my dream turns into a black-and-white cartoon.I'm so startled by the change that I wake up.

Wow! That's a crazy one.

I have a lot of apocalyptic dreams. I read it means your insecure about something. Leaving your family probably doesn't mean anything unless you purposely chose to do it in your dream but you don't sound like you did.

The erratic nature of the nightmare to me would sound like insecurities because something is moving/changing too fast or you feel like your world isn't stable.

Hope that sheds some light?

Example: Does does it mean to dream of aliens attacking earth?

They used some type of gases to put people out, and I remember there were extremely tall buildings that I was climbing to get a better view. I was looking to see what weapon they were using.

Example: What on earth do my pregnant dreams mean?

I've been having several dreams lately where i'm pregnant and I have mood swings on whether I want to keep the child or not. For example, one minute i'm so excited to keep the child because I can feel it kick, and the next hour I'm crying because I can't beleive im going to me a mother.
My parents are always in the dreams and they fully support the pregnancies (even though i'm a teen and my parents would kill me if I got pregnant).

Also, it's very out of character for me to get pregnant sometime soon because I'm only 16 years old and I have my morals straight. :-)

So what do you think the meanings of my dreams are?
By the way, i'm usually so tired during the night that I don't have time to think about anything, I just lie down and fall asleep in seconds. I don't have time to think about pregnancies.


Example: What on Earth Could This Dream Mean?

Okay, I had a dream I was cleaning our house because one of my friends was coming over from out of state, so I cleaned it up, laid on the bed and waited for her. I got up, went to the car, got in the back seat, and my mom and sister were in the driver and passenger seats, respectively. Then we started drinking into water and lobsters started popping up. My sister grabbed one and bit it's tail off and it screamed in pain. She kept picking them up and eating their tails off. Then one came up to me and started acting like it was sniffing me like a dog, and my sister reached back and smashed it's brain through it's head. Then we drove back to our house, and my friend still wasn't there, then I woke up.

What the Hell does this mean?!

Example: What on Earth did my dream mean?

ok...so i went to school and my friend, K, [and i had just recently told her that i had the biggest crush on her & possibly loved her] said that she could love me now since i looked like Jesus? and that made no sense because in the dream i walked to a mirror and looked like myself...then when i left the school i carried both of my sisters out like i was some super hero...
im so confused...not with the whole superhero thing..
just what K said...
can anyone tell me what that mean? because i have no idea

-Tori Marie

Example: What on earth could this dream mean?

i had a dream i was at school, and i was in class and the teacher asked me to change a lightbulb in this lamp. so i took the old light bulb out of the lamp and i freaked out because i dropped it, but it didnt hit the ground, it just stopped like an inch before the ground. then i started kicking it around because it was like hovering an inch above the ground and me and my friend jeff ended up playing with it in the hallway. then near the end of my dream it lit up [even tho it wasnt connected to anything.

any ideas?

Example: What on earth could this dream mean?!?

Ok so have you seen wrong turn 2? The one with evil hillbillies? Cannibals? Yeah. That's how my dream was. Only I was at my grandma's house, and these cannibal hillbillies were chasing me. I was running around and I knew I was dreaming. I was trying to wake up but I couldn't. And, later in my dream, was the craziest thing you will ever hear. I was in the house behind a glass sliding door and I saw this creature. It was almost a human version of smeagol/gollum. But it was goth! And what happened next was rather disturbing, and I will not say. PLEASE ANSWER?!?

Example: What on earth does this dream mean? Lol?

I dreamt that I had sex with my brother lmao, and I'm really discusted what on earth could this dream mean?

Example: What on earth could this mean? (dream interpretation)?

I had this really bizarre dream last night. First, it started out like a regular morning. The alarm clock rang, I drearily got out of bed and switched it off, threw on a dressing gown and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. But when I was brushing my teeth, I looked in the little mirror on the window-sill and my face look completely messed up. I had like, super bruised looking skin, a shrunken head, bleeding lips and where my eyes should have been, there were sunken holes. Even though I appeared to have no eyes, I could still see my reflection in the mirror! I woke up 'for real' shortly after this, sweating quite a lot and with a vivid memory of the dream. What could that mean?

Example: Whaaaaaaat on earth does this dream mean?

So basically i was infront of a door in school (the one in which you exit the school to the school yard) and i was scratching it with my nail. I was like just thinking a little bit couldn't hurt, it can't get scratched up that bad. But there was this guy and I kept staring at him while continueing to scratch the door. I wasn't attracted to him at all I just had to keep staring at him. Like you know when your staring at something and you just can't stop? It's not that you like what your staring at you just have to. Anyway, when I looked back at the door his name was carved VERY deep into it and I don't remember if there was anything else written. I also didn't see his name clearly or him really. I just remember he looked about 15 with short brown hair and a t-shirt and he looked quite average. What does this mean? Also, in the dream I was really worried about getting in trouble since I had just basically ruined the door. I thought about using money to replace it but I'm not sure where the money was suppose to come from. I think it could have just been my own or a rich person letting me borrow some of theirs.

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