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Dream About Earth 1 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay well I keep having dreams about Mitch Lucker who died November 1st 2012 v.v
But this dream he was my cousin but nobody knew he was famous except me. An we were at the beach an there was an earth quake an everyone was running because of a tsunami but there was no tsunami an Mitch disappeared. I guess all my dreams of him at the end he always disappears. What does it mean?(sorry of this doesn't make sense).

this dream simply means that you should buy a pizza making kit and throw on some pineapple and green peppers , onions, French cut green beans , and bacon with the cheese's you like.
deep dish only, oven at 300' for about 1hr.
when you sit down to eat it.. discuss the fact that you will stay away from the oceans and large lakes..
.. say a short prayer for your cousin and wish he could be there to enjoy such a great pizza.
..drink one miller lite (if you're old enough) and repeat(( I did good, I did good , I did good.))

Example: What on earth do these dreams mean?

Alright, two seperate types of dreams I'd like to hear your opinion on, if you're one of those who believes dreams mean something. Lately I've had extremely realistic dreams involving two men who've been in/are in my life, and I'm wondering what they mean, if anything.

First off, dreams about my boyfriend. We've been dating for five months, and things have gone amazingly for us. I'm very much in love with him, and he considers me his soulmate. We're young so I'm not sure if it'll stay this way but right now, we know we want to last together. He's usually in my dreams, but two in particular kinda made me go "what?" or wake up emotionally involved with them. The first one...my family moved to New York (live in Florida currently), and he biked his way all the way to our new house to say goodbye. I remember just breaking down and becoming suicidal with the prospect of losing him, and he seemed very calm about it all. That one isn't so weird, I guess, but the other dream was just us being the couple that we are. He was busy with some things and I couldn't get a hold of him...and his little sister began texting and harrassing me. Bewildered, I met with her at a local mall, and she cornered me and told me how I really didn't love him and how I wasn't sincere, and that it's bull to say that I need him in my life, especially after only five months. I was seriously hurt by her verbal tirade, and it honestly echoed a past relationship of mine where my ex's sister told me I was manipulative and used/abused her brother (when I didn't, there was more to it than my ex's side of the story).

Second set of dreams...this person has been in my dreams on/off for over a year now, honestly. I met him in middle school and crushed on him immediately, but truth is we never really got to know each other. It sounds dumb but it was a "attraction at first sight" sort of thing that just intensified and never went away. I had an odd feeling about the boy but whenever we did speak, he either seemed a little annoyed by me for some reason orrrr he would be really odd and distant and say cryptic crap. Idk how to describe it, he was odd, but it hypnotized me for well over three years. I haven't seen this boy in two years now but I find I still have that odd feeling about him, and I'm still fascinated to hear about him. ANYWAY! Recently he's been appearing in nightly dreams of mine. We're always adults in the dream, compared to my past ones taking place in school in whatnot. We're always in some sort of relationship...in my most recent one we were married, and I was trying to leave him due to his alcoholism (in the dream). I guess these don't sound so odd either, but they're so realistic. I haven't seen this boy physically in over two years, and I'm very much in love with my boyfriend, so why do these odd dreams and feelings remain? It sounds strange but when I was going through my infatuation with him, I had the nagging feeling he was my soulmate. I know better now, a stranger can't be your soulmate, and I'm so happy with the person I'm with now...so, what's my subconscious or w/e telling me?

Example: What on earth could this stupid dream I had last night mean?

Seriously. I dreamt that I was trying to find some blue court shoes in size 10 for a greyhound to wear. I woke up and wondered where on earth such a daft dream could have come from.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I sleep in my mom's room (not a big house). She usually falls asleep before me. Whenever that happens, a feeling of fear buzzes around me, until I fall asleep. I always have weird dreams, but this one takes the cake. I dreamed I was with mermaids with weird colored hair in a palace and their tails floating. They were nice and offered me food, which I didn't take. One of them pointed at a hallway with my friends and family smiling and laughing and having a great time. Another one told me that if I go in, I can't ever come back. I was dazzled and wasn't thinking straight, so I went in. Suddenly, everything melted and I was falling. I was falling into a sort of forest. In the middle there were lots people, with their flesh torn, some of their bones visible, screaming and crying for help in a red lake. Then I woke up screaming and got my mom mad. What on Earth does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean.?

Ok i had this dream when me and my grandfather where walking by our localbarbershop over a concrete bridge where a creek is which is about 1/2 feet at its deepest anywho i fell in it only it was incredibly deep soo deep i fell what felt like miles there i laid waiting for my death then i woke up in my dream then i woke up AGAIN what on earth does this dream mean?

Example: PLEASE TELL ME what this dream means?!?!?!?

i have 2 dreams to tell you can only answer one if you want.

one was me and my sister were martians and our heads were huge so were our eyes and we live on a tent on mars then we visited earth to see our parents

last i was in almost pitch black light and me and my friends from preschool were being chased by ninjas then a door opened and my grandma came out and a ninja sliced her head off

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having 2 dreams over and over.

1) I am running around my primary school playground with a swarm of bees following me. (NOTE: this has never happened)

2) I am being chased inside a train by the seven dwarfs from Snow White

Example: What on earth does this dream mean?

Usually I am all over dreams and at least kind of understand them, but this one being violent, I am a little disturbed by what it even was.

I have no idea how it even came about. I will describe all I remember.

There was a line of girls, spaced pretty far apart (maybe 1 - 2 feet), and there was some machine kind of like something that had an ax attached to it, but what was on the side of the slaying could not be seen from the other side. The girls, probably 8 - 10, were waiting in a line on something that looked like a huge conveyor belt that doesn't move, and there was no light, although it wasn't black. They would go to the machine and then get beheaded and killed. I couldn't see this actually happen, it was just implied. There was no visible blood, no screams, it was pretty much completely silent. I could see the next 2 girls in line, but no one else. The two girls would have to watch and then the first one in line would be beheaded next. I only actually saw from the side it was not visible what was going on 1 beheading, and the next girl going up to get slain, but I didn't see anything more. The girl next looked scared and swapped with the girl behind her. Then it was over and I woke up by an alarm clock. I am pretty sure I could tell someone was cruelly doing this, but I couldn't see who it was or anything.

I wasn't in the dream. It was like I was watching a movie but I was at the place it takes place, but my mind didn't actually think or have any thoughts...it was as if I could see what was going on but didn't have a mind or body to think about it. It seemed completely acceptable (although a little...cruel, I guess, from the atmosphere of the place) at the time. It seemed as though the girls were cows (although they WERE girls, not cows) about to be slaughtered, standing silently and a little...frightened, disturbed, ad (a simile I just thought of).

Example: What on earth does my dream mean?

You know when there are some dreams where you wake up, and you wonder what the heck that was all about? Well, last night I had one of those dreams.

I can't remember everything that happened, but I can remember little snipits here and there:

1. I was driving a car trying to escape something or someone not quite sure and it was night time.
2. While I was trying to escape in my car, I was also trying to save a woman who was pregnant by letting her ride in my car too. I knew her and I think she was my friend.
3. We then had the car engulfed by flames on the outside and we were trying to get out of the car. We were banging on the window trying to get out, but the smoke from outside crept into our vents and we were going to suffocate.

.. Then I woke up. That's all I remember.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I just woke up and I had a dream I was jumping through space with about five or six people I have never seen before. We were jumping from planet to planet looking for a new Earth. When we returned to Earth there was a planet between Earth and the Moon about 1/4 the size of Earth. For some reason there was a map on the ground of this planet and the continents were a little different kinda like how Earth's plates were many years ago. The strange thing is that Each continent was labeled. I can't quite remember the names except for two of them, "Eihat, and Ajwait". I looked up both of these names and can't find the meanings.

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