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Dream About Ear Studs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird and I mean, Really weird dreams?

I've been having this dream over and over again for almost a month. Basically, it's me strapped to a table with my old purple studded belts cut to make wrist and ankle cuffs. I was impaled by a six inch needle, and then the person took like a curved blade, shoved it through my stomache, and out my heart. I died like a lot. I saw white, and then black with some red and blue swirls occasionally. There was ringing in my ears then I saw my boyfriend but right when I saw him, I woke up. What does this mean? Serious answers only! Thanks.

Does your old purple belt hold any sentimental significance, as it pertains to you and your boyfriend? Or is it the only studded belt you have? The reason for the question are it can be meant to determine whether the restraints you feel from your relationship with your boyfriend are from mental anguish (question 1) or physical dissatisfaction (question 2). Where were you impaled with the 6 inch knife? The answer may or may not hold significant value to you. That is for you to determine. . . but the fact that it is 6 inches may denote a feeling of incompleteness with your boyfriend. The number 6 in Hebrew numerology means incompleteness. Just something to consider. A curve blade being shoved through your stomach and out of your heart may denote that the 'butterflies' you once felt for him may no longer be there and your heart is not in your relationship any more. " I died like a lot"- has your relationship changed you in anyway that you did not like? (the death of your original self and subsequent self's) The white and black could represent clarity. . . and the red and blue could be representative of your belt, as the two colours form purple or a reference to 'roses are red and violets are blue'. . . maybe the rest of it is you and your boyfriend are completely through. . . or maybe not. Just something to consider. The ringing in your ears. . . its funny when people say they fall in love they can hear wedding bells ringing in their ears. . . the funniest part is that its an illusion. Church bells ring to alert people. . . maybe this is your subconscious alerting you of something of the last image you saw right before you awoke, your boyfriend.
If I knew the relationship you and your boyfriend had I would be better able to assist you in the interpretation. This dream could be representative of the morbid tragedy listed above or a romantic tragedy. It depends on which side you are looking at it from. I like to give the worst case scenario because it tends to be the most realistic. . . the lack of info about the relationship between you and your boyfriend makes me susceptible to think that your relationship is 'nothing to brag about' so to speak, therefore leading me to conclude that your relationship is not meeting the desired outcome.

Example: What could these reoccurring dreams mean?

The first dream is always centered around my ears. I got a second piercing on each ear a few months ago, and in the dream what keeps happening is I'll be walking down an empty hospital. It'll have the usually horrid hospital smell and I'll walk by the receptionist desk. On the desk is a picture frame, but it's blank (just a white piece of paper in it.) I'll notice my reflection and on my ears I only have my earrings in on the first hole, but the studs I usually wear in my second holes are both gone. But my lobes look a little swollen. So I'll reach up and feel my ear and there's a HUGE bump where my second piercings are. It then dawns on me that the skin of my ears have grown completely over both of my second piercings and I'll claw at them and have to rip them out. When I finally get them out, I notice that the frame of the earring is there, but then diamond in both of them is missing, and then I start sobbing.

The second dream is I go up these winding stairs to a room, which I suppose is mine (it's all very castle-y like. It kind of reminds me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter but I know it isn't.) I'll push open the door and on my bed, right on the pillow, there will be a dead white rabbit. It's completely slashed open, blood splattered all over my white room. (The room is always white. So is the rabbit's fur. The only color is the blood.) I run to my bed, grab the rabbit and tuck it under my shirt (which also happens to be white.) I run down the stairs, past people, not wanting them to see the rabbit. I find a bathroom and I dump the rabbit in the trash can. (Everything in the bathroom is white as well). I take all these paper towels from the dispenser and throw it over the rabbit but I can still see the blood. I got to wash my hands and on the edge of the sink there's a blood knife with a white handle. I grab it and look up in the mirror. Always, my face and all my white clothes are covered in blood, although it would be impossible to get that much blood on me if I just carried the rabbit under my shirt. I then realize, as I look at my reflection as I hold the knife, that I am the one who killed the rabbit. I just forgot that I did it, or wasn't conscious when I did kill it.

What could these dreams mean? Anything is appreciated.

Example: Is there such a thing that your dreams really can be like psychic messages?

i have had a handful of dreams in my life that i can remember like i was there, the first time my ears were pierced with tiny gold studs when i was six on my birthday i knew nothing about this yet the night before i'd dreamed exactly what i saw the next day? quite a few others since over the years the worst was two plane crashes the first crash was a miserable looking dark grey dusty building to me, i just thought it a nightmare and nothing more the second time a man was on the plane screaming at me he was a business man stocky built with dark hair and glasses dressed in black with a white shirt not clean shaven he was trying to tell me to tell somebody something you no what its like in a dream your running for your life and you cant move, you scream and shout and no one can hear you, its like being underwater. anyway about a year later the two planes crashed into the building in america i suppose it could be a coincidence or something but i was actually on the isle of the plane and the lights were dimly lit the floor had rusty brown carpet on it, it seemed so real?

Example: Lip studs/ earings does it matter?

Okay so bassiclly- I'm 15 and my parents don't let me out of the house, even to walk home/ go to school- I get dropped off. Now I'm not complaining BUT I really want my lips peirced an wen I asked my parents they called me crazy.
So I asked when I'm 16 if I could get a part time job- they said no...
I asked them how long they were goin to keep me in the house for an they said till I'm 22.
So I was thinking, should perice my own lips and put earing studs in them let them heal- after I'm 22 put real lip rings/ studs in OR just never, ever get them pierced?

Ps- please don't care about hurting me, I've had dreams crashed before by my parents (I told them my true ambition- to be a lead singer in a band, they laughted and asked who'd want to listen to my voice...)
So just tell me the truth please- and NO I will not 'go out and get it done, "be rebbeelious"' I've put my parents through to much- all cause I born. I don't want to see them mad or angery but I also have wanted snakebites for two years now...

Example: Would they dream about afflicting the divine hero?

they to comprehend this you atheists, I wrote it last night...

id say theyre that insolent and faithless that they would want to impose their illness on the hero of the greek tragedy of biblical proportions, and theyd call it 'help'

all the stud did is send an email and have sex "you got jealous"
and they tormented beyond the level of their imagintions. she liked him because he was my friend. "keep telling yourself that" "she wouldve still liked him" "he had the best life"(the devil) "with the footlong penis"

here, they mean to say that the devil had the "best" life when they walked on and destroyed the Holy virgin beyond the levels of their imaginations and turned themselves into heroic victims and the Holy one a fool

"hes at fault" going forward, im seeing her every night and they never knew each other and "never even talked"-thats a real written quote post disintegration of 'friendship' meaning they will lie and deceive unto sheoul!

"who do you think youre talking to" they couldnt even talk because she was my "queen" but he jumped inbetween us one time and conceivably had sex with later that night by going after her behind my back when we supposedly went home to bed!

"you shouldve left them alone" I never went near them and I never wouldve if I wasnt led on and lied to and deceived by those stupid abomminations

by the time I can explain this so that they can understand the truth we might be in the afterlife because this much falsehood cant exist.

"I understand youre trying to justify yourself"

they say I was threatening my friends but the threats and "adverse demeanor" were due to being lied to and then responding to that suspicion and then being lied to, taunted, insulted and threatened. the recorded threats are probably replies

Example: Want my lip pierced! soooo bad?

i've heard a few mysths so jus thought i'd find out for myself...

i heard that it cannot heal again once your lip is pierced but this sounds a bit odd to me...can anyone tell me if thats true or if it can ever be the same after. i know i have to consider whether i definately want it pierced but its always good to find these things out...

i also wondered if i could get my lip pierced and be given a less noticable stud whilst healing cuz i work for tesco and their crap with these things...can i get a clear piercing to heal with?

how much does it hurt? obviously any piercing has discomfort but is it like just shoving a needle in my mouth?!?!?!

any other advice would be great...like considering aftercare and all...

thanks all advice is sooooooo appreciated

amy xxxx ^-^v

Example: I need help on figuring out what these 2 dreams mean?

k well my first dream was about me and my best friend relaxing an another friend sitting beside my bed we were all talking like we usually do me an the friend on the bed were laying on are backs and my friend turned onto his side facing me and was looking at my face he then grab one of my legs turning the bottom part of my body facing him he out the leg on his stomach an started rubbing it then he started rubbing my stomach an i was talking to the friend sitting by the bed an i finished what i was saying an looked over to my other friend he had this cute look on his face that he makes when he does certain stuff i was feeling a bit uncomfortable but i liked it at the same time and i wanted to kiss his cheek but thought he would feel weird so i didn't but i only wanted to kiss him cuz i kiss alot of my friends on the cheek but him because he said he would feel weird

the 2nd dream was about me and a different best friend whom i was talking to for a bit but i never actually went out with him cuz we decided it was best to just be friends anyways we were also laying on the bed together just talking at first then we started kissing and making out and he started feeling me up and sucking on my breast he was licking my torso then and licking and whispering in my ear then he started to pull down my shorts but before he pulled them off all the way i woke up

sry for so much detail i try not to give so much but i cant help it lol

Example: I ate my ear in a dream?

Over the lat week or so I have been remembering my dreams... I have a peircing in the top of my ear, anyway we were on the motorway and it was taking ages to walk so we got in these things that were like speedboats and flew down the motorway as fast as anything.. during that time the top of my ear came off and i lost the stud.. anyway either my mum or I ate the top part of my ear... this has just popped up in my head all day and is really odd.. people say dreams can mean things. I would love to know what taking boats down the motorway and eating your ear means

Example: Haunted by my dreams! what do they means?

ive been having these dreams that are haunting me, there kida like make me feel worthless and ugly and a loser

the one last night went like this:i was in a shop with some friends i think then one of my m8s was buying these little red and black rasperrysweets that i used to get down at the shop when i was a kid. i was going to buy some but i didnt have any money and i said ile pay them back and wrote my name and adress down. then i was walking down a snicket near my street to my house when some m8s walked past my age , they were laughing and saying ile write my adress down(what i said in the shop) i think i threatend one of them and walked off to this party. i was sat there with some cool kids i think and they didnt know me , i didint know them either but i felt like a proper loser.after abit i saw a lass goin through my phone so i went to get it off her and for some reason it had my money in it so i got it back and checked if any money was gone it was all there. then a girl nicked off with my ear stud and burnt it on fire in a playful way :S she gave me it back and i wore it again ... alot more happend but i forgot lol

i aint ugly nor a looser i'm just normal but these sorta dreams haunt me.

Example: Getting operated in dream?

dreamt that my heart is to operated..to make it larger..even my whole body was to be enlarged in PROPORTION to my enlarged heart...i was also getting a stud (earring) on one side of the ear..not an expensive one though.
does it mean anything? if at all?

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