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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of recent dream?

I had a dream a week or two ago that I and a couple friends were driving my car in the mountains when it was snowing/blizzarding. All of a sudden, my car flipped and we were falling off the mountain. I woke up right before we hit the bottom. Interpretations?

Hello callmehailz,

First of all, I'm sorry for the disappointment you have gotten from most of the answers, secondly, you are right, dreams do mean something, dreams are only warning and symbols what we should not ignore.

I'll try my best to interpret your dream.

You saw that you and couple of your friends were driving your car. That means there will be some changes at your home and may be at your work place (e.g. new job, moving from one place to other etc).

Blizzard and snow are your emotions, it means, you are not enjoying with a relationship the way you want (absence of warmth), or you feel overwhelmed with some situations.

Dreaming that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.

The best thing is that you woke up before you hit the bottom. Your dream is telling you that you need to think thoroughly before making any decision(s), be very careful before trusting on any friend(s) as you saw in your dream flipping and falling off the mountain.

Trust on your decisions because you have a great ability to think and act. Nothing would harm you if you take things seriously and don't rush.

Good luck!

Example: Could this mean anything? Dreams.?

I don't usually believe that dreams mean anything, but I've had a recurring thing in mine fore a while and was wondering if it could mean anything. Btw, I have writing difficulties (as in I'm not very good at explaining things very well), so hopefully this will make sense.

If there's a place in my dream e.g. college, I'll know that it's college but it will be different. It doesn't look the way it does in real life, but it is still the same place.
If there's a person, they seem to change. Like at the beginning there could be one person e.g my cousin, but by the end, they are someone else, e.g a friend, but they are still the same physical person and I don't realise that the person has changed until after I've woken up. - That probably makes no sense at all, but I don't know how else to explain it.
Also, the people in my dream usually aren't what they're like in real life and I feel like I'm not me in my dreams.

That happens a lot in my dreams. Could it mean anything? I hope it makes sense.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago concerning perfume (I don't actually wear it myself).

In said dream I was in a classroom I didn't recognize and the lights were kind of dim. I pulled out some perfume from my bag, I think, and sprayed it. It smelled nice, though I don't really remember what the scent was or anything, and I heard some kids talking.

One of them said, "Some girl smells beautiful," And he was speaking to his friend.

That's all I remember. I think the perfume bottle was one of those old ones with the pump handle like you see in the Victorian days. I realize this dream might not mean anything. However, I was just curious what you guys thought.


Example: What do dreams mean?!?

i always wonder what they mean!
are dreams a sign to life or what?!

Example: What does my dream means O.B.E?

okay i been doing some astral projection and O.B.E to induce it i have learn some techniques. But yesterday i wasn't even going trying to do it, i went to sleep and of course i was dreaming about nice thing minding my own business then suddenly i was aware that i was dreaming i ask my sister in my dream this is all a dream she said stop don't do it, and i was like why? this is all a dream after that the environment change everything change and turn into darkness and all i could see was the full moon i saw shadows too i felt sadness there were looking at me i could feel it the energy. After i believe my guardian or angel try to help me out he was talking to me he/she told me that this is the real you that your not aware of it this is what you have created i was shocked at that moment he/she then tell me the only way you can get away from this place that you have created is by walking through the tunnel it was all black or you could go around i saw some candle light up if you walk though the tunnel you will encounter bad spirits like the devil don't let them stop you and not be scared. then i decide to go around the tunnel but then it lead me to end of the tunnel there was no where else to go but to go to the next tunnel there was no way of getting around it this time i had to walk through i was shaking it was all dark then i told myself wake up. wake up, wake up it was useless i couldn't woke up then my alarm woke me up. during the whole day today my friends have told me at school why are you sad, quite, and to serious is there something wrong with you. i said no nothing is wrong with me. could this dream mean anything to me please answer? why was it in the darkness?

Example: Meaning of really disturbing dream.?

can anyone tell me what this dream means?

i was with my best friend and we were jogging across the beach. We jogged pretty far, then we saw a large bus/truck ahead of us. My friend saw it and said Alexa when we jog past the truck, dont look at it. Of couse, when i go by, i was curios and looked at the truck. The truck had run over a kid and he was dead and had blood everywhere. I saw his mother sitting there just staring at his body and a few other people but i cant remember what they were doing. I was really disturbed and started crying for the kid. When we were at the end of the beach my friend wanted to jog across it again, but i didnt want to see the kid again. Then i realized the life guards would move the body, because it had somehow been hours since we saw the body. So, we ran across the beach again and i woke up.

does this mean anything?

Example: What does a recurring dream mean?

My cousin is 17 and a virign and she always has a recurring dream that she is pregnant/giving labor.
What does this mean? Why does she always dream this?
She says that shes scared of getting pregnant -- is that why?
She said she does not want to get pregnant !

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm a 13 year old girl and last night I had a dream that my best friend's German exchange partner came over to visit. But, the thing is, she's not going on the German exchange anymore and her partner is a girl, but in the dream it was a boy. He was an Asian/German boy, which made him really hot to me because I have a thing for Asian and German people. Anyway, we were all on the bus and I said, "I feel like a third wheel". I don't even know what that means, but I said it. Then he said in a harsh tone, "Shut up. You're not a third wheel." Then we arrived at our destination. It was a HUGE brick wall that slanted downwards. The aim was to walk down the wall without falling. There was a rope attached to another wall to hold onto if you got scared. But I was too scared, got halfway and went back to the start. Then the German kid disappeared and me and my friend walked to London, eating mint ice cream on the way. Then, we took part in X Factory as a double act. I went crazy backstage and accused everyone of dressing like prostitutes and wore pyjamas on stage. Then I woke up. What can this mean?

Example: Do you think dreams really mean something?

My boyfriend thinks that dreams happen because it's waht you really want and I don't think so, I think that they just happen for no good reason. So do you think that what happens in your dreams i.e. you kissing some other person than your b.f. or g.f. or anything else mean you really want that? Or are your dreams just there and you have no intimate connection with them?

Example: What do some dreams mean?

there are lots of dreams do you no what any of them mean? e.g a nightmare or a ghost or somthing or going to school naked (my friend once had that)

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