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Dream About Dye meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamt of a dyeing horse what does it mean?

In my nightmare. I was sleeping soundly and I heard really weird noises from outside. So I ventured out in my night dress. I was at my sisters house out in the country. I found My sisters 10 year old dog outside in the middle of the night, and I per him as he lay there. Then I saw him look at something across the street and whine. I saw a 4x4 truck with the extra wheel go around something on the road by going half up on the stone wall by the road. I watched as it passed wondering why it would go over the wall. When the truck had passed I started crying and got frightened. What I saw was a white horse with it's saddle on lying in the middle if the street with it's entrails hanging out. There was another horse without it's saddle on the grass on the other side of the street. This horse was white with grey and had entrails hanging out. Except it was still struggling to survive . I found my phone and dialled 411 ( the yellow pages on speed dial) but it kept messing up I could never actually call anyone . That's it I woke up scared and crying after that.

Maybe a fear of helplessness, try and think does the horse represent something to you like a feeling or a memory or even a person. Same with the 4x4 have a good think if it belongs to someone you know or something like that. Think does it have anything do with the fact you were at your sisters house particularly?
But of course it could mean nothing and I'm not the most qualified person for this question.

Example: I Had a Dream that i Dyed my Hair Blonde?

In my dream i was dyeing my hair blonde for some reason and my eyebrows Two ;O

WTH Does That Mean LOL

Example: What does it mean when you dream about deformed babies? or a baby dyeing as soon as it leaves my womb?

because ive been haveing problems with my overies and ive even had surgery to remove a sist as big as a baseball. And i cried when they told me about that. if i found out i couldent have kids that would ruin my life. And ive also had dreams about witchcraft. and im not a godly person but i do beleive in god. Heaven and hell. Angels and demons. The whole nine yards basicly. has anyone else had these dreams?

Example: What does a tie dye backround mean in a dream?

Okay, so I had this really weird dream.. like REALLY weird.. i really dont feel like explaining it in detail... but the backround was.. SORT OF like tie dye, but not as neat and tidy. It was like reds and blues and greens and yellows and other colors were just blending with eachother.. and the whole dream.. um.. feeling (not sure how to put it) was that I kept feeling physically crushed or squeezed or hurt in that nature, but at the same time I was happy that I was being squashed to death and I felt comforted and safe... IT WAS REALLY WEIRD! soo yeah what does that stuff MEAN?!?!?!?!?!

Example: What does a dream about blue hair mean?

i had a dream last night about having my hair dyed electric blue and cut. what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well basically I have a Grandma that is dyeing and she has been like well clinging onto life for a while now. And I had a dream last night were I was like flying with my step sister and I saw my kitten in the grass( we was flying over a jungle) and we waved. The next thing I know is I'm in a house with my granddad (grandmas son ) and few other blurred people. And everyone starts coughing and someone tells me the air is poisend. Everyone runs out and forgets about my grandma, So I run in and like pull her , she says ''no leave me , just leave me to die.'' and because the air was poisoned I ran to the window and took a breath she went''why did you just do that i didnt say you could you have just delayed a baby been born , just let me die and then a new baby can be born'' then I woke up. Do you think she came to say goodbye. Because she doesnt remeber me in real life?

Example: What dose my dream mean?

This is my mams dream of me, today I went to have a hair cut, she took a nap while I was out, she dreamt of ke comming back with my hair dyed blond, She was shocked for some reason! Anyone knows what dose this mean?

I know it's a bit daft but my mam is nagging at me to find out what it means!
Thanks for all answers!

Example: What does this dream mean.?

I had a dream about my dead grandad he lived a few houses from me when I was younger in my dream my mum knew he was coming and my little brother who has never got to meet him said mummy who's that man an she told him an he stayed for a couple of days he told me that there was no such thing as heaven but they went to some other place to stay after they died and he said that they where only allowed to visit family 2 days a week so things went on an we walked around the place and he talked to the rest of my family he said to me that everything was going to be ok and I would be with him soon an I started to cry hugged him an he left he died about 9 years ago

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams of you dyeing their hair bright blue...!?!?

This guy,that I have been talking to.Said that last night he had a dream of me dyeing his hair bright blue...What does that mean when someone dreams of that?!?

Example: What do it means when i have dreams about dyeing?

u see some one but u cant see who it is but u keep shooting but no more bullets then they come in front of u and kill u

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