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Dream About Driving Test meanings

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Example: What does this driving dream mean?

OK, so last night I had a dream about driving. I suppose it's because I'm currently learning to drive (in real life, anyhow).
So, in the dream, I'm on a blacktop (I think next to a bridge). There's a blonde woman who's kind of...well, overweight (sorry I'm NOT trying to be mean). So the woman was sitting in this fold-able chair and she was apparently the driving teacher. I'm surrounded by other teenagers who are apparently learning how to drive as well. They're older than me though, like 17-ish (I'm 16 haha). This class was basically how to pass your permit test. So, we're all sitting in these fold-able chairs as well and she gives us each a driving handbook and tells us to do some worksheets based on the information that's in the handbooks. It doesn't take long until I realize who these kids are: they are the friends of this guy I used to like (let's call him Shane). I don't want to get into it, but there was A LOT of drama between Shane and I and we haven't talked for many months now. Shane was across from me, but there was live seven kids between us but I still saw him. It struck me as weird because they all live in a different state than I do. I start getting all freaked out so I get up and go to the teacher and ask her if I can be excused. She starts shouting at me to sit back down. I start getting really upset now, so I throw a tantrum and start crying and grab her ankle and yelling that I wanna go home. Everyone was staring at me as the teacher was struggling with me. Finally Shane gets up, and he's really pissed off. He was all like "I wanna go home too."
The next thing I know, I'm walking away from the class and I see Shane about 100 or so yards ahead of me. He was walking in the sunlight, the sun was setting down and all and I was thinking "was he gonna delete me off of Facebok?"

In real life I actually took an online course to get my permit. And Shane took a regular course. I'll admit, I probably still like him and sometimes I worry if he's gonna delete me off Facebook. But, what does this dream mean?
And why did he say he wanted to go home too? Thanks...
PS I've already gotten my permit a long time ago and I know how to drive pretty much all I have to do now is wait until I take the test..

Well you probably just miss him. Your subconscious is afraid that his is going to hate you and he won't want to ever talk to you. Yes, according to what I know from the dream, you still like him, even if you haven't realized it yet! Try getting in touch with him. If he talks to you and is friendly, it will put your subconscious to rest on the matter, but if he is rude and mean, the little voice in the back of your mind which is so quiet you can't hear it unless your sleeping was right (it might be it might not). If the little voice was right, he is not worth it!

Example: What do these dreams mean?

there are two main dreams that I have almost all the time, the first is me getting into a fight and feeling like im throwing weak punches like im just weak every time I swing at the person,and another one that I have alot is me driving,its kinda like when your playing a driving game and your driving out of control that's how im always driving in my dreams,like I would turn the corner and lose control,I don't know if it might just have something to do with me being 21 and still not having my licenses or what.
any answers would help thanks

Example: What do Flying, Tornado, Driving, Dreams mean?

lol whats kinda strange is that I've had Driving dreams when I was like only 11 or 12

Example: Driving dreams?

Every dream that I can remember for the past couple weeks seems to be about driving. Me driving, me in a car with someone driving, having to drive somewhere as a test, driving whilst talking about driving lol...

Any idea what this means, if anything? :)

Example: I am 19 with no liscense and dream that i am driving . What does it mean?

Example: Dream about taking a test drive on a roller coaster?

my dream was that i guess i volunteered to test out a roller coaster where you have to get in this car or small boat thing that is attached to a big metal bar and it just goes in loops at the same spot. well i tried it out and i got in the car one. i got in the drivers seat and my mom got in the passengers seat. (even though in my other recurring dreams about driving a car im usually in the passenger seat). so we were in the car thing and it went in circles upside down and they didnt have any seat belts or safety belts and the windows were open so while we were going in loops or circles really fast i tried to close the windows because i almost fell out. so that ride was done and they wanted me and my 2 other friends to squeeze in this weird thing that looked like a monopoly game iron came piece only bigger. i said i want to be in the middle so i dont fall out but my friends just didnt want to do it they said we'll get killed. then thats it, i wake up.

what does it mean? this is similar to my recurring dreams about driving but im always in the passenger but like i said now in this dream im in the drivers seat.

Example: What does a dream about a positive pregnancy test and labor mean?

I would like to mention that I am not trying to conceive nor am I trying to prevent it with my fiance, not afraid of pregnancy, haven't been watching any shows about it, don't know any pregnant ladies, etc.

A week ago, I had a dream I was in labor. I was at the hospital and I called my ex boyfriend, for some reason it was his, and told him he had to get his butt to the hospital to sign the babies birth certificate. I didn't look pregnant though. I had my normal body shape, but was in labor. I could feel it moving and everything. It was very weird.
^ I haven't seen that ex boyfriend in 7 years or even thought/talked about him.

A couple nights ago, I had a dream I took, not one.. but 4 pregnancy tests that all came out positive. It was so realistic, I woke up and actually almost believed it had really happened.

Never had dreams like that before. I hear it's supposed to symbolize new beginnings or something?

Example: I keep having this dream that I'm driving. What does that mean?

Ive been having it for like the past 3 days. It's a red Dodge Magnum. And I just been driving around the city aimlessly. I don't have a liscence. I'm getting it in a few months and I really cannott wait! Im excited to start driving. But I dont even want a Magnum. I want like a honda. So what does this mean?

Example: This dream has been driving me CRAZY! What could it mean?

Okay, so I was hanging out with my friend(well he was in the dream, i've never seen him before) who was aboriginal, and had shaggy, or layerd hair. So he and I were talking in my backyard, and he said something that ticked me off, or made me upset with him.( Sorry, I can't remember what it was that he'd said). So anyways, we go into my neighbourhood now, and with a bunch of other kids, started playing a game called SPUD. My math teacher was there, sitting behind what looked like a judge's table. So then the kids were playing SPUD, and throwing the ball around, but my friend and I weren't playing. I had my arms folded across my chest, and he looked at me, apologetically. Then he hugged me but it was a very awkward hug, like he hugged me from the side, so his chest touched my left shoulder, and then i shurgged him off and woke up.
I have no idea what this dream meant. Please help me, it has been driving me mad
xxoxo---Nadine :))

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

I've been having a lot of dreams lately about me practice driving my dads car - i'm 20 and got my license yrs ago so what do these dreams mean? I don't drive tho and have for a couple of yrs since i am in a foreign country and they drive like crazy ppl here

Usually my dreams mean a lot and sometimes they foreshadow things so what can this mean?

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