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Dream About Drink One'S Fill meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean in Islam?

I had an unusual dream one night.

I was standing in my front yard with my dad and sister. And then all these dates started falling out from the tree in our front yard (it's not a date palm tree but still dates were growing out of it and falling from it). There were ripe dates on the floor and unripe ones. I picked up a ripe date and ate it and it tasted very sweet.

Normally I don't pay attention too much to my dreams but this dream is really bugging me and I was wondering if, Islamically, there is any meaning to this dream?

Salam. InshaAllah, it means that you should dedicate yourself to seeking the best of Knowledge, as it is the sweetest in this life and the next. It is very similar (from what I understood of it) to this beautiful hadith:

Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) said: Allah’s Messenger (saws) said: “While I was sleeping, I was given a bowl full of milk (in the dream) and I drank from it (to my fill) till I noticed its wetness coming out of my limbs. Then I gave the rest of it to ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab.” The persons sitting around him, asked, “What have you interpreted (about the dream) O Allah’s Apostle?” He said, “It is (religious) knowledge.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

So I had two dreams last night, and in both I seemed to release anger and rage. In the first one my friend insulted my best friend and I got extremely angry so I poured a drink on my friend and on her couch, knowing that she's a neat freak, and she got really upset. I felt kind of bad afterwards but I had just had enough of her insulting my best friend. She does it in real life too, it was just a worse insult in my dream.
In the second one, I was fighting with my stepdad over something. He was trying to come into my room to yell at me more and I was yelling back and slamming my door on him, not letting him in and he said something about this being 'his' house and not mine and I had no right to break the door like this and I said something about how my room was MY room and I had a right to privacy in my room. He disagreed, but my Mum standing on the side of the argument, agreed with me. I then remember making a comment about how I "Hated him with every bone in my body!" then slammed the door. My dream ended there, I think. I fight with my stepdad sometimes in real life, he doesn't usually try to come after me but he continues arguements when they should just stop and it seems he's always fighting with me for my Mums approval. I have also told him I hated him before but not like I did in my dream.
Could the reason I had these two rage filled dreams be because I haven't yelled or released anger in a while?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Ok... dream number one.. I'm working in a factory where my job is to take people's heads [already removed from the body], put them in a bag, and stack them all together.. then I have to go somewhere else and cut the spines off the remaining heads in order to have more to fill bags.. and i find my friend's head. The second dream is me being ignored by my friends and my "love interests - past and present" sleeping in a bed with my best friend, and them making me sleep on the floor.. then deserting me later. Another one - my friend castrates himself and SOMEHOW his genitals end up growing out of the back of my head and I'm running around trying to cover it all up with my hair. And finally [the last one] I'm sitting in the grass outside my friend's house, counting a big stack of money, watching a tv (that is outside.. an old school tv) with my friend.. and my past love interest comes up and asks what i'm doing.. then we all get drunk and go swimming in the back yard.. ?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay I dreamt that it was late at night, on a summer night. It was around 11.30 and me and my family were getting ready to go to bed. My Mum was propped up in bed reading a book, I was in the bathroom cleansing my face and brushing my teeth, my grandmother was in bed, asleep on the other side of the house and my brother was in the kitchen filling up this water bottle he drinks from. Suddenly I started hearing these sounds of people running in from the front door and somewhere near my grandmother's room. There were three of them they were all wearing black and had balaclavas on. I ran into my brothers room and hid under his bed. I could hear them talking loudly and things smashing like they were ransacking the place. I ran up the hall then stopped near the hall that has the laundry in it (it's a tiny passage, not very long) that leads to the family room and my grandmother's room. I dropped to my knees (I was wearing my cookie monster pajamas that have mini-shorts. In this dream my thighs actually looked okay in them. They had this huge box and was emptying it all over the floor. I could see one of our cats cowering under one of the chairs. I knew I couldn't get him without them noticing me so when I was sure they weren't looking I snuck to the front door and ran out of the house and down the road crying and screaming. Some people down the road called the police and they came but by the time they got there the 3 men were gone along with a whole heap of our possessions.

The bodies of my grandmother, mother and brother were removed, died of gunshot wounds. I was going to be placed in the care of my Dad (my parents are separated in real life) but my Dad turned around and said "I don't want her". I was sent to live in foster home where I was loner dubbed as traumatized and depressed (what do you expect?) who kept to myself and barely spoke. The authorities tried to get me home at my paternal grandparents who also rejected having me. I wasn't allowed to go with my aunt and uncle because their house was dubbed too small to fit two more children in it (therefore the living conditions weren't fit enough). I was put up for adoption, the men who killed my family were never caught and because of this the authorities decided to send me off to be adopted by people in America, for my own protection. I was sent to a foster home somewhere in America where (this is where it gets weird)

I was adopted my Johnny Depp and his wife. (I know it's weird). They put me in this public high school. I made a lot of friends but was still depressed and blaming myself for the incident. I met this guy called Trey or Trent or something who was like 20 and worked as a janitor and had grown up in foster care too (I never dreamt being told what happened to his family). We really connected and I felt he was the only one who understood me. I also became really close friends with this girl called Courtney. I told T (we'll just call him T because I can't remember his exact name) how I felt, I felt depressed, guilty and like I didn't belong in the family I had been adopted into. He said he could help me run away with him (I like him and he liked me a little). Courtney agreed to help and said she'd email me the work set so I'd be able to continue doing school work.

Over a week and a half I slowly took things from my room (books, clothing, DVDs etc) and emptied out my locker slowly so no-one would notice anything. T drove a combie van or whatever it's called, with a few bed like things and some shelving and a small cupboard. He allowed me to fill the cupboard with my things and he took some shelving. One day after school I pawned a ring my Dad had given me when I was like 4 and got $500 dollars for it. I gave $350 to Trent who stocked up the remaining cupboards with food and some medications I have to take, shampoos etc and with the money remaining put it towards gas. I bought hair die, coloured contacts, a new outfit, clip on hair extensions, some credit for my phone and one of those internet usb things that plug into your laptop.

The next day after school I put the new outfit, contacts etc in my bag along with a few school things, said goodbye to Courtney who said she'd email me soon and got into the van with T who came to pick me up. We drove for ages and dyed my hair a darker brown in the kitchen sink lol, put in the contacts which were hazel and put on a whole heap of make up on to cover my really rosy cheeks and changed into the new outfit. I got into the passenger seat and looked in the mirror, I was completely unrecognizable and fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and we were still driving. T said that people had been on the radio appealing for info about my disappearance. Saying they'd never stop searching and blah blah blah. I got really worried. We kept driving, well he kept driving till morning we stopped at a caravan park and we paid the guy in the front office money to use the shower block. I showered, washed my hair (s

Example: What could these dreams mean?

Ive had four different dreams about zombies
first they were nightmares where i woke up right after i died but now in Just fighting them and trying to find a way out/ a cure for the zombie virus. I haven't watched any zombie movies for months so i don't know why I'm thinking about zombies taking over the word. Oh and the dreams started a few months ago but stopped and then started again. Oh and I'm a 15 year old girl if that helps?

Example: What does this insane dream mean?

I was told all dreams have meaning, so is this dream even meaningful?

So I was in this school my mind made up long ago, it's a long and endless school with all these doors, and the bathroom has like 100 stalls and all these rows. So I was in that school and I was in the bathroom, and I was scared. My friend was just there and she left, we just got outta a stall shower and I was in my towel. So I was looking around and saw feet under the door, I opened the door and there was a brutal dead body on the toilet, rotted. I was shocked and tried to run away, but I was so lost in this endless bathroom. So I finally got out and saw all of my friends were on the roof, and there was fireworks and a pool and everyone was swimming and drinking and having fun. All the lights were colorful and it looked like so much fun. So Drake Bell walks up to me (I've never even thought the guy was cute) and he was like "Hey babe" and kissed me, so apparently he was my boyfriend. This was a dream I couldn't control. So we were watching fireworks together and partying when there was a flash flood at ground level, we were still on the roof. He said he needed something and we got in his car, despite the fast flooding. So we were driving when he lost control and the car slammed into a lake that was nearby. My window was open and the car was filling up with water. I looked over at him scared and he kinda gave me the sign to get outta there. So it was difficult but I swam out the window and emerged at the top. I was screaming and he never appeared and I couldn't see anything. So I swam to shore and ran back to the school with the party on the roof, it was dark, and I was crying and screaming saying that he drove into the lake and he was dead, and I was crying so hard. They were trying to comfort me and they said he was probably gonna come back. So I cheered up and all of a sudden he was standing next to me, but nobody saw him. And he said that he was fine, but he was kinda transparent. I knew he was dead but he said that be could still be together forever, and then my dream ended. Interpretation of this probably meanigless dream please?meaningless

Example: I know it's a weird dream, all my dreams are! I just wanna know if anyone has a meaning to offer?

I had a dream I moved into like this hotel/apartment/bungalow thing in Georgia. It was absolutely disgustingly filthy. It was just crawling with HUGE insects that looked like they were from horror movies. None were smaller than my head and some were so surreally awful they looked like... animated. The walls were just caked on with grime, everything was gray or dull green and even the air was just smokey with filth.
I was so upset, and I kept trying to kill all these massive bugs but I just couldn't do it. I'd get too scared or they'd run away or they would be just too big to kill.
A lot of my family was there, in an upstairs area where there was a dirty pool table and a balcony. They acted like everything was fine up there; they were just drinking and talking.
I was in the basement, where most of the bugs and mess was.
I remember distinctly one part:
I went into the backroom/bedrooms area of the basement where there were two beds and luggage everywhere. I saw this enormous green, thick caterpillar and a smaller but still huge black centipede.
And they were spazzing out all around the room. The caterpillar had like, a fake face: it was this creepy smile with big black eyes, but that was just a pattern on his fur because I could see his real face under it, which was a lot like a spider's face.
And it was making this freaky squeaking noise and sometimes he'd crawl under the bed and I'd freeze and wait for him to come out, but then I'd hear him like right next to me on the wall and it was awful. I was so determined to kill him and that black centipede.
I tried throwing stuff at them, but they'd wriggle away. After a while of throwing lots of stuff at them, they both crawled into my suitcase.
Which really freaked me out!
I could hear them breathing in the suitcase and that creepy huge caterpillar making wheezy squeaks. So then I went upstairs to get my aunt who came down with me. She basically shoved her arms into the suitcase and I was like,
"WAIT THEY'RE RIGHT THERE!" RIGHT next to her arm, but they were under like a notebook.
She was like "ah!" and yanked her arms out. Then she slowly lifted the notebook... and they were laying there... breathing heavily but otherwise staying very still.
Then she got some lotion and hairspray out and first sprayed the big caterpillar with it, which made his skin deteriorate, and sizzled the fur off, so his back was sort of see-through and thin. Then she like pierced his back with the nozzle of the lotion and filled his body up with it.
When he breathed in, the lotion would sink into this purple liquid in his body, and then when he breathed out the lotion would expand.
And he kept doing that till he burst at the seams
Then my aunt covered him in paper towels and was walking away with him but I never saw how she got rid of the centipede (if she did) or where she went with the creepy-*** caterpillar because I woke up.

Example: What do my random dreams mean?

I really like this guy. He's like everything I have ever wanted. Just one simple thing... I would like him to notice the nice girl in me.
He's smart, atheletic, cute smile, nice.
Since school is starting and I am wishing he wil be in my class SO BAD. I have been having dreams of other guys... I kind of see them as "cute but not my type."
I dreamt about 4 guys lately. They are like guy friends or my friend's guy friend. YA KNOW?
(no order)
1 Dream - It's my wedding day with my crush and we are going to the honeymoon. The driver got drunk at the after party and while he was driving just opened the door and walked out. The car was still moving. Turns out there was my "cute but not my type" stopped the car. My husband died and I was alive. I was so happy I kissed the "cute but not my type". WAIT WHAT? Yes, I kissed him. Dunno why just had an urge to kiss him!

2nd Dream - The other cute guy that is not my crush randomly took me to a graveyard. I was pretty sure I was dreaming... I was like: Okay, he's taking me to a graveyard. Nobody would take me there and it's a dream... I will wake up anyway. This sounds exciting...
All of a sudden, my crush came up from the ground. (He was a zombie.) He was trying to kill me and my "cute but not my type" carried me and ran as fast as he could. (KNEW IT. He's kind of a girl... he's like the sensitive type.) I said thank you and he said: Sorry honey.
Then HE kissed ME.

The rest goes on but it's kind of them saving me or me feeling sorry for them and love just fills the air...
Just because I am having dreams... I am starting to like them even more? :P

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I was in a elaborate palace, and i just walked right through the walls. The first room i walked in was filled with girls I that i hang out with at school.They all seemed really sad about something and didn't notice me and i called one of their names and they looked for a second and went back to crying and the rest of them didn't even notice i was there. Then after going through a ton of empty old rooms i decided to go outside and there were some dudes i know and these two i didn't but they were my brothers even though i never saw them before. All of them were drunk , one was on ecstasy or something and he started to run into the snow covered forest and i pulled him from his tie and he fell down and just looked around then i went to his older brother and told him to bring him inside.
It was just a really odd dream the architecture was so complicated and the masonry so elaborate and normally i understand dreams when im having them but this one i didn't understand one bit. The dream felt so real too, when i woke up for a split second i was like where am i?

Example: Does this dream mean something?

Alright so I had this dream about a wedding ill describe it in a minute but the weird thing is after the dream was over and i woke up i was crying and then that morning the guy i liked asked me to be his girlfriend and we've been together for a couple months now and i really think hes the one for me. Ok so here is the dream please let me know if you think if my dream was trying to tell me something..

So it begins as my day is horrible everything wrong is happening, and then its time for the wedding i cant recall who
was getting married, so i noticed i had a empty glass of water in my hand so i walk outside to where everyones at, to
get a drink of water, as im filling up my glass with my back turned to my family i hear a little child call my name so once
im finished filling up my glass i turn around to lots of picnic tables on the left and i turn to see my 4 year old cousin
Noah sitting on the lap of someone and he really is the cutest thing but he looks up at me and says hi rachael and his
eyes sparkle with a hint of green and blue and he had this odd look on his face it was mixed with sadness but yet happiness
but that's when i started to cry i looked around me and the scenery was beautiful absolutely beautiful it was so bright
outside but not a blinding bright just perfect and the wind was slightly swaying all around us lingering the most
soothing shade and there were white roses pedals being blown in the wind also with the sound of chimes like
wind chimes and i just stood there watching it all and if my memory serves me right i was in a white dress it was beautiful
and earlier in the day i was looking horrible my
makeup was smeared and it was bad but standing out there i looked beautiful my hair was done and my makeup had not one
flaw but i couldn't handle it all so i walked away from my cousin and was crying really bad now and my mom found me and
made me sit down on the bench and when she asked me what was wrong i just said its all so beautiful and then i awoke
in tears. Now this dream idon'tt know why but i still want to cry it like moved me or something but i haven't put it all
together until now, see i couldn't recall who was getting married and all my family was there and even my best friend
and i was so happy and overcome with the beautiful scene i was also in a white dress i really do believe that this was
a sign about my wedding one day...maybe it was just a Coincidence but maybe it was a sign telling me i was on the right
path. Guess i'll really never know.

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