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Dream About Drifting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dreams mean?

For the past two nights I've had dreams about the same things, not the same dream two nights in a row but about the same stuff.
First I've dreamt about surfing both nights. Not me actually paddling out and catching waves but me with my board and one time I was in the water but just kind of floating.
Second, I've dreamt about love. Not like me in a relationship with someone or hooking up with someone or people getting married but the actual idea of love.
For some background: I learned to surf almost two years ago but I haven't actually gone in over a year. I've been meaning to go because I really love it and it just makes me feel amazing and relaxed but I'm busy with school and college applications and SATs so I really have no time. My ex boyfriend and I broke up almost a month ago on pretty bad terms and then I found out he had cheated on me. Last weekend I made the step to try and get past it, like I called him and said we should just put it in the past, I can't make him apologize, we should just be friendly again because we go to a small school, have friends in common, etc. He finally apologized when he responded but we didn't actually make any progress until two days ago when we had a friendly/civil exchange (I know we sound like two year-olds) but it made an impression on me and it made an impression on him because he told my best friend about it. I saw him last night and we smiled and waved at each other.
I think he might have been in my dreams but I'm not sure.
I've also been really sore from volleyball practice on Thursday evening (two days ago) if that might affect anything.
So what might my dreams mean?

I tend to agree with Gray Bold on the interpretation. The dream meaning is presented in symbolic form, not to be taken literally. Symbolically, floating in an ocean (emotion) of love is beautiful.

Psychic contact and telepathy occurs when both parties are on the same wave length and simultaneously thinking of each other. So, yes, it is possible that you and your boyfriend psychically connected during the night (if you were on his mind and he was on yours), even though you both were sleeping.

If you strongly felt his presence, as though he were in your dreams, then you two made contact on the astral plain.

We drift through different brain waves during the night in 90 minutes cycles and potentially a person can dream (theta brain waves) in every cycle. Dreams make it easier to launch us into the astral, if we so desire, however, one can go to the astral plain during a meditative state of mind, as well.

When interpreting dreams, keep it as simple as possible. The subconscious communicates with images, in dreams, in order to bring unresolved issues to our attention. We think consciously in words so the meaning of a dream tends to elude us because we are thinking in conscious language.

Just try to intuitively interpret dreams, tune into and feel for the meaning, otherwise, the meaning gets lost. Don't over think it.

I like your attitude toward you potential partner. No, we can't make a person do something unless they've a mind too.

You have a good outlook on love. You are ready, but you just need to be picky and choosy to find the right person. He seems a poor choice since he cheats. That's his cross. He has to grow out of that attitude. It may never happen. You may need to forgive and just move on.

Take a look at life in general. Many young girls or young women are full of life with lots of energy and spicy personalities; but 8 years later they are dragging themselves around, totally exhausted because they didn't insist, from the beginning,that their partner help with all the chores. Their hair is lack-luster, they've got fat asses and a couple of kids.

LIfe is options. Good decisions result in more options. Poor decisions tend to limit options.

You are somewhat vulnerable right now. Your life is in transition because you are looking at college. Concentrate on your life plan. Focus on your future. You are moving into another intellectual growth spurt. You may out distance yourself from him simply because you are growth oriented.

He cheats, so he is not growth oriented.

Stay away from non-growth oriented people.

I hope this helps.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've been having the same dream over and over again for about a year now. I'm not sure what it means and i would like some feedback on any1's opinion of this.

It starts off with me sitting in my backyard with my boyfriend (weve been dating for 16months) and we have a big fire going in the fire pit. Its dark out, and i can only see for about 10 feet. So were sitting there and a girl, about 13, walks up and sits across the fire from us. Now, i cant explain it, but i KNOW that shes my future daughter. She cant see me and my bf, but we can see her, She starts humming a song, its always different and i usually cant remember what it is. Then i see a man wearing all black walk up behind her. I try to tell her to watch out, but i cant speak. The man, i have no idea who it is, grabs her and pulls her just out of my sight. I dont see it, but he rapes her. I hear her scream and my bf puts his arm around me and asks me whats wrong. Then i get this feeling, its not like im falling, its more like drifting away from it and then i wake up.

Does any1 have any idea what this dream could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

About 10 years ago my friend age 16 commited suicide I was her best friend a few years before this but we drifted apart we still spoke from time to time but just wernt best friends anymore, since her death I have had different dreams about her nearly everynight, but in them all she isnt sad or unhappy, she is always smiling, laughing and is happy, the dreams also feel so real and I hate it when I wake up because I realise its just been a dream, I specifically remember one drem where she said she didnt mean to kill herself, that got to me alot, what does all this mean and will I ever stop dreaming about her?

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does it mean when you dream about someone you have never met? But their face was so clear and the whole dream seemed completely realistic. What could the dream mean if you dream about someone you have never met but they seem so real?

Example: What does this dream mean car drifting ?

i had several dreams of driving a car on the first dream i had i drove the car from the guy i like in the rode and i saw my self driving it from above then it suddenly switch to another car it was gray and i got it stolen because a mechanic trick me but i got the car back in my dream.
my second dream started me going to the garage getting the laundry then i saw a white mouse i scream but then i stop and i wasn't afraid anymore , then i went to school and something was happening and i had to run away so i got on a car and started to drive and then i started to drift on a straight rode . then i woke up
these are the models of the cars a green-blueish accord
a gray ACCURA advanced car similar to it not exactly
a white Pitt cruiser

Example: What does this dream mean?

There was a man in a very nice duster jacket, and he looked sad, not on his face, but in his eyes.

He was standing on top of a zeppelin above a nighttime city scape, and the stars, and lights dazzled almost seductively.

He fluidly backed off the blimp until he fell backward, all the time with an enigmatic, yet serene expression on his face.

A little girl who had been narrating ( I forgot what she said) jumped off as well then hugged the man, all the while tears streamed behind her like diamonds.

The blimp moves in front of them, and then the scene shifts to the mans lovely jacket drifting peacefully to the streets, but it was falling as is if he was wearing it. It disappeared behind an apartment building as the dream ended.

Also the world looked like it was an anime. What does this mean?

The only thing I know about dream interpretation is that symbolism plays a part, and that Freud believed that you are all the people in your dream.

Example: Why do dreams mean ? ?

I've just always wondered.
Every single person on this earth dreams, what do you think dreaming actually is and why do we sometimes dream about prefect scenarios or crazy events ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night in my dream, it was raining heavily and it caused a flood . I avoided myself but could not help escaping. I was drifted for a while but then I managed to swim and helped my way to land,
what does this mean?
thanks in advance

Example: What does my dream mean?

lately my dreams are about going to the beach, sitting in the sand with people (family members, crushes, and friends, its always different people who im with) and then going into the ocean with them and feeling the waves softly crash over us while we are laying down on the sand. what does this mean?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Had a dream that I was driving a car and I drifted towards mail boxes and light poles. What does it mean?

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