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Dream About Dress meanings

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Example: Do Cross-Dressing dreams mean anything?

Recently I've been having dreams involving me cross-dressing, they are always erotic dreams, and they happen every other night or so. I just want them to go away, do they mean anything, should I do anything about it

When you experience reoccurring dreams, it means that your brain is trying to resolve unfinished business.

Your question did not mention if you have experienced cross-dressing in real life. I would suspect that you are harboring fantasies about cross-dressing but you're resisting. That's okay.

I suspect that the erotic sensations you feel in these dreams would be present if you tried cross-dressing in real life. Your brain is releasing dopamine and other neurotransmitters when you imagine feminizing yourself. However, if the thought of cross-dressing upsets you, then you are free to avoid it.

To reduce the amount of dopamine and neurotransmitters in your brain you can masturbate before you go to sleep.. That should prevent erotic cross-dressing dreams.

Example: Can someone tell me what it means to dream of dresses?

I had a dream that I was thinking that I needed to buy new clothes...I was looking through boxes and I found some really nice dresses that I had forgotten about...I was pulling them out and admiring them...thinking to myself...I dont need to buy new clothes I have these old ones right here...
The dresses were tight summer dresses...
Any help on what this dream means would be appreciated!

Example: What does a red dress mean in a dream?

i saw i had a red dress in my dream, what does this mean?

i liked it a lot, it had patterned black lines on it.

Example: What does it means to dream wearing a gold dress?

wearing a real dress made with gold

Example: What does it mean to dream about people dressed like other people?

in my dream their were people dressed just like other people.

What does that mean?

I didn't dress like no one but I saw these people who were dressed like other people.

Example: Islamic dream meaning wedding dress?

I had a dream I was wearing a wedding dress,and looking in a mirror,but don't know who I'm getting married too.
I'm not in a relationship at the moment, and I'm still young (21).
Hope this helps, thanks:)

Example: What does this dress dream mean?

Dreamt that three persons gave me gifts simultaneously. One person have me a cheque, the second person handelermt a wrapped gift and the third person was handing me what looked like

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone dressed in all white?

I dreamed that I was walking down the street with some friends, and Syd Barrett was there, and he was wearing a sort of thin, white, long-sleeved tunic that reached his knees and he was barefoot. It reminded me of the things angels wear. What does it mean?

Example: Wedding dress dream meaning?

what does it mean when you dream that you are in a wedding dress? i had a dream about a week ago that i was somewhere with lots of people my dad was by me and did not realize what was going on. I went to the bathroom in this place where i was and then saw that i was wearing a white wedding dress and was fixing my veil. I guess i was at my wedding but then i woke up well you see i am not engaged or anything like that i don't know what i dreamed that.

Example: Wedding dress dream meaning?

i only sixteen and i had this dream that i was wearing a wedding dress, and my mom looked so happy she said that it was beautiful but i didn't like it. i don't even know who the guy i was getting married to was.the dream goes from me and my mom in a room to me walking to school in that same dress. while i was walking i saw my friends and they said that my wedding dress looked good; but for some reason instead of walking with them i found myself in a wheel chair when i got up and told one of my friends she could use it while i go and chance my dress because it was ugly. what the hell does this dream mean please help...

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