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Dream About Dragonfly meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Wisteria tree in dream, meaning?

I was driving with my dad on the highway ( in dream ) and then I saw a bunch of small, vertical and brilliantly purple wisteria trees. I insisted we pull over and take photos of me standing in front of them. As we were doing so I noticed a small pond within the trees and families having picnics. I asked to stop and rest for a while and explore the pond. Which looked pleasant from afar but a little creepy up close, it was covered in green moss, and looked almost black, no fish were swimming. A little chubby girl ran to me and said her dad was a researcher and discovered that this was the "dead lake" nothing lived in it because no organism can survive. I was shocked and freaked out. I told my dad and as we were both staring at it together I noticed a dragonfly dive into it! It didn't die, but whizzed through the water, just below the surface, I followed it from the ground and it finally emerged as a bat and flew to my arm and it was pleasantly talking to me, saying it came to me to tell me an important message, then i wanted to keep it but it said it's job was done and it left... ANY THOUGHTS? :)

wisteria> Happiness in love and/or domestic affairs.

pond> To see a pond in your dream, denotes that events will bring no emotion, and fortune will retain a placid outlook. If the pond is muddy or looks weird, you might have domestic quarrels.

bat> May simply reflect events of the day providing an outlet and a safe way of expressing pent up emotions.

Example: For the past week or so, a cicada has featured in my dreams. What does this mean?

This morning, I dreamt about a black plastic bin bag on my bedside chest, and there were flies (grey-spekled house-fly sized and black ones about as big as this asterisk *).

Then in the middle of the floor on the rug was a creature that looked like a yellowy-greeny-brown cicada from the front, but from the back, looked like a dragonfly (Or it might've been a cicada and the 'dragonfly body' was actually its back legs).

Then I went out into the upstairs hall, where Mum was there too. I asked her what the creature was and sjhe said she didn't know.

Then she threw a massive cube of Oasis 9that gritty greeny-blue foam you put plants i) and it rolled about like a dice. The cicada climbed on it as the Oasis rolled and evetually got stuck inside a hole in it. The tips of its wings, its back legs and its abdomen were poking out.

I'm terrified of insects - less so of cicadas as I like their singing - normally, but the flies didn't bother me much (I did feel grossed out seeing the bin bag, though).

I was a bit afraid of the cicada but I sort of instinctively knew it didn't mean any harm.

In previous dreams, it's just 'sat'/'stood' on one spot and the room/landscape it's been in has never been as vivid as the one I dreamt about last night.

I'm sure the cicada means something, but I don't know what.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being a dragonfly?

ok so yea i dreamt that i was a dragonfly,and only people can see me as a dragonfly except this one girl who i didn't even know who it was. She was able to see me as a person

i don't know it was very strange if someone could explain to me mostly about the me being a dragonfly part that would be fine


Example: Does anyone know what it means to dream of dragonflies?

Example: What does dream about dragonfly mean ?

Example: What does a Dream about a dragonfly and danger mean?


I am new to this site but have been bothered by two dreams that I have had and hope someone has some insight in their meanings for me.

A little history I am a First Nations (Native American) in the NWT of Canada. Many of my ancestors and elders where very spiritual and my mother regularly speaks with spirits. I was living in Southern California when I felt a strong urge to get back to the NWT. I sold my business, packed up my stuff and moved back. Once I settled in I started seeing or sensing the presence of the elders. Okay on to my dreams:

1) I am in a ancient temple or castle (kind of reminds me of the temple of Zeus or the Parthenon) that is strange because it is open to the outdoors. and very beautiful. There are no furnishings just empty rooms. I enter one of the rooms and there are several people sitting in a circle on the floor. They are waiting for me.

I recognize these people but I don't (if that makes sense) they all remind me of religious or spiritual icons like b

Example: What is it? Dragonfly ?!?

I had a dragonfly cross my path and just wondering what is the omen for it ?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

I had a really weird dream last night and I can't figure out what it meant, so if you could please help me interpret it, I would really appreciate it!

I was in my bedroom, sitting behind my desk just writing in a notebook, and then I saw a dragonfly right next to my notebook. At first, I kind of freaked, and I watched the dragonfly fly all the way to the curtains, and it just stayed there.
Then, I went to my mom to tell her "There's a dragonfly in my bedroom! What do I do?!" And she said "Just kill it!" And I was like, "No! Poor dragonfly, I can't kill it!"
And then I went back to my bedroom, and I saw that the dragonfly was still there, and then the dream ended.

What was it all about? What's the meaning of dragonflies in dreams?

Thanks for your help!

Example: DEAD DRAGONFLIES, EX BF, STAIRS DREAM. What does it mean?

Ive lately been having dreams of my ex (first love) and dead dragonflies.
This one in particular, he, I and my little bros were in a presentation at some school with a guy who was teaching everyone something with dragonflies. Me and my ex were so happy we got back together that we forgot about my bros. We were going up the stairs when he realized my bros were missing. While We were waiting for them, we realized that all the dragonflies had died and were all over the stairs and floor. My bros finally caught up to us and we preceded on going upstairs.

Ive had 4 other dreams with dead dragonflies and my ex bf in it...Can anyone help me with this?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about being in the hometown I was raised in. My bf was with me at the time. The bridge to the island collisped, only creating a walk way to the island. The island was slowly going underwater. Then out of no where, This giant Red Dragonfly like person came up out of the water. This dragonfly women started conning people to cross the bridge...I dont know what was happening to the people that crossed it, all I can remember it was bad and I was trying to stop it. If you can please help me by letting me know what my dream might mean...please help.

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