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Dream About Dracula meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do you believe dreams have meaning?

Do you believe dreams have meaning I have dreams all the time about people I know?

Well, nobody has any authority on what dreams really are since we don't know what causes them and why or even whether we need them at all. Well, my view of them are as a way for the brain to sort through information, analyse and make connections. Dreams are your subconscious showing you what you fail to see when you are awake. Sometimes when you seem to "predict" the future, it may just be that your subconscious made some accurate deductions based on what your senses picked up.

Sometimes, when some things really bother you because of stress and worry or really capture your attention, they are at the forefront of your mind and star in your dreams. Like when I was 5 and had a dream that a t-rex outside my window, bit and turned my mum into a t-rex, causing me to chase her through the neighbourhood with a glass of water. It may be that I watched too much Dracula and Jurassic Park, or that my mum had the disposition of a t'rex sometimes, or just that I had a very healthy imagination. Part of the fun of dreams is just trying to find their meaning :D

Example: Weird Dreams O_o Wat Does It Means ?

i just woke up from a wierd dream until this afternoon ..still can't recover from it :(

it's started when we were in the super market with my friend and parents and suddenly there was a lady wearing black clothes kinda like a gothic style and she has very long nails and sharp as a dagger :\ by the time i saw her i was already seperated from my parents and my friend and no one was around , she has a big similarity from a vampire which is pretty creepy beacause she was bitting a man in the neck and she has her finger nailss pierced in the stomach of the man . in the way i look at them it look's like she's using her finger nails to drain the victim;s remaining energy , which really FREAK me out when i tried to escape she droped the man and started chasing me with incredible speed , hen i tripped over this peice of ston which was very weird when your inside a mall and a huge rock was just laying there , then i got cornerd ..she piercede me in the stomach which it feels really really real , by the time she was going to sink her fangs in my neack like a tender roasted chicken i got a chance by slipping under her and run and run like my life was depending on it which it is :l . then the image shifted and i was with my friend again but my parents was not around we were in this old amusment park , it's pretty crowded ...but i kinda saw the weird lady again but when i looked again she's gone but then my friend told me that we should go inside the game room ..in the entrance there was this kid at he kept on laughing like a chaky doll which we just ignored , by the time were inside it feels like no one was around not a single person was there and it's very quite , in the left side there was a ball pit and in the right side it's a dead end and in the middle theres the way to the arcade but my friend suchested to check out the ball pit by the time we were there , there was this lady again and she look really hungry for a fresh blood to suck and when we try to go back there was this guy he was dressed up like a dracula from the 60's witha black cape and he has a banana shaped scar right in his left cheek and he took my freind a way from me or one word to describe it SEPERATED from each other leaving me and the weird lady but that didnt last forever beacause theres this weird mirror tha you can communicate with other people or maybe other species like her when i have the chance i just wooped out from there and then i was outside of the wird place and i saw my friend sitting by the hotdog stall and he told me that the weird 60's dracula was not that bright so he tricked him that's why he easily escaped from him then the image shifted again and we were at the meat aisle with my parents but i guessed that's where it all stop because i woke up at 12 noon

just to remined this is not a joke

please tell me what does this means

Example: What does it mean to dream about this?

I had a dream I woke up and walked down the stairs with my son and my front door was wide open and a giant bat flew with dracula face flew outta no where.. we ducked and i DIDNT cover him! I dont know why... and then my friend was upstairs with my 8 month old and i screamed for her not to come down. and then i woke up.

Example: What does it mean to dream about vampires?

I had a dream that I was a princess named daisy
And a group of vampires were trying to
Attack me in the woods . By the way it was night time . What does it mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream a few days back that all my teeth fell out. I remember dreaming that I was lying in my bed and felt a tingling sensation at one one my teeth. I touched it to see what it was and the tooth then fell out an landed on the bed. I then remember opening my mouth and all of my teeth fell out onto the bed. There was no pain. It was as if they just dropped out. I remember I was crying in the dream as they fell out. I just remember cry as they all fell from my mouth onto the bed. Then I carefully gathered them all up in the cup of my hands and put them all gently in a plastic container and put a lid on. At this point I then woke up.

A couple of nights after that I had another dream about teeth but in this dream I had really ugly like donkey teeth and I was shocked. But then I remember taking them out and they were like those pretend Dracula teeth you can buy, and underneath them were new teeth. They had like a dirty film on them from the pretend ones I was wearing but I remember seeing them gleaming underneath the grime and I felt a sense of comfort and relief that they were actually my teeth and not the big ugly false ones.

Does this mean anything?

Example: Meaning of my raven dream please?

Okay, so I always dream in color, but this time it was really washed out, it was still vivid and realistic looking just very...dull? In the dream my family and I had just stopped by a Walmart like store, except it was the size of Walgreen's, in some alpine forest (no snow though) in the middle of nowhere. So when we go inside I walk off, just kind of wondering around the store and looking at stuff. Then this creepy man comes up to me. His hair was styled like Dracula's and he was wearing a black cape. He was really tall also. I know this is a weird analogy, but he kind of looked like a human-cigarrete (I know weird!) This dream was pretty much mute, no sound. So he quivered his lips like muttering something and then raised a glove covered hand at me.

Then all the sudden I'm on a telephone pole (you know, those wooden rods connected by wires) and I'm looking over the store from high above. And I'm a raven. The end.

I always dream like I'm in my body walking around, but through this whole one I was looking at myself from an angle. And all the clothing and almost all the products in the store were grey.

Summary: Store in alpine forest, I walk in, man comes up, flash to another scene and I'm a raven.

Example: Dreaming of blue, the Devil, black bikini panties, Dracula's cape [read on...] What does this dream mean?

I don't remember it perfectly, so I'll just try to re-tell what I remember. The "dream colour" was blue (like it was filmed on a camera through a coloured lense.) I was in my apartment. It wasn't as it usually is. It was dark, dense, scary and I even felt the presence of the Devil, but for some reason I wasn't very scared. There was some food on the kitchen counter, I think it was junk food. Something happened that I don't remember. After that it was a sunny, beachy day, and I wanted to go to the beach with someone, I think my Dad. I looked for black bikini panties in my drawers and found a pair of very nice ones. When I tried to look for a black top to match with it (since I didn't have the bikini top to that bikini), I found a strange-looking shirt that I put on, which was very long and changed colours from black to white to pink and vice versa. I also found that when I turned it inside-out it turned into a cape (like Dracula's), but was made of towel material and was tied around my neck like a cape, so if I untied it it would've been a beach towel. That's all I remember. Please help me interpret it!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I was locked up in Castle Dracula, trying to escape, and Dracula's Brides are after me--chasing me! Anyone know the meaning behind my dream?

Example: What does this scary vampire dream means?

Hi everyone :-)
First off, let me start by saying that I do not watch any of those so-now popular vampire shows or movies. I had a dream last night or nightmare, that I was being persecuted by vampires. This weren't the sexy or regular kind. They look more like zombies, since some of them had burns, cuts, etc. I didn't get beaten i should mention. At some point I remember going down some stairs and seeing one of the vampire/zombies laying death, it was a female. Some how I made it into a bus and was trying to get away from them.
Right now I'm at a very happy moment in my life, i don't understand what this could mean. I have a dream interpretation book but vampires wasn't in there. Anybody knows? Thanks in advance.

Example: What does my dream mean.. its pretty weird, and its long, but please take the time.?

well, my mum asked me to go to Ohio, which at the tgime i thought was in japan, then i realised it was in america somewhere to fight these 40 things.
i didnt go to Ohio because i was scared, but then 1 group of these things came to my house.
they were 2 werewolves and 1 old lady.
I looked out the window and the werewolf was like, climbing on top of a pile of something.
and then it jumped on my house and crashed the roof down.
alost hitting me,
my friends just like disapeared, and i had to fight it, with like a friggen butter knife.
and then another werewolf came down.
and then the old lady was sitting on my couch.
I apprantly had to kill all of these so i went for the old lady first. (stupid i know.. why kill an old lady when 2 werewolves are chasing after you)
and suddenly i stabbed her, and the werewolves went really quiet and turned into the men again.
I sliced one of there faces and he laughed, and then suddenly died,
and so did the other one.
and i got some sort of small badge thing, it looked pretty stupid, nothing pretty.
so i got this feeling i shouldnt tell anybody, because they'd think im crazy
and then the next people were like,
Vikings, and they were at my school,
as i was being sent home because i had a fever, these five vikings stepped in.
they had black mustaches and wore like viking things.
and they had a daughter called Ashlea
( I knew that because i was talking to her before. )
and she was with them now, dressed in viking things.
so i ended up fighting them, (no with ashlea)
and somehow it just stopped.
and the next one was like this Elf family, but they were tall, and one of the guys was really cute.
so yeah, i fought them at someones house,
and they had a remote that could control what the outside would look like. (like snow, rain, sun, moon)
and as i was waiting for them to come, i changed it to snow.
then one of them came,
and it was the hot one,
and for some reason i kissed him.
and he got a blade, and i ran.
and then I went out of the glass window.
and then everything was normal (almost)
i had another badge in my hand.
and my 2 best friends, (that i never met until in my dream)
picked me up in a car.
and i saw on her dashboard,
were like 40 badges, (im estimating) in like a pretty glass jar.
so i asked her about it, she explained that her grandmother asked her too.
I asked her who was the hardest.
she said Dracula.
( before i had the dream, i was reading the book dracula, so maybe that has something to do with it)
and then i asked, how did you kill him.
and she said " i whacked him over the head with a skillet "
and then i sneezed and woke up. ( I have the flu )

I doubt anybodys going to answer this.
but please take the time..

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