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Dream About Double Veil Worn By Muslim Women meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do U agree than any country banning the Burka or the whole veil Muslim women wear has a right to do so?

According to the "thought more liberated/liberator, French president", this religious garment, not necessarily MADE TO BE WORN BY MUSLIM WOMEN, but preferred to be worn by these Muslim women is a symbol of enslavement, and not religious significance...what business is it of HIS? OR, any other high government figure in any other country not mainly Muslim, have a right to interfere with religious choice?

Anyone wonder what is underneath this ban, which has less to do with religious enslavement, than with something else, kept occult?

I myself think it is a ridiculous and intrusive interference. It is almost like saying "you don't change what I've ordained, it is my way OR the highway!"

Any opinions from secular or any, all, doesn't matter who speaks, ABOUT THIS RATHER BARBARIC Dis-allowance made law?

Appreciated would especially be, comments from Muslim women.

Thank you very much!

I completely do not agree. Its very ironic how so many people accuse us of being oppressed by wearing the scarf. Even when I mention its by choice, and that we don't follow orders of men, we followed orders of Allah. And Allah told us to cover. It was our choice to obey God. And then here people are trying to force us to stop wearing it? Really? isn't that hypocrisy.
No one can force me to stop wearing the scarf. Go ahead, let people ban it, I'm not taking it off. So people can see who is really oppressing me, is the people trying to force me to take it off.

To me its really none of their business either way. Its like seeing a girl in jeans an another in a skirt. Are they going to ban skirts because people don't know what could be under their? Really?

Its my choice to wear it, and its going to be my choice to continue to wear it.

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