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Dream About Dormitory meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?!?

I frequently have dreams that involve being chased in buildings with hundreds of staircases. Usually I'm being chased by one or more people who have the intention of hurting or usually killing me. I recall running up and down varying sizes of staircases, sometimes I find my path blocked by other people who pay me no attention, or I run into my chasers and have to change direction, or sometimes there's just simply a dead end in my way.

The settings change each time - once I was running through a grand hotel up and down the staircases until I went too far up and I suddenly found myself in a horror-type setting - dark, abandoned, ripped hangings, vultures, blackbirds etc. Another time I was running through a ship's cabin and I knew I was unwelcome. I was able to close my eyes and reappear in different areas of the cabin which had turned into a hotel with dormitory/attic type rooms, but was unwelcome everywhere I went. I then reappeared outside in a forest/industrial plant where I was chased back inside. Another time I was running through a huge museum. Last night I had a similar dream, I was running through a film set, there were a lot of famous faces around and we had an objective, but there was a group of lowlifes who wanted to kill me and would not stop chasing me around these staircases.

Like I said, every dream involves staircases and being chased by people who want to kill me. They never succeed - they always seem a bit stupid, make mistakes, can't see me when I'm right next to them etc... but they never let up the chase.

Does anyone have any idea what these dreams could mean?

Hey Nadine well i have gone through your dreams well its kind of interesting to me, things i pointed out that was you are a good person in helping others but some takes you easy, the staircases you always see that tells there is a point of success in your life but people you see in dreams are those who always wanted to see you dis pointed they can not see your happiness they are jealous of you in every way. don't worry they will can not harm you because the keep faith in God ... Bye and take care

Example: What does this dream mean?

I often have this dream. I am walking from the student dining hall to my dormitory building. This is a routine of my life. Suddenly I feel bored with it. Why should I walk everyday? I want to fly instead of walking. Then suddenly I find I am flying. All my limbs are on the air. I don't fly high, though I want to. ( I am about 1 meter off the ground.) I crane my necks hard in order to fly fast but I can't make it. In fact my flying speed is just the same as my walking speed. In this way I fly about 800 or 1,000 meters. People around me laugh a lot but they don't mock me. They just say: "It's no point in flying so slowly. Just get down and walk with us." Later I am at the dorm building. Usually in the dream my dorm room is on the second or the third floor of the building. I want to soar high into the room but I can't. I still have to fly slowly up the stairs with others. What an awkward and clumsy flying, but I really feel good in and after the dream.
What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a Harvard dormitory with a male student. It was morning, and we were talking and laughing (I am just so funny in real life; you just don't understand). And, then, he started saying something like, "I know you were molested when you were younger." Somehow that was brought up. And we were studying and reviewing notes. Then, he just started raping me out of nowhere. He was caressing my thighs and pulling stuff down (He was Hispanic, does that matter?). I don't really remember all of the dream. These are fragments that I can recall.

So, what does it all mean?

Example: What does it mean in my dream when someone has one blue eye and one brown eye?

In my dream I was living in a large, very pleasant dormitory with some other girls I know. We had the night off and I was looking through my wine cellar for a couple nice bottles to celebrate with. I then suddenly found myself facing confrontation with something very painful that I've been experiencing in real life; someone who has caused me considerable torment in the past 2 years (and whom I've never had the opportunity to confront in person) was moving into my room in my dream, her bags were there already and she was coming down the hall. I became emotionally overwhelmed and as I was running away, ran into a man I've always admired(not at all in a romantic way). He was busy with someone else but looked directly at me and I noticed that one of his eyes was brown and the other bright blue. He then called my name and reached out both arms to hug me...then I woke up.

Example: Why do we dream; do they mean anything?

When we are fast asleep, why do we dream? And how?
Do these dreams have any meaning behind them?

Example: What did my dream mean?

I am with my husband and I am feeling happy because we are going somewhere together, but the only thing I know about what we are attending is that we will be joining the group of people that belong to an astronomy club that my husband is vice president of and is heavily involved in. We encounter the first set of these friends and immediately, my husband disappears without a word to me - no explanation, no "I'll be over here." He just starts intermingling with everyone and I lose sight of him. I begin to look for him, feeling very frustrated, as he does have a habit of this in waking life. Then I wander into a house-like structure, but its very undefined, and there are more people in it and it is more like a dormitory this time, with co-eds laying around. They all appear to be having a good time, a party, and I am still looking for my husband. In the midst of this, I hear my husband say "come find me" but I never do, as there seem to be obstructions in the house/place where he has disappeared.

More details: I dont dream in vivid color - often times if I see color it is like faded pictures and I never really see faces, I generally know who the people/place/thing is by impression. It is as if I am seeing things without my contacts on (I am very near sighted).

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was hanging out with some blonde girl at her house. It was on top of a bakery. Across the street from the house was a university dormitory. I saw her clearly, but I couldn't recall her face, not even while I was dreaming. Her family had dark hair, and her mother was somewhat old-looking. Then while this blonde and I were in the bakery, the old lady put us in some bread batter and baked us.

When we came out and looked in the mirror, our skin was red and chapped, but mine was darker (because I am of African descent). We were still partially inside the bread. Then, someone brought us to an alley inbetween the bakery and another building and put us next to the trash. At that moment in the dream, I was hungry and thirsty. At that exact moment, the old lady's son came out with two plates of food for the blonde girl and I, filled with bread, peas, and a cup full of water was in his hands.

This is the part that really freaked me out. The blond girl was observing the "dormitory" across the street and noticed lots of priests. The dark-haired boy told me that the dorm had been changed to a seminary while we were in the oven. I tried to look, but when I did, I saw the priests for barely a half a second, before the seminary had transformed, within a matter of moments, to an abandoned building, with three crooked, and charred crosses on the front lawn of it.

I then woke up, but I wasn't panicking, like when someone wakes up from a nightmare.

I am a member of my church youth group, but lately I haven't been making it to the group. There are also three sons in my family, including my two brothers.

Example: What does my dream mean to you?

DREAM: I'm walking out of some fenced off dorms. My dad drives up in a convertible with some friends. His are are red and bloodshot. I look at him and walk away as quickly as I can afraid that he's turned into a crackhead and wants to wrap his arms around me and give me a hug. I go back to the dorms parking lot and I start talking to some kids. They tell me that my dad just got the crap beat out of him by a young girl.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means? It was incredibly realistic?

So I walked into school for my graduation band concert. Right before the concert all of my friends go up to me telling me they hate me or my personality or they think I'm a complete weirdo or freak. So then during a the concert there is an awards assembly and I end up winning one of the boy and girl awards with my best friends boy friend. Then at the end of the concert one of my other friends smashes my trophy and gives it to my best friend. Then my best friend hand it over to the girl next to her who always flirts with her boy friend. Once I left the concert and got home my parents told me that they hated me and were going to send me to a dormitory. Then I woke up

This dream for some reason was incredibly realistic, and I just want to know if it means anything since I normally never remember dreams like this.

Example: Another weird dream. What does it all mean?

I had a dream I was at a school camp but I was an observer. I saw these cute guys and thought I want to sleep with them. This giant bird came in and said are you going to sleep with anyone tonight? I said maybe. We had to get into groups and I realised people saw me and I could into just stay an observer. I went to these girls and talked to them and was their friend. Suddenly I was a nerdy girl with glasses and daggy long hair and daggy clothes. I looked across the road and saw a baby through a window who was not taken care of and looked worried. The girls said "the powers that be, send that baby to me' he suddenly appeared and behind was left a baby skin with no bones. We had the whole baby. I nursed him and talked to him and comforted him. Then his parents were looking for him. I sent him back but a baby skin was left behind. Then I walked into the dormitory. I saw all these cute guys and said hello to them and looked in my bags and found many condoms. I slept with all them and counted 50. I could feel the sensation. People called me a **** and then I woke up.Please don't laugh and thanks for reading this far.

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