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Dream About Dogs meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about dogs?

I have had multiple dreams about dogs recently. There is a lot of variation in the behavior and kind of dogs involved. One dream I had was about a big grey dog that would always look for me and follow me and almost hunt me down. I was always distracted in my dream because I was always trying to avoid this dog that I was unable to complete my normal tasks and it made me really scared of it. Another dream I had was one where my friend and I went and each got an adorable little yorkshire terrier puppy. He was tiny and cute, and very nice and calm and made me really happy in the dream. In that dream I had a hard time taking care of him, even though he was not a handful. Last night I had a dream about two dogs and a skunk that acted like a dog. In the beginning of the dream this fat, large, mean beagle was attacking me whenever I tried to fall asleep. It would jump up on me in my bed or try to get under the covers and bite my feet whenever it could, and when it would manage to jump up on me it would scratch me really hard and made me miserable. Then later on in the dream I was playing with a cute little bison frisee puppy and I was putting a cute little pink bow on it, but then this man came in with this weird skunk that was like a dog and it was on a leash, and he released the skunk dog thing, and it came up and scared the cute puppy away and sprayed everything. It was really weird.

Whats bothering me is that I feel like these dog dreams mean something and I just cannot figure out what...

Hi there Liz, I normally don't do this but I had a sneak peek at your other questions and noticed there were A LOT about dieting, excersising, binging, being hungry and ballet.

The dogs represent these aspects of yourself. The big grey dog is aways watching you, it is hunting you down. Hunting is something dogs do when they are HUNGRY. The grey dog in your dreams represents your hunger. The hunger is always there, it is DISTRACTING you from getting on with your life. You are always trying to AVOID this hunger and you are AFRAID of it.

The Yorkshire terrier represents you as you want to be, when you are able to diet and excercise and stay in control of your size and weight. The dog is tiny, cute, adorable, very nice, calm and "not a handful". This dog makes you happy. Note also that the Yorkshire terrier is a PUPPY in your dream alluding to the fact that you don't want the curves that come with being a woman, you want to remain in the shape of a girl.

However, you have trouble looking after the Yorkshire terrier - meaning it is VERY difficult for you to maintain your strict diet and excersise regime.

Then in the dream there is the fat mean beagle, which represents you when you are binging. When you go to bed, this dog bothers you. Meaning when you are tired, when all you want to do is rest, that's when the beagle gets under the covers and nips at your heels and makes you miserable. When you are tired and exhausted and can't go on anymore, that's when you binge.

Then you are playing with the Frisee Bison puppy and are putting a bow on it. This puppy represents you as the dancer and performer (note it is also a puppy).

But the skunk comes and scares the puppy away and sprays everything. This represents your fear that you will no longer be able to maintain the body of a ballerina.

You had these dreams because your dream self wanted to send you a very clear message that you have a serious and potentially life threatening disorder and you need to give some attention to this, you need to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. You need to be kind to yourself, and stop being so critical and mean about your body.

I found it interesting that your dream self chose a beagle. Beagles are well known for their loyalty, their good nature, playfulness, their heightened senses and their love of adventure. In your dream, you only saw a fat mean dog that made you miserable.

Perhaps if you get to know the beagle better, if you treat it with kindness and love, you will find happiness and contentment.

.ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  Beagles are also known for being stubborn.  Is this you in real life?  Do you ignore the people who love you when they say they are worried about you and what you are doing to your body?  I also noticed that you NEVER choose a best answer for your questions.  Well you might never meet us and we may well live on the other side of the world to you but we are REAL people who DO CARE enough to respond (and we would love to get some response or acknowledgement from you!? Please? :-)

A SENSIBLE SUGGESTION: You don't have to give up your dream of being a dancer because your body is changing. There are plenty of other dance disciplines that respect the shape of a woman's body - do some research into other dance styles that you can enjoy.  Personally I think that the institution of ballet has caused more eating disorders and body image problems than all the women's magazines and cat walk models put together.  And what's more, those associated with ballet just get away with it without question!  In my opinion they have a lot to answer for!  Don't accept it, it is wrong and is a VERY unhealthy lifestyle.

Please take care and I really hope you read this - would love to get some feedback from you.

Example: What does it mean when dreaming about dogs?

I keep having dreams about a brown dog following me at my house in my backyard and then when i was walking to go inside the house my dad saw it following me and shot it. And all the dog did was howled at me and grew bigger and then died. What does that mean?

Example: Meaning of dreaming With dogs?

Example: The meaning of dreams with dogs?

I've always wanted dogs and planned to have 1 or 2 next year.

I had a dream that I had 2 fully grown dogs, a female silver husky & a male american eskimo. The female was extremely energetic & playful, the male plays along.

I suddenly find myself trapped in some balcony around 4th floor of a building, so I knock on the glass door and entered. I apologized to the shocked female occupant who was dressing up and left out the door. I was looking for the stairs down when my male dog came out suddenly and guided me down and out the building.

Anyone had any ideas on its meaning?

Example: What does it mean if i keep dreaming about dogs?

I've had the same dream a couple of times in the last month, its of a large black rabid dog trying to bite everyone and barks viscously, and then there's always someone trying 2 keep it under control. Does anyone know what this means?
Also I don't have ant pet does. Well any pets 2 be honest, I'm allergic.

Example: What does it means when you dream about dogs?

I have never owned a bog in my life before, but for once I had a dream of a lot of dogs(brown,grey and white colored) all trying to bit me..I did manage to scare them off without any biting me but even when I use another route I still find another group of dogs are angry and would try to attack me...what can this mean?

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream of a Dog?

ok so i had a dream of me finding a jack russel terrier puppy and he was very energetic and ran up and down the stairs throughout my whole dream and the only time he was still was when i told my mom that i was going to name him Gust.(which is something i wouldn't name my dog)

Example: What does it mean to dream with dogs?

I had a dream were i had 3 dogs one i had along time ago one i currently have (older in the dream) and a puppy they had in the dream in the dream i went to my back yard to greet my dogs and behind the two older ones came a small puppy they were all happy licking my hands (all 3 were pitbulls i dont know if it matters) what could this dream mean?

Example: What do brown dogs mean in dreams ?

I keep having dreams with a brown Labrador retriever dog

Example: Meaning of dreaming with dogs drowning in a river.?

What is the meaning of dreaming with being on a bridge and when look down the river is full of hundreds of dogs drowning.?

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