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Dream About Dog Poop meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Recurring Dream about POOP?:x does it mean I'm the s**t? lol no but seriously!?

3 nights ago I had a dream that I went to use the restroom,
tried to flush but the toilet over flooded & there was feces everywhere &
I was thinking to myself how the eff am I gonna clean this ugh ew!
Then the next night in my dream I looked in the toilet there was poop
but I didn'treally bother to flush it I just got in the shower then all of a
sudden that poop came out frm the whole where the shower water goes & it was floating up cuz i guess the water was really high so i turned off the shower than the poop fell next to my feet again EW! Then last niighhht, I dram that I was in a
outside concert but my dog had to poop so I took him where the grass
area was and he pooped but it was like human feces not dog he wasn't supposed
to have pooped there & there was people coming so I hid him behind a
water fountain but then he started pooping A LOT all over the fountain
there was diarrhea all ovr where people drink! WTF so I got scared
& embarrassed was waiting for him to finish so we could leave but then
the fountain broke i guess and all the water started coming out & kind
off cleaned the mess then I was some what relieved.

-->So ok I never think about poop I'm not a friken weirdo or anything
but this has to mean somethin if I keep dreaming about Poop & Water?
Thankyou so muchh for reading this yucky question,! please tell me
what you think it meanss.

The poop part is insignificant. The first dream is a metaphor for feeling like your life or something in your life is overwhelming you and you don't know what you're going to do about it. It is clearly a source of stress for you. In the second dream you are exploring the possibility of ignoring what is bothering you, but you don't think that will work. Perhaps your dog is symbolic of a close friend or sibling you feel you have to care for but they aren't exactly making it easy. You are scared that if other people look at your life situation you will be embarrassed, but you feel that you have the power to fix it, if only a little bit.

Example: What does it mean to dream that your dog is pooping?

The other day i had a dream that My dog was pooping Green poop in My living room
Does that mean anything? And please be serious about your answer thnx

Example: Public pooping dream - meaning?

Would greatly appreciate a little public help on my dream this morning. I was sitting in a lobby or waiting room - half airport, half doctors office, well lit, hard to tell where it was specifically - and I was taking a crap. I was the only one on a toilet and everybody else was minding their own business. Across from me and to my left, but perpendicular to me (facing towards the wall on my right), is a mostly cute but unremarkable brunette girl with black pants and a white collared blouse. She was reading a magazine and not paying attention to me. I was holding a newspaper.

Time came for me to wipe. I wasn't overly concerned with the scene at this point. Once I was sure that people were doing their own thing - reading, staring at the ground, standard waiting room fare - the public pooping wasn't too problematic. But now that I had to wipe and the toilet paper roll was on the wall across from me, out of my reach, but within reach of the brunette, I was suddenly concerned. I tried reaching but it wasn't going to happen. Nobody was moving or staring. Nothing was happening. So I got off the bowl and put my newspaper behind my bum and took the two painful steps needed to reach the roll. I took all the TP off it and it was enough for one wipe.

At this point I become very aware that this was one of those rich, creamy, enriched poohtonium poops - a three wiper minimum. I start to get more anxious because the first wipe did little and now I'm out of nearby TP. I look around - still, nobody's noticing/caring/moving - and see another roll of TP on the wall to my right but way further away...at least 5 steps. I look back to the left and the brunette is still just reading her magazine.

So starting to feel really anxious and uncomfortable with the whole situation, I get up and start to make the ankle shackles walk of shame to the other wall. As I'm about to get my trusty paper into butt blocking place, the brunette leans forward, stares right into my rancid butthole and screams "Eww.." for everyone to hear and stop what they're doing and stare.

I don't remember any details after that...only that I woke up and felt my butt for **** (none to speak of, thankfully) and then checked my kitchen for dog **** (none to speak of, lucky for the dog). I've never had a public shitting dream before but when the brunette screamed, I remember feeling frustrated, not embarassed. During the whole "ordeal", it was more an awkward then anxious then supremely frustrated feeling. There was no shame.

Would greatly appreciate any insights on what it all meant or could mean. I've never had a poop dream before, so I'm not sure what it could or does stand for. Thanks very much in advance!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt I was on a dirty beach (had piles of dog poop all over) and I kept sticking my hand in the sand and pulled out rolls and rolls of money (paper notes and dollars (I'm from south africa)). It seemed no matter where I dug in the sand, there'd be money.
I eventually went to a casino, used some of the money and won more money! And I kept using the same specific number - 2895.
What could this mean?
My grandmother used to say dreaming of poop means u'll be rich but dreaming of money is bad...

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

Ok, i've wanted a dog for the longest time and last night my dad and i were argueing with my mom about getting one.
i had a dream that we got a German Shepherd mix and he was OUT OF CONTROL.
he dragged me when i was walking him and he jumped a fence and lifted me off the ground. we had another dog but he was mellow.
they weren't puppies, they were maybe like 1.5 years old.
my mom says that im not responsible enough for a dog.
is this trying to tell me that they are harder to take care of than i think?
they were just crazy. the shepherd mix was eating the furniture and just so hard to walk. it actually felt like i was being dragged by a 100 pound monster in the dream.
what does this dream mean? :[

Example: What does it mean to dream of having sexual intercourse with dog poop around you?

basically i had a dream that i was having sexual intercourse with a person that i like. just as things were about to get to the next level there was dog poop all over the bed and myself and him. could you tell me what this dream means please?

Example: I had a dream last night about dog poop can anybody please tell me ?

what does it mean when someone dreams about having dog poop on them, I had it on my hands, on my feet, and clothes.. in my hair, it freaked me out, and whats really weird is I hardly ever remember my dreams, but this one I did...

Example: I dreamt that I kept stepping on doh poop, and saw my dog pooping alot what does this mean?

Example: What does a dream about a pooping dog mean?

i dreamt i had a dog, and it kept pooping. the dog wanted to go for a walk to poop outside. i went to get it's leash, but the dog pooped before i could get it. then i got him it's leash and it pooped some more. what does this dream mean?

Example: I dream i have a dog with its poops all over what does it mean?

the other day, i had a dog in my dream & this dog is really naughty or dumb because he has his poop all over his body & whether i want to touch it or not i 'd have to because its my dog in the dream & nobody will touch it if i dont, so i finally touched it & cleaned the dog with water & soap.
What does this dream means?

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