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Dream About Dog House meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreaming of a mean dog in a Nightmare?

I keep dreaming that a mean dog is getting inside my house, this has lasted for 3 nights...Any help here ! Can you interpert this dream ?

That could just as easily be a huge ape - the only thing is, the ape is not sitting on the carpet in your living room, but the big monkey's on your back. Do you know what I mean?

You have an unresolved issue that you might have swept under the carpet a while back. This is nature's way of telling you that it's come back and you will need to deal with it.

Example: What does it mean when dreaming about dogs?

I keep having dreams about a brown dog following me at my house in my backyard and then when i was walking to go inside the house my dad saw it following me and shot it. And all the dog did was howled at me and grew bigger and then died. What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of dogs?

In my dream there were 2 golden Retrievers,1 mixed breed named Butch,another breed who all followed me to my old house.

At my old house we had to climb up stairs to get to the door. But in my dream the stairs were broke but somehow I got upstairs.

Example: What does it mean to dream about dogs?

I dreamt that angry dogs and foxes wanted to enter my house and attack us I saw them in the garden than ran to my house ...
so my mom wanted me and my sister to stop them so we were waiting for them in the stair and then 4 of them came up with a plate of fruits and were very sweet but i still beated the **** out if them

Weird , I know lol XD

Example: What does this mean? dreamt of dog trying to attack me, cutting my hands with blunt knife...?

I dreamt last night of being at work and one of the guard dogs chasing me trying to attack me and another dog got into a fight with that dog so i got away.. i woke up then went i went back to sleep i dreamt i had people leaving my mums house (i was young again) mum started yelling i made a mess i told her this knife is blunt.. doesn't make sense i know.. but to prove the knife i had in my hand was blunt i started cutting my hands and it cut in deep.. i was suprised.. then woke up.. went back to sleep dreamt of being in a car someone jumped into my drivers seat so i jumped out of it while moving (2nd night of dreaming of jumping out of a moving vehicle) .. i was running away from them and hiding, they kept finding me but i kept running.. then again second time of dreaming bout this i dreamt these bad people came into my house and i was hiding from them calling the police..

is this alot of crap? or does it have some meaning..

Example: What does it mean to dream about a dog ?

i didnt know the dog, but he was lost ( i was in my childhood area, by my childhood house, with my childhood friend )

and i saw a big brown dog, it was lost so i looked at its dog collar and called the owner.

the owner seemed happy.

any ideas ?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about dogs?

Okay to start off i'm Half Black and Half Mexican. My mom is Full Black and my brother is too and they both are really Nice and Love pets.

Okay so yesterday I was dreaming bout 2 dogs. One was Black and the other one was brown and they both were chihuahua's. They were also both average size with really fuzzy hair.

In my Dream I'm trying to save the brown dog from my mom and brother they were both trying to kill the brown chihuahua. In the whole dream I was doing everything I could to save the brown chihuahua. We went from inside the house to the back yard. Where i was throwing the dog into bushes and in the air and anywhere I could to stop my mom and brother from killing the dog. The Black dog was just staring and following us around.

Could you please help me!

Example: What does it mean to dream of a black dog?

In the dream I was at this cliff by the ocean. There was a light house if that matters. Suddenly this black, shaggy dog just comes out of no where and chases me to the edge of the cliff. Like an idiot, I just run off the edge but the dog jumps off after me. As I'm falling, the Dog bites my left hand (the hand I write with) and then I wake up.
That dream can't be good news but I had another dream with the same dog a couple weeks later. This time when the dog chased me, it gave me a hug and licked my face unstead of attacking. What could this all mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a dog?

I had a long dream last night,I was home with someone from school that I am kind of friends with...the whole dream we were writing stuff and then i go to the kitchen and when i come back,he's not there..I look for him everywhere then I start getting scared because no one else is home and i can't find him...so suddenly i see this open window and I'm like I have never seen this window opened before...maybe my friend must have opened it, and suddenly, a huge black dog comes in jumping through ...I move back and the dog is coming at me and I remain calm and it walks behind me with this evil look and i start looking slowly for my keys and phone so i can run out of the house,the dog is watching me and slowly following me...it felt as if it was about to attack...i started moving faster and the dog started running behind me and ...the alarm goes off ..I don't know what dreaming of a dog means? It seemed like that dog was released by that friend was at my house in the beginning. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean about a huge black dog?

My family and I were in a cabin or something,it was in a small circular clearing,I went outside and I heard growling,I looked over to find a huge black dog,it hag shaggy fur.It jumped out of its place and lunged toward me,i quickly dodged it barely,but I was cut on my shoulder.I ran in to the woods trying to escape the black dog,but I found myself in another clearing,but this time about forty of black dogs stood on stones,and branches.I was surrounded.They lunged for me,I was attackewere ripped and I was covered in my blood.The dogs looked into a different direction,and ran into the direction,and I followed,and When they stopped,I was at my house.It was on fire,I saw my mom and dad and brother dead in the flames.Then something happened,I was shaking,then I ran and tackled one of the dogs.I fought all of them,but more and more kept on coming.Then I was standing on my knees,And I was laughing,my teeth began to become fangs,and I transformed into a huge white dog.What does this mean?

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