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Dream About Distraction meanings

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Dreaming with Distraction may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?...I keep having them?

What do my dreams mean 1 I've had the dreams where all my teeth fell out. 2. I was driving with this guy that I was supposedly dating. And all the sudden I lost control of my car and it dove over the cliff in the ocean and I could see myself lying on the rocks all bloody and ripped apart. And then I watched it happen to two other girls and who all were with the same guy.
3. I was on the beach with a guy and all the sudden he pulled out a knife and slit it across my neck. I could feel everything! I started choking on blood and gasping for air. It was awful. And then I woke up in my dream and I was in an all white house. I could barely walk and blood was still pouring down my arms and my chest. Then the guy that cut me up came into the room with a knife and was talking about he was gunna use parts of me to help make his perfect girl. Then I woke up and I've had these dreams few times and I know their really creepy and weird but could you tell me what they might mean?

1. Dream of teeth falling out could mean losing or lack of control in life.

2. Losing control of your car and drove over the cliff may man literally losing control in life. However, it may mean you are indecisive about something in life. Seeing your bloody body could suggest that you are felling disappointed or failure in life. That points to your decision making and you are very uncertain about certain aspect of life. Two other girls with the same guy may mean some of distraction you have in reality

3. Being cut or killed in the dream could mean something you can't defend yourself in reality. That implies you are being criticized by someone. This someone could have said something that hurt your feeling in reality. Projecting being killed shows sign of failure once again in your reality.

Putting all the together, you may be having some problems with people who took over some control or freedom from you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed of a guyfriend I know for two years.we are not girlfriend-boyfriend though.anyways he bent down in my dream his shirt went up and I could see his back naked.he blushed and slowly pulled it down.
what does it mean?

Example: Does this dream have any meaning ?!?

So at school there has been a student teacher coming, everyday to my math class, he's only 3 yrs older than me, & he's kinda cute I like him, & sometimes I just get that kind of "vive" I guess you could say, that he may have "noticed" me if you know what I
mean... But here's my dream

So I walked down the hallways of my elementary school (gosh I haven't been there in a while) & I was about to be late to my math class, but I saw him (lets say his name is bob) so I walked over & bob gave me a hug, then one of my classmates said "come on Emily, you're gonna be late" then the bell rung, "I'll be there in a minute I said" just out of no where the was a recliner chair in the middle of the hallway! He say in it & he fell back so I offered him my hand he took it and when he got back up he held onto it, then I sat on his lap, & we sat there smiling holding both hands then he lets go of my hand kisses me on my cheek, then kisses me from my thigh to my knee then I woke up.

Does this mean anything!? Or is it just a dream?! It's been bugging me alot! Thanks (:

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

I had a dream where I was aboard an alien ship and after I escaped my jail cell I killed a few aliens but then saw a beautiful girl tied up and gagged to a pole in just her bra panties garter belt stockings and heels. After rescuing her I go around with her and find even more girls tied up the same way and some girls tied up together on the same bed. All of them were super gorgeous and had beautiful bodies and all were Latina. Lol what does this mean?

Example: What can my dream mean?

Okay i had this dream a few nights ago...i was searching around looking at antiques and somehow after looking at those i was eating several blue raspberry pies and then somehow my boyfriend was in my dream also. Well it may have not meant anything, but still just wondering...

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream last night that I was with a bunch of guys around my age (I'm 17) and we all wore camouflage suits (if you ever played Act of War, the enemy known as the Consortium has a unit known as Optical Camo, allowing them to be stealthy) that allowed us to change color in a manner similar to a chameleon. Our mission was (strangely) to kidnap Beyonce at a concert, using explosives as a distraction while taking her in tow and (if you must know, I have always had a record of having crazy dreams, although not documented) ransoming her for $50,000,000. I do not know what the meaning of this dream is, nor do I know the significance of it. Can anyone explain to me the meaning, the relevance, and how will it correlate or at least predict some event in the future? Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

well in my dream we were with my family. my mom and dad kept having arguments like they always do. My mom was driving and we hit a car. It was a very small accident. all of us got out of the car and my dad drove the car to the parking lot with the people who were involved in the accident to negotiate. and after a while when i felt somethings wrong, i went in to check on him and found out that he was stabbed.

Example: Dream of girlfriend meaning?

This dream was me and her at dinner and this guy shows up and i have no clue who he is. She starts talking to him about how much they love doing this and saying i love you to this guy. I asked her, dont you love me and she goes sorry i only like you im just using you. I would like to know if theres any meaning to this.

Example: Weird dream what can it mean ?

I went to visit my ex girlfriend which I recently broke up with . We were a a fancy hotel , with see through doors . We were kissing a.d about to have sex , when I looked at the door and there was an elf and several other much smaller elfs about a foot tall ! They s
Were all knocking on the door looking at what we were doing . Somehow they got in and they just started walking and running around but they never aproched us in any way or said anything . There was a fountain in the middle of the room and some of them were jumping in the fountain...I still have feelings for this girl we recently broke up . By the way am a sane man ,I never used drugs . Some sane explanations please

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Almost every single night I fall asleep and 5 minutes into my sleep I have a dream about something that is shocking and hurts (for example slipping on orange juice and falling, or getting hit by a baseball)
I always wake up scared, and go back to bed. Every night it is something different but it almost always happens. And its been happening for a while.What does it mean?
What does this mean?

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