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Dream About Displeasing One'S Parents In A Dream meanings

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Example: What do you think my dream means?

I normally don't recall most of my dreams or forget them as soon as I wake up only a few maybe 5 have I remembered for a long time. Who knows? I might forget this one soon. But, I want to write it down before life sweeps it away.
Things to know: I am genetically female. My parents are together. I'm not afraid of snakes, not totally fond, but I respect them. I can come up with lies on the spot. Oh, I'm not lying of this dream, but there is a part where I lie to someone in the dream.

I don't totally recall the beginning, but I remember that there was a man. His...left arm was a claw of sorts and he was laying down on a mattress, pensive. And he opened the glass door beside him to let in a squirrel so he could interact with him. Not really play, sort of enjoy someone's company without them judging his arm. The squirrel backed up a little bit and then ran away.

Then the scene changed to where there was a snake and it was sleeping on the floor coiled up. I ran around my house trying to find as many heavy books as I could find to just squash it dead, because the snake was simply huge. And when I finally got enough books the snake awoke and slithered away. The scene changed again.

This time. It was sort of an enchantment. I could feel some sort of "royal-ness" in the atmosphere This is where I want to focus on. The same snake, I don't know what color or pattern, but it was a snake. It slithered around a rock floor. Looked like an old castle to me. It was dark, but you could still see. The snake went its way around this maze of a castle and found a room. I was in that room standing, trying on clothes (I assume) that I found inside this castle. I stood in front of a oblong mirror that was either outlined in gold or bronze, i don't know. I had on a black vest with a dusty white collared shirt underneath and a wine sort of colored ruffle thing as a tie. The snake wound up around my figure and I could hear it speak to me. The way I felt, was as if I wandered into this castle and decided to mess around. The snake whispered 'Master...you've returned' See, the way I was in this dream was that I had my normal boy-cut hair and (ha) a-b cup chest. The snake said 'why do you reek of female scent, master?' I assumed that the snake's master was originally male and the snake was from 'long ago' and I'm a natural liar and can make do with that. So, I replied, "Yes, I recently mated with one." The snake hissed and seemed displeased with this answer. So, I put on my aristocrat face and tried to get myself out of this mess. "...Mother's insisting that I find someone to marry and mate with soon before our whole line dies out." I sighed, "Where is father when I need him..."

I don't know how I got away from the snake but I did. I was still in the castle though. I tried to find my way out, but ended up in some sort of dungeon. Like a pit with platforms on top. The type that kinds and queens have to watch prisoners. Only this time, there were no lions or anything. Only statues. I don't know how many, but I think around 10 to 20 statues. They looked like the king's servants turned into stones. Gypsies and sorcerers, along with a lady covered in a long cloak. I remember seeing some sort of light that went around the walls of the dungeon and brought these statues to life one by one. They all looked ready to attack me and (somehow) I tried my very best to put them back to stone. But this light kept circling this dungeon. Faster than I could put them back and run away. I got to one of the platforms, finally. And some girl. Some girl wearing earmuffs and winter clothing helped me up and tried to pull me through the exit. But, the snake from before, It just appeared out of nowhere and stroke right at my face. Then I woke up and typed this.

Sorry this is so long, but I want you guys to see this the way I saw it. Thanks for reading, if you left any sort of opinion telling me what this might mean, or if it's just a silly dream, or maybe just anything at all, about your day, that would be great. Thank you :)

Thank you very much for writing it as you saw it. Unlike people who will use "dream decoders" or "dream books" or what have you, there's no significance to anything in your dream that isn't already significant to you in some way. For example, I've heard people say "Running means you're running away from something," but that's a common phrase we have in English, to be mentally "running" from something, so how can that possibly be applied across the board when there are cultures that don't have that saying?

Basically, your dreams are things that you already believe and think about, but because it's your subconscious mind thinking about it, it comes across in symbols and images instead of as a phrase or sentence. This is where people like me (dream interpreters) come in.

Because your dream is broken up into several scenes with no actual flow between those scenes, they are not related. These scenes are individual "thoughts."

Scene 1: The man and the squirrel. This scene tells me that you're good about picking up on emotions. You sense this man's pain (you know why he wants the squirrel in there), and note that even the squirrel is put off by the arm. You don't seem to reach out to the man in any way. If this was a scene you were watching (you weren't actually there), then that's understandable...but if you could have interacted with the man but didn't, this tells me that while you are empathetic (intellectually recognizing emotions), you are not a sympathetic person, or do not normally display sympathy.

Scene 2: The large snake. This is an interesting scene, because nothing actually happens. The snake is non-threatening, you don't hurt it, yet the whole scene is about you trying to gather enough things to hurt the non-threatening snake and not actually accomplishing this goal. This tells me that you can have a "much ado about nothing" kind of personality, where you run around trying to fix/worry about perceived problems that don't actually exist, and you later learn that there's no reason to have gone through all those actions/emotions because the perceived problem is a non-problem that can fix itself.

Scene 3: The castle (the majority of the description). Despite the lovely description and length of this section, it's actually a rather simple interpretation here: you lie very well, but also understand it can make your life more difficult because you lied. This is clear here because you lie very well to the snake about being its master, but cannot lie your way through the dungeon...the statues know that you aren't one of the royals who's supposed to be there to watch or whatever they do in that room. This is why they begin to attack you. You end up being saved by someone unusual (symbolizes the fact that you're open to help, no matter the source...a good thing), but then the original character you lied to (the snake) realizes that you're a liar and attacks you. Even if you didn't preface the dream by telling me that you're a good liar, I would tell you that you're probably a good liar just based on this part alone...however, a good liar is still a liar, and lies will get you in trouble. That's what this portion of the dream is telling you.

I hope this helps.

Example: Could this dream be warning me?

first of all, I hope no one will judge me here. I have to say that I'm gay. never been in a relationship and I don't think I want to even though I have some crushes.

so here's how the dream went. I had this about 3 years ago already and it was the scariest dream I've had.

I was inside my room, standing beside my bed.(By that time I'm not occupying that room anymore but I still like it and clean it sometimes.) I was thinking about the guys I admire. And then at the door leading outside the room, there's an altar with a portrait of Jesus Christ. (By that time I was having doubts about the teachings of Christianity because I'm thinking that the church shouldn't view homosexual relationships the way they do) From there I saw his eyes started to glow in red. It was really scary! Like he's displeased with what I'm thinking.

And then it shifted to another scene. I was in my parents' room. It's nighttime and it's dark everywhere. When you go out of the door, it's just near the other room so you can see our altar. SO I was opening the door and saw the portrait of Jesus Christ again. But this time the image is so horrible. His whole face is dark as shadow, his eyes are still glowing red, he's wearing a crown of thorns and the image is moving facing to the right and then left. It's also growling.

Maybe this dream was simply generated based on what I was thinking that time. But don't you think it's possible that it's warning me? I've experienced that everytime I try to get close to a guy I like, things seem to go wrong. Like they will only make fun of me. But like I said I've never actually tried to be in a relationship. I'm still in the closet. I wanted to come out but I just feel like people won't accept me. I'm more of the masculine type although I have some feminine traits.

I'm still studying, I'm about to graduate in college. I wanted to be in a relationship but because of those experiences, it makes me feel like I probably should just study and focus on my future career. I'm not that sociable anyway so maybe being in a relationship won't work too well for me.

Any good advice please?

Example: Help with my recurring dream...?

this is a dream i have not had since i was like 9, and now its come back to haunt me!

in the dream i am seven and my sister's nine, and out parents are having cleaning day in our house. my sister and my mom start cleaning my room, and then i start cleaning my sister's with my dad. first we start cleaning a dollhouse that we actually had in real life that's in my sister's room. while im leaning in to clean the insides, i get sucked in. (by the way, everything in the dream is covered in a little shade of green, like wearing sunglasses.) then im standing in my mom's room, in front of her dresser and her big round vanity mirror that she has. except im not me. im this dark-skinned girl with long, shiny black hair. and behind me on my mom's bed, there's this girl who i know who i have hung out with when i was, like, eight.she's just sitting there, doing what i usually do, reading. and im looking in the mirror, and then i say,"you know, laura, sometimes i really wish i had better eyes." that's what her catchphrase was. (but her name was not laura, and neither is mine, so don't think that). and then my head falls off of my body, and i feel so out of my place. I can still see the mirror, see the ugly, gruesome being with no head, but I can feel that i left my head, the most important part outside of my body, behind me. and then it feels really wrong, and then i usually wake up right there. why am i having this dream again? i used to have it like, twice a week when i was younger, but now it came back. WHY?

Example: Ramadan: what kinds of things make a marriage a good one?

list 10 things that if they are present, the marriage will Insha'Allah be a long lasting happy and healthy one.

here's 2 to start you off:

1)both partners should be dutiful to their Lord and obey HIM and HIS Rasul(pbuh) in all matters
2)both partners should be reminders of one another, calling each other to what is good and Pleasing to Allah and call each other away from everything that displeases Allah.

now, the rest are up to you and no, they don't all have to be so religious, i just thought those two were very important to mention...

Example: Primary vs. Secondary Depersonalization HELP PLEASE! =(?

Does anyone know how to tell whether depersonalization is the primary problem or if it stems from something else? Here's my story- I had no terrible emotional trauma as a child (which can sometimes lead to depersonalization) But growing up I did have a lot of irrational fears and worries, which sometimes interferred with my school and such. I am currently 16 years old and I my school year was going quite well- or so I thought. While at a party at the beginning of may I was drunk and decided to smoke weed with my friends. I remember sitting in the bathroom and having a lot o trouble thinking properly, my heart beat got faster and I felt like I had to run away. A close friend came with me downstairs where I had my first panic attack, I remember just feeling the need to run away, my heart was pounding and I felt like I was going crazy. I THINK this was the point where I started to experience depersonalization because I remember saying "I feel like I'm not really here" but I'm not sure if that was a result of the weed or not. Anyway after the panic attack was over I remember puking a few times and laying down in my friend's bed. I was very paranoid and scared but eventually fell asleep. Upon waking up the next morning I felt like everything was out of place. My usual emotions seemed missing and I just felt weird. I hung out at my friend's place that day trying to convince myself I was still just feeling the effects of the weed. When I got home that night things got worse, I started to worry more about how I was feeling and started to really feel like I was dreaming. I felt panicky thinking about it, couldn't sleep well and was very scared. Eventually I told my parents what had happened and got an appointment with the doc. While researching online I discovered what depersonalization was and I definitely think this is what I have, but I didn't mention it to my doctor as it isn't well known, and is a common side effect of anxiety. My doctor gave me suggestions to deal with the anxiety such as CBT and I think that will help a lot IF the depersonallization is a result of anxiety. I hear there is such thing as primary depersonalization which is not treatable and chronic. I am very worried that perhaps I have THIS form and the anxiety came from that rather than my anxiety causing feelings of depersonalization. In my current state I'm finding it very difficult to think about this rationally so some reassurance would be EXTREMELY helpful right now. So the question is: does it seem like the depersonalization came as its own disorder and as a result I'm feeling anxious OR Underlying anxiety was brought to the surface when I was under the influence and as a result I have experienced depersonalization, which is kept alive by my worrying about it? BTW I as facing a few stressors before I smoked weed (family issues, death of my grandmother and trouble with my boyfriend) PLEASE I'm prety sure the dp is just a symptom but I can't get over my fear that it's the chronic permanent one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Example: Ramadan:what are your dreams/goals?

Example: Why do Christians have children?

I've asked a lot of people this question and now I would like to know why Christians have children according to their bible?

I've concluded so far, that having children is something people seem to blindly do without thinking. Why add to the population? Why burden yourself? Some people have been so egotistical as to say "you have kids for entertainment value", "someone to care for me in my old age" and "I want to pass along a bit of myself to achieve some sort of immortality."

They all seem like stupid reasons to me. I figure Christians have kids just because something in the bible tells them they have to.

This is not a rant, I really want to know the Christian basis for having kids.

Example: Husband & Mother-in-law problems?

Sorry this is really long! I recently had a baby boy (our second son) and had a very difficult delivery. My husband and his mother made plans to install my mother-in-law into my home in the guise of visiting our new born baby without discussing this with me. I was only made aware that his mother will be coming 2 days before she arrived, whilst I was still hospital, recovering from the surgery and the complications. I had a neurological symptom that took my speech away, so I could speak for myself nor can I walk as I am now on crutches due to complications of pregnancy. In all of my pain, my husband completely disregarded my feelings and my involvement in deciding who comes into my home or assists with my care. He disregarded the fact that my family should be informed of my health and for them to be involved in my recovery and in caring for my new born. His mother, by the way, came to stay with us when I had our first son and was abusive towards me and refused to lift a finger to help me. I had minor surgical procedure with that delivery, but was followed with some complications which made my recovery very slow, despite that, she refused to help and ensured that I was starved of food for the 14 days that she stayed with us. I complained about this to my husband and told him how displeased I was, he said and did nothing about it. Second time around, I was shocked that my husband made arrangement for his mother to come again, without discussing it with me or asking if my mother would come. He planned with his mum to come and spend 3 months this time! I had had nightmares (2 terrible dreams) about his mother trying to harm my first son who is 2yrs+ now and when I tried to stop her she placed a dead dried out iguana on my stomach whilst I was pregnant! I was very upset and demanded for an explanation of her action, she tried to down play it but soon explained that it was meant to kill me and the baby during childbirth. I was not surprised when I had a terrible delivery with my baby's life and mine hanging in the balance. I kindly explained to my husband that he should have consulted me before bringing in his mum, whom he very well knows will not help me. He said that if his mum was not present at our home at the birth of his son, he would be devastated, he couldn't live to bear that. He said his mum is his life because she helped him when he needed help. I told him that was what mums did, so it is not out of the ordinary. I asked him how about my own mum, who has not been allowed to her grandson for the second time around? He had nothing to say. I tried to explain to him that what he had done was not right as if he had had surgery and I made arrangement with my family member who doesn't like him to come into our home, without asking his opinion about his care and prevent his own family having access, would he like it? He said yes he would! Of course he lied. I told him he knows he's not being honest. His over bearing mother would barge in unvited! Anyhow, I asked him how long his mother was staying? He said he doesn't know! I begged him to please ask her, he said he cannot ask his mother how long she is staying and he cannot stop his mum from visiting whenever she likes as he cannot say no to her, so I was supposed to stay and watch her stay indefinitely! She constantly verbally abused my 2 yr old son and the the abuse became physical. My husband's behaviour towards our son has changed for the worse. He constantly yells at the poor boy, whilst his mother grabbed and shook my little boy! We live in a little house with only 2 bedrooms - our bedroom and what was meant to be our children's nursery. My husband said that is not our children's room, it is his mother's room/visitors room. His mother has her own apartment in a foreign country and has no room for us there! To demonstrate his claim, he moved my 2 year old into our bedroom to sleep on the floor, whilst the new born baby sleeps in a cramped moses basket - all four of us in one room so that we can make space for his precious mother! My mother-in-law secretly takes my son into quiet corner and physically abuses him. She shoves him and throws him to the floor, I find marks and cuts on his body and he tells me "grandma hurt me!". Once I found that she shoved him under the sofa-bed she's sleeps on, in my children's room (now visitors' room) and she sat on him - she is a very fat woman so u can imagine she almost killed him. Luckily I walked into the room and witnessed that and begged her to stand up so that I can retrieve my boy from under the bed. She's constantly been doing terrible things to cause me distress so that my post natal high blood pressure will remain high. I said to her that I wanted peace in my home at the child under the bed incident. She simply said she didn't place him in there and she had no idea where he was. This was a lie as the room is extremely small with just that sofa-bed and my son's wardrobe plus he was playing with her in the room m

Example: Are these things sins?

I do consider myself a christian, although I am slightly agnostic and i'm not like a full on christian...now that the world might end tomorrow/tonight i'm scared about heaven/hell. In the time left what can I do to avoid hell? And are these sins?;
.Listing to music with some strong language or sexual themes
.watching gory horror films
.Play violent games in which you can kill people
.Finding potentially offensive jokes funny (although I do not find jokes about disabilities, murders or anything too bad like that funny)

Also is it a sin to not be 100% christian, I have been christened and brought up by christian parents but I have never been a full on christian, I do believe there is a god but I believe that there are many possibilities of what happens after death, despite this I do occasionally pray and I have attended church at times and I always do at Christmas. Do you think i'll be going to hell? or Heaven? or maybe have to go to purgatory for a while?

I think it is also necessary to add that I believe I once died in my sleep and went to heaven, I'm pretty sure this was not a dream and I hadn't taken anything. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life but I will try to explain;

I could see my presumably dead body, I was looking down on it from an angle, I could not look away and I could sense another presence...maybe Death, Grim Reaper, an Angel or God? I then began to feel like nothing I had experienced before, it was pure happiness and peace, I went upwards, I don't know how long for as time didn't really seem to exist, I just went up and everything was white. Pure white, I had no body and seemed to be floating. I could see balls of white light which I knew where other people who presumably had also just died and so i presumed I was also a ball of light. I could sense everyones emotions and welcomes even though there was no sound, everyone seemed happy i was there, there was another ball of light who was much bigger than us, maybe 20 times the size, i could sense the authority, I think this one was an angel or something, I don't think he was God as I believe I would have been able to clearly tell if it was. The larger light told us (there was about 3-5 of us in total) to carry on heading past him although slightly to once side. Then I started to leave the place, I was telepathically told that it was not time yet and the other people who had just died seemed upset that I had to go. I then woke up in my bed but kept my eyes closed. It took about 5 seconds for the magical feeling to leave my body, I waited about 10 minuets like that scared in-case the Grim Reaper/Angel was still watching me, I could still sense someone there. When I did look, there was nothing that stood out, only a patch in the air that seemed darker than the rest. I believe this was more than just a dream,

Could this experience mean that I will be going to heaven, I mean it already went when I 'died' before.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can help :)

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