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Dream About Dishes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay well I keep having dreams about Mitch Lucker who died November 1st 2012 v.v
But this dream he was my cousin but nobody knew he was famous except me. An we were at the beach an there was an earth quake an everyone was running because of a tsunami but there was no tsunami an Mitch disappeared. I guess all my dreams of him at the end he always disappears. What does it mean?(sorry of this doesn't make sense).

this dream simply means that you should buy a pizza making kit and throw on some pineapple and green peppers , onions, French cut green beans , and bacon with the cheese's you like.
deep dish only, oven at 300' for about 1hr.
when you sit down to eat it.. discuss the fact that you will stay away from the oceans and large lakes..
.. say a short prayer for your cousin and wish he could be there to enjoy such a great pizza.
..drink one miller lite (if you're old enough) and repeat(( I did good, I did good , I did good.))

Example: Dreams. what do they mean?

have this recurring dream where its just a still picture of a gray bridge with a traintrack under it and i can hear two people arguing, but then i hear this train and everything goes silent, and i find out i dunno how but one of the people was my sister :S
i dunno what it means but ive had this dream on and off for a long long time.
another one i have is of a talking Peacock that smokes cigars and sits outside my old house with its legs crossed, it looks like its made outta clay and ive had this dream since i was 3, and im terrified with all birds begining with the letter P now eg Peacocks,Penguins(because of their hight and their smoothness) and pigeons(cause of their smoothness)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was looking at a fish tank with someone else I don't know who. we walked around to a door to see the back of it and it was broken with water coming out of it I looked down at my hands and glass was sticking in my fingers

Example: What does my dream mean ...?

in my dream, i was younger than i was now
(by a couple years, im 18 now so like 16 id say),
i was with this guy i used to (still do i guess) have a crush on.
he never liked me growing up, but in my dream he did.

(hes in jail now by the way; wrong place, wrong time,
he also dated my older sister who is 21.)

we were in high school school (im graduated by the way),
in the halls,
running around and laughing and having fun.

we were drinking alcohol
and i fed him a candy from a dish,
but he didnt like it.

then we went into a dark room (janitors closet?) and kissed.

during this whole dream, one of my good friends (a girl, who is a lesbien) was there,
she was following us around, she wanted to hang out with us, but we ignored her.

and thats it.
and i tryed to stay asleep, but i couldnt...

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is kinda awkward, and I tried to Google it, but nothing came up.
In the dream I am washing dishes and my sisters tells my nephew to stick a pencil in my butt. When he does this I am angry and hunch over crying. I wake up and start crying because I felt a sense of betrayal. This is the first time I ever had this dream and I know it's very peculiar.

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
This morning, just before the alarm went off I was dreaming about my boyfriend, sister, his imaginary older brother and his girlfriend. We were all in this kitchen of an old farm house my sister was in there cooking getting ready to go out - all I could see was the bakc of my boyfriend wandering around the room like this ghostly figure, not really interacting. His imaginary older brother and his girlfriend came in to the room. He was really disapproving frowning upon my sister, asking her sarcastic probing questions. She dropped a dish and then went to walk out the room he follwed really closely and proceeded to ask me really probing intense questions as though he didn't trust me...all this time my boyfriend was floating in the back ground completely cut off from the situation - does this mean anything or do I just have a really vivid imagination?

Additional Info: I'm not concerned about my boyfriend liking my sister other than platonically - my boyfriend has been really down recently ( really infectious) as he's not feeling particularly stimulated or challenged by his work.We've been together four months challenged by his work

Example: WHAT does this DREAM mean!?

Im 18 about to turn 19 and im a female..last night i had this dream.
I was in a room with a guy, he wasnt doing anything just standing there. there was a girl on the floor. Apparanetly this girl was "bad" so i had to kill her. But the way I killed her was just crazy. she was naked and laying on her stomach...I cut her head off..then her hands..then i stabbed her repeatly cause i didnt feel she was dead enough. Then I started to slice her thighs and back..and she jerked..so i stabbed her again. But i didnt feel she was dead enough so i cut her entire neck off...the boy in the room was just standing their and kept on saying "good job" "i couldnt have done this with out your help" and i was then gonna cut her fingers off one by one but felt it wasnt neccessary anymore. After that I got up and washed my hands quierlty and the boy went to the girl and was about to put her in a bag or something..and then I woke up.
I have no clue who the girl was, i never saw her face..but in the dream i kept on getting a vibe that she was bad. I wasnt afraid of her or anything, just the way i was killing her was what creeped me out. I was calm in the whole dream..i wasnt feeling angry or any type of emotion. Just a blank feeling.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, last night I had another weird dream about my mom. But first off, a couple weeks ago I had a dream where my mom had died. And I had to take care of the entire house because my father was too depressed. And while I was doing the dishes I just had a breakdown, cryin gout for my mom to come back. So on. Last night I had a similar dream except for my mom was just about to die. And I took this walk with her,crying balling, and then I was in the hospital with her while she died. I was screaming and crying, pleading and begging for her to stay. No one could hear me no one did anything. And both dreams I awoke at 7:00am, not my usual time. I'm just afraid of what might happen. This is really starting to scare me.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

I had a dream a while ago (i don't remember it clearly) where my parents were having a fight, (i was sleeping in the dream) and then this GIANT HUGE rubber band ball comes in and it hits me but i never see it hit me, then i always wake up screaming when it gets to that point. (i've had that dream 4 times). then i had another one that my cat had kittens and she was talking to me! and she showed me her kittens in my sister's room and i had like a whole conversation with her!
Do dreams mean anything?

Example: What does a dream about buying new dishes mean?

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