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Dream About Discharge Of The Eyes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream a couple days ago. Ok so I am in this room that looks like a hotel lobby but its not. There are some stairs maybe 8 or 10 steps with a woman and a man at the top. I am at the bottom and to my left are four square shaped areas formed by rope, all with an opening looking at the stairs. Ok So I walk up the stairs when I say something to the man and woman. I do not remember what I said but the woman made a rude remark back to me and thats when a phone begins to ring, I look back down the stairs and in the square shaped area all the way to the right is a man wearing one of those hotel bag boy uniforms with the small hat and with a phone next to him. I go down to answer it and this creepy voice says how I am going to die. I go WTF? And hang up.

The phone rings a second time and I answer, I don't remember what was said but I began to get real scared. I hang up and suddenly the lights shut off and the phones rings again. I pick it up scared out of my mind and the voice tells me I am going to hell, I start crying saying i don't want to go to hell and I am crying my eyes out and then I literally jump up out of bed sweating and literally have tears in my eyes. I spent the rest of the night peeking out one eye scared the baggage boy from my dream might be there with a phone. What does this dream mean?

There may be some symbolism in a dream, but possibly not. Dreams combine our perceptions, preferences, desires, and fears with hallucinogenic processes of the unconscious mind. “Internally generated activity is modulated by sensory input (perception). … Asleep vision (dreaming) is perception not tied down to anything in the real world. … What we call normal perception does not really differ from hallucinations, except that the latter are not anchored by external input.” (pages 44-46)

“A popular model of the neuroscience literature suggests that dream plots are stitched together from essentially random activity: discharges of neural populations of the mid-brain (p. 139)”

In other words, things we see, hear, taste, or feel are incorporated into internally generated mental activity of a hallucinatory nature; therefore, dreams do not necessarily have any meaning; although they may reflect our perceptions, preferences, desires, and fears.

“Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain,” by Dr David Eagleman, who directs the Laboratory for Perception and Action and the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law, Baylor College of Medicine

Example: What does this dream mean?

So i was in a racecar. And the racecar had wings. I was in space flying. And i looked around and saw the moon. And lots of wolfs with wings flying around me. Then a shark came and rammed the car and killed all the wolfs but one. Then the wolf bowed down to the shark and made the shark king. Then an astronaught flew in and opened the passanger door and climbed in. He gave me directions to a bar. And when we got there he ordered the special(blood). When he tried to make me pay even though i didnt get anything i said no. He punched me and i ran back to my car. I flew away and ran into the same shark. S the shark got in my trunk and then turned the radio on. The song eye of a tiger came on and the shark got mad. He killed me and then killed his wolf servant. What the **** does this mean?

Example: Strange Dream...What Did It Mean?

I had a bizarre dream. One part of it involved some sort of magic. A girl and a boy were sort of transparent and made of ash or something. I didn't know what they were taking about, but me and another boy agreed to help them and we did some weird ritual. There was music, but I don't know what it was. During the ritual the boy and I were turning into the same ashy substance as those two, so I broke free, urging the boy to let go because I felt like it was a trap. There was also something to do a spider that had several eyes.

After we broke free, it was like some sort of war started. There was a tan girl with black hair who kept trying to kill me. We were fighting with these large sticks made of steel. She almost hit me several times and I ended up running away. During the dream I didn't realize it, but this took place in the two yards my dad owns.

When I ran away she proceeded to throw things at me and two of them almost crushed my skull. I head for a trail if lush green, and this I remember very specifically, including that there were blackberries. Some of them were red, and others were a juicy ripe black. As I ran I knew I needed to head in a different direction. I kept glancing outward to make sure that the tan girl had not seen me. However, I noticed that there was these Vitatnmese looking people standing around at a distance and hat made me wary. I kept going though untilI got to end of the trail.

I stood in the line with the Vietnamese where there were lots of children. Their eyes were messed up and has blue in them. There was also some blood pouring out. I heard people talking how it was contagious just by touch. I heard someway talking about vaccinations, and how some guy had died after 90 transfusions (which I guess we're supposed to save him from becoming like the children). I then decided to leave before they could do that to me. I saw these two large plastic tubs of blood, and there was some guy standing on top of a bus speaking English. I ran, knowing that if I didn't something bad would happen to me.

I ran into these three or four girls under a plum tree (almost all of this took place in my yard but it was modified) and we quickly became friends. We played cards and we were told by one of them that people were being discharged from the war permanently for having asthma. We all rushed next door and told the similar story. When it was my turn I told the nurse I had coughing asthma and regular asthma. She scared me because she started talking and I had a one beside something that said leukemia. She told me, however, that I was extremely intelligent. She said something else but I don't remember. She started talking about a guy, but she handed me a ticket which I guess she wasn't supposed to and I left.

I begged a friend of mine to tell the asthma story and make sure they got out alive to come back and see me. I was so sad. Then I had to travel up and down these crazy railroad tracks, some of which were made of mud, others of rock. I saw a few other scraggly people traveling along them, and because everything was railroad tracks I had no choice but to outrun trains the entire time. I'm very fast but in my dream I was even faster though at times it felt like something was pulling me back.

When I made it to this small station, I handed in my ticket which said, 391 which I guess was my car number or something. I met some girls and I think their number was 376. None of us could find our cars when they started driving up, and we ended up getting a large call all to ourselves which was 391 (I told a lady it had not come yet and she called another one). That is all I remember if the dream because I woke up shortly after.

What does all of this mean? Especially the numbers: 391, 376, 90 and 990 (the amount of money I got to leave the army with)?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that i was in my school at lunch. I was in the lunch line. In the line i was talking to a girl i once knew and still know (we used to be more than friends). We havent talked 2 eachother since august and ive secretly been wanting 2 talk 2 her again. I still like her but i am unsure if she likes me and i have been trying 2 convince myself that she likes me 2. (Anyway) in my dream we were still in the lunch line she hugged me from behind (in my dream it suprised me becaure i didnt expect it). We laughed with eachother like we used 2. Soon after we got our lunch and somehow sat at different tables from eachother but i started making eye contact with girls i dnt know but have been wanting to talk to for quite some time. I was then awaken by a loud thunder clap (because my city is having afew stormy nights). Does anyone know what this may mean. Sorry for getting off topic. Thanks in advance.

Example: What does my dream mean? The grim reaper was with me in the middle of a cornfield.?

2 nights ago I had a dream that a group of people all came to this house in the middle of a dead cornfield and a man came out and told everyone that they could stay there if we worked for him. I left and stayed in the town instead... I came back to the house and then a man on a horse started killing everyone with a sword. I got on a horse with the owner of the house and rode off. In the end I saw the man look at his sword after everyone was dead, except me and the owner, and smile.
The next night I dreamed I was in the middle of a dead cornfield with a group of people and we were all asleep. Then we all woke up to see the sword of the grim reaper above all the corn and then he started killing the animals the first day. The second day he continued to kill the animals but the third he started killing other people and then most of the people who were still alive got grim reaper swords and were trying to kill the rest of us who hadn't turned to the grim reaper. Then I started breaking a coconut. And then got in line and gave it to the grim reaper ( who had a horse). He then gave me a drink, but I didn't drink it like the rest of the people in line did. Then I started seeing everyone who decided to follow the grim reaper walking around with white eyes. And then I woke up. Do you know what this means?

Example: What Does My Baby Dream Mean?

Last night I dreamed about having a baby. I was discharged from the hospital and I was sitting on my twin bed. My baby was sleeping in his crib. The bedroom was small; all the walls were white, the linens were white, the blanket my baby was wrapped with was white, and so was the crib. My baby woke up and began fussing, so I picked him up and breastfed him from my left breast. He was very cute and adorable and I felt a lot of love for him. He fell asleep and I put him back in his crib. I sat on my bed and read a magazine about homes (like Better Homes and Gardens). After several minutes, my baby began crying, and I picked him up and fed him from my right breast until he fell asleep.
This dream doesn’t make sense because I’m 19 and a virgin. Plus, it was strange because my baby was white (and I’m black). I think he had blue eyes. I didn’t even know the father of my baby (I never knew that in my past dreams as well). Is it because I haven’t met him yet? In my dream I wasn’t married or anything. And I was living in a small apartment. During the dream, I never left the bedroom. What does this dream mean? I do have the desire to get married and have a baby, but that's not possible right now since I have five years of pharmacy school. I have school and work (part time at CVS) and that keeps me extremely busy. Last night was a horrible day at work since it was super busy. I went to bed after midnight; usually when I sleep late I have very strange dreams. Also, my friend recently gave birth to a girl, but I don't know if that means anything. I don't know if this dream means I want to have a baby or if it's symbolic. I do feel lonely and rather despondent since I'm in love with a man I can never be with. Your interpretation is greatly appreciated.

Example: What do my dreams about my crush mean ? 10 points?


Is my brain trying to tell me something important about my crush?

I have known him for a long time, he is very shy and we have recently gotten back into contact.
I've seen him twice with mutual friends in the last view weeks.

I have had three dreams about him:

The first one: I was at a party and he was there. I came with another guy, but I left that guy to go and see him. When I went up to him, he said 'how are you darling?' (but darling was in more of a feminine way). He was also wearing pink eye shadow makeup.

In the second dream: He wasn't replying to my text messages but I still went to his house. He welcomed me and I went to sit on the bed in his room. We were talking, and then suddenly I was in a big, church with him. He is very religious in real life and is studying theology and is waiting for sex before marriage. I tried to convince him that i was also interested in religion.

In the third dream: We were in a car, and hooking up. He showed me his penis, which was really long, but was secreting brown liquid. I said it was really nice, amazing etc.
Then he said 'actually I have another penis too' - which was much smaller and sickening looking.

I am a 23 year old girl and I haven't hooked up with any guys for 2 years! I started working full time last year and this year i'm doing a postgraduate degree at university and working part time so I'm really busy and just mingling/making friends.


Example: Can Anyone Help Me Determine The Meaning Of My Dream?!?

-->okay, so about a year and a half ago, I started having this dream, and I have it about every couple of months or so, with the clarity of the dream building every time I dream it. In the dream, this teenage guy named Dominic has the ability to speak through his mind, but only to people who have the same ability as his. Since there is no one like him, he doesn't use his gift. These doctors have him living in this sort of hospital, and they use him as a sort of servant type-thing. One day, he suddenly sees this girl in his mind, like, he sees her exactly as she is in time. Whatever she's doing, he can see it. Well, the doctor guys find this out, and send Dominic to go find her and bring her here. He is so curious that he agrees, searching for her. At the same time this is happening to him, the girl (who is me) starts having these sort of day dreams about Dominic, but she has no idea why. She begins to hear him plotting to find her, and she tells her cousin (my cousin, Kayla) about what is happening. She begins to tell him (in her mind) to leave her alone, but he shows up at her school (which looks like the school I attend now, but I'm not so sure). They fight, and he hits her in the spine with a baseball bat, knocking her unconscious. He brings her back to the hospital, and they stay there for a few months.. Fast forward: she has been there for a few months, plotting to escape which she does. Dominic is soon sent to recover her for testing between the two, and so she sneaks onto a cruise ship (where I live, there is a cruise terminal not too far away). She decides to take the drastic step, and the last thing Dominic sees in his "mind's eye" is Samantha (me) jumping over the side of the boat, and losing all of her oxygen. He, believing that she has drowned, gives up the chase, and goes back to the hospital.

Fast Forward 7 Years:
Dominic has been discharged from the hospital seeing as how then can get no more information off of him alone. He lives in an apartment in a city (IDK where, but HUGE!). One night, he has a dream that Samantha is alive, and that she is going to be raped somewhere in a city. He calls the first cab he can find, and rushes to find her before it's too late.

Samantha, 7 Years Later:
Samantha didn't actually drowned. She discovers, as she is panicking from the lack of oxygen, that she can actually shut off her mind's eye from Dominic, and she does. Just then, she is rescued by the ship's crew and introduced to the woman who cried for help when she saw her jump overboard. Her name is Alisana, and they become life-long friends. For several years, they travel the world together (because apparently, Alisana has TONS of money), until something cuts their trip short: they find out that Alisana has uterine cancer, and that it will kill her. It does, leaving Samantha in the city with all of Alisana's belongings and money, which were left to her. She goes out to a bar one night, and is picked up by these two gang member-looking guys, but since she is drunk, doesn't notice. She is shoved into an alley by them, and they precede to attempt to rape her. For some, reason, they don't succeed, and leave, but I am not sure why they don't succeed. She passes out, and wakes up... In Dominic's bed, taken care of like a baby. She hears people talking outside the door. It is Dominic and Matt, the doctor who helped (accidently) Samantha escape from the hospital before. Matt tells him that she isn't worth saving, because the hospital will come find them again, and Dominic swore never to go back. Samantha busts in, upset because she thinks she has endagered Dominic, and they see each other again for the first time in 7 years (I might add now: the last time I dreamed this dreamed, another fact was added. Dominic and Sam, because of their special gift, age alot slower that normal humans do. Dominic is actually almost 70 years older that Samantha, but stopped aging appearance wise when he was about 25. Samantha looks to be about 17, even though they met when she was 15). Matt leaves, and Dominic and Sam converse. At the end of this conversation, they end up kissing, making out, and in the end result, having sex. He mentions something about her, (I don't remember what) and a fight insues. She is shoved against the door, cutting her head. Upset and embarrassed, she leaves. He brings her back though, and decides now to tell her where he came from, orgin story, yadah yadah.. My dream ends with them together, though I am almost sure that the end takes place much later than the rest of the story, and they have a child together. It is a girl, and she looks oddly like Alisana (curly, long red hair and blue eyes). Now, the reason I want to know this dream is because: a) this guy haunts alot of my dreams, b) I feel like I am suppossed to meet him, and c) many of the people and places I met or went to appeared in this dream, and then later appear

Example: Swollen eye stingy and bruised feeling when blinking?

My left eye is slightly red and swollen it closed a bit more than my right eye. It is weeping green and when I woke up it was all crusted and my eye lids where stuck together. I'm just about sure its not a stye, as I have had several styes before. It started yesterday and got a lot worse over night.

would appreciate any help. thanks

Example: Dream interpretation please?

I had a dream I was sitting at a table with my boyfriend's grandmother and his mother and my boyfriend was sitting next to me His mother bought me a pregnancy test and asked me to take it. I went into the bathroom to take the test and there is this little girl Standing by the sink washing her hands so I helped her wash her hands. She had sandy blond hair that was curly and blue eyes and she stood to maybe my waist. I then use the restroom and filled up a plastic cup with my urine. I brought the cup back to the kitchen table where we were all sitting I sat down next my boyfriend I then took a syringe and dropped a few drops on this pregnancy test it immediately turned positive. I was hiding it from him his mother's grandparents and he asked me well are you pregnant I just smiled and handed him the test he told his mother and his grandmother I was pregnant and they were so very very happy. I went back into the bathroom and had a bowel movement as I was pooping his grandmother and his mother came into the bathroom and were planning my baby shower when I got up from the toilet my poop was pink then I woke up.

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