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Dream About Dirt meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my friend's dream mean?

now my friend had this bizarre dream were he was in a dirt bike rally and at the beginning there was this big jump and no won could make it except for him and just as he was about to take off the jump, I came out of no were and threw hot nachos in his face and he crashed and died.

Can anyone interpret this dream please thanks!

They probably don't mean anything, just a dream. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific.

Example: What Does This Deer Dream mean?

I dreamt that as I was walking down a road with a few people I saw a baby deer. It was very dirty but it did not look malnourished. I called to it and it came up to me, looking for food and I fed it. I ended up taking it with me.

Example: What does this dream mean? Dream interp please!:)?

Okay so I'm a girl 14
What does my dream mean? If your gonna say it means nothing just don't bother answering this please.

So in the dream ill just start of at the part I feel more about.
So I was in the bush and it was a massive round dirt thing and I was running around and playing with friends then saw of the cliff and turned around to the dirt thing again and saw a massive pack of deers running and they were following this person.
Then they feel down the cliff or something and I look down and walked Down there and they were all dead blood everywhere and it was like a war were deers were killing each other they were all dead it was foggy and one dear was alive and spoke to me it was nice but sad and said I killed them and I have to go now and then she tried chasing me and killing me bc Apparantly I killed them
Then I ran home as fast as I can and on the way home I was still in the bush and there was a mini volcano and 6 trees around it in a line like 3 on each side and I went around it and a girl that was bullied or something said the volcano is still active and the world will end go now.

Example: Does This Dream Have a Meaning?

Last night I dreamed I skinny dipped at a public pool. I don't know why, but there was dirt at the bottom of the pool, so I dug down a bit and found a chest full of treasure. Did it mean something or was it just a weird dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream with dirt in your mouth ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, my mouth seemed like a small room, my teeth short walls. When I looked in the mirror, I saw into my mouth. There was dust and dirt everywhere, a dead cricket, a few cicada shells, and spider webs. It felt dry and disgusting and I was extremely terrified because I couldn't eat with all that stuff lodged into my mouth. There was space to get food into my mouth, and I wasn't choking, but it was just dirty in there. What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about worms?

I always have dreams about a lot of worms on the ground and when i wake up, i always think worms are all over my bed. ): What does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Dream I had: I was following a crowd of people around my age (i'm 21) toward a lake and some of my cousins and other family members were there too. The dirt path towards the lake was full of sh*t so I walked around it. Everyone else was walking thru it. I got bi*ched at by lil wayne who seemed to be guiding everyone. Then his face changed and he had creamy yellow skin like the inside of a banana color and big black eyes like a gray alien. My aunt was sitting in a chair by the dock and said drink some of this, it was alcohol mixed with something else. She said its knowledge, it will give you the advantage and said ignore the crowd and do what you feel is right. So I jumped in the lake off the dock right after drinking a big sip. it felt great then someone jumped on top of me and I fell deeper underwater and I almost drowned trying to resurface. Then when I got back on the dock lil wayne the alien bi*ched again and said what was I thinking I wasnt allowed to go in the water and im an idiot basically. Then he stared with his black eyes and demanded I make something (i forgot what). I said im not gonna be any part of his evil crap. Then he tried forcing me telepathically to listen to him. Fighting the urge to listen was hard but managable then I woke up. Also lil wayne was 6'5 more or less . Im 5'8

Example: What does a dream about eggs mean?

I have a reoccuring dream where i go into a backyard and I find birds eggs slightly buried and slightly hidden in dirt. These eggs are incubating and will eventually hatch into baby birds. I have had several dreams with this same scenerio. (obviously these are not the eggs we eat!) Any ideas?

Example: What could this dream mean?

In my dream I was on the second story of some huge beautiful house. I was in the bathroom but the entire right wall was a huge window looking out.

Important Part:
Well my grandfather and a friend drove up, down a dirt driveway then got out of the truck and saw me up there. I was getting out of the shower. Well for some reason they climbed up the roof (taking less than a minute) so they could look in on me? Why?

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